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Unknown Force From The School Toilets


This encounter took place at My old primary school (same school from my other story, With the animal ghost/alarm encounter)

The year was around 2001/02 My classroom was in a old building block. (Old wooden/timber with boys toilets on one end and the girls at the other. With three classrooms with a big bag area in the middle of the three where hooks are for the bags to go. And a storage room behind them. Outside the block is one to two walls with more windows (wind barriers). One side of the block is the younger courtyard and entrance to school for that end and side of the property while the other side is the junior playground.

The season was summer, and since the building is old there old creeks and loose nails in timbers on the veranda which were weren't allowed to run on. There are steps going up to the building (three- four concert steps). Ok now getting back to the story. It was a fine day and I was sitting in class doing some classwork. I was leaning against the old boil heaters that were attached to the wall. I had to get up to use the rest room. Which was next door to my classroom. Now to get into this restroom there are steps going down into it as soon you open the door you get the smell musky and all.

The steps go down in a L shape as you in you got the toilets against wall facing the playground and the basin against wall adjacent to the classroom. The cubicles had old wooden doors which you can crawl under if your thin enough to lock it as a joke. And there a small mirror on the wall above the basin (long and wide so that more than one can wash hands at once.

Well I was using the restroom and after I was done I went to wash my hands as I was washing them the mirror suddenly fell off the wall which was attached too by some form of unbreakable seal and it went and smashed over my hands. (not cutting them or damaging them) now when it smashed the sharp edges seem to fall into half but instead of falling in separate directions it just lay there on my hands and it then fell into the sink. Now I was shocked as there noway for this mirror to fall off as there no wind or anything the windows were far away and there no way for wind to get to it. So I was puzzled and went back to class to tell teacher she got the male teacher next door so I can show him. As we went back the mirror seemed to be back on the wall with the two bits connected but you can still see the crack.

No one else came in after me and the weird thing is the way it was cracked was a straight line. Now the teacher thought it was weird because why would it be back on wall as he tried to remove it off the wall with no luck. This encounter was weird. I think reason is I was only one in there and it choose to pick on me or to get my attention as I always refused to look in that mirror since day one.

So yeah that's my encounter

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sheld999 (14 stories) (74 posts)
7 years ago (2017-04-14)
Oops that comment was for melda lol

Um xlola in Kaiapoi it was kbs for short
sheld999 (14 stories) (74 posts)
7 years ago (2017-04-14)
Xlola. Unsure really some just reported strange snells that weren't really smells ya find in a restroom 🤔
Melda (10 stories) (1363 posts)
7 years ago (2017-04-12)
Sheld999 - Were you the only one who ever experienced anything unusual in that particular restroom or did any of your school mates ever mention that the place made them feel uneasy, or worse?

I'm curious to know whether this was a one-off experience during the time that you attended the school.

Regards, Melda
XLola (2 posts)
7 years ago (2017-04-11)
Hi Sheld,
I would like to know what school you used to go to because I might now what school you are talking about. Just because I live in NZ in South Island.

sheld999 (14 stories) (74 posts)
7 years ago (2017-04-08)
Trentinray. Sure is. I had no cuts which freak me out. I felt it cutting as it went in half. And the sound was loud (being a old restroom with high ceilings)
trentinray (3 stories) (67 posts)
7 years ago (2017-04-08)
That must have been creepy! Valkricry had a story "mirror, mirror" where a mirror smashed, she was sweeping it up and when she came back it was in one piece. It is just so crazy thinking about how spirits can manipulate things.

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