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Quick Visit From My Deceased Grandmother


One of my very first experiences of the paranormal was when I was about 11-12 years old. Me and my cousin (his name is Adam, only a year older than me) had gained a lot of interest in the paranormal and decided it would be cool to try and talk to spirits, now before I get further into the story, I need to explain a few things. First being that the neighborhood my cousin lived in was built on land that was once a plantation containing slaves. Well the plantation owner had a daughter who took interest in one of the slaves, and the father found out about it and had banned her from living in the house, so she moved in with the slave. Well one night the father got angry and had enough and decided to shoot the slave for messing around with his daughter. (Side note: we found out this story another time when we had decided to do an EVP with the daughter who answered all questions we had asked very clearly, she was not afraid to communicate) Quickly following the shooting, the daughter (her name was Sarah Elizabeth) took her own life so she can be with her lover. Now, she haunts the land itself, as well as her lover who we have seen in fields surrounding the neighborhoods. We have talked to her in many houses and she's always willing to speak. The other thing I need to talk about is that my grandmother, the mother of my mom and not blood to my cousin who is from my dad's side of the family, lived with my grandfather in the same neighborhood, just a few streets over, but she had sadly passed away years before this encounter. Anyways, back to the real story!

Me and my cousin had decided one night while his parents were away to do a EVP session and a quick walk through through his house to see what we catch. Well around 2:50am was when we started, and it didn't last long. My cousin decided to use a guitar tuner that reads frequencies to see if there's a frequency change in the room when we don't speak. After a few minutes of nothing but things creaking and tapping, we were about to give up, and then, at 3am exactly, my recorder had died and the memory was wiped and the guitar tuner started to flash like crazy, so I started to ask questions, I first asked "is there someone in the room with us?" the light on the tuner blinked twice, so I asked "was that a yes or a no, if it was a yes, do it twice, if it was no, do it once" it blinked twice, so I asked "do we know you?" it blinked twice, I then asked "are you male or female? Twice for male, once for female" it blinked once, then I got this thought to ask it if it was my grandmother who had recently passed, we called her Cookie, so I asked "is this cookie? Twice for yes, one for..." and before I could finish, it blinked twice, the recorder shut off, and we heard a cabinet door shut like wind blew it open and then forced it shut. We didn't move until his parents got home, we didn't even speak, we just sat there, speechless, all I could think was "did I seriously just communicate with my grandmother?!".

A few weeks later, I was speaking to my mom about it, she was in disbelief but at the same time she believed me. After we were done speaking about it, we were leaving, and as I walked down the hallway, pass the kitchen, I heard a faint "hello sweetie" right next to me, I instantly got goosebumps and shrugged my shoulder, I think it effected me that bad cause it was Cookie's voice (she had passed 6 years before that and I still remembered her voice) and I even felt the wind as if she was actually right next to me saying it, and to this day, I remember it, voice and everything. I have plenty other stories I will be telling in the future, experiences are ongoing with me!

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superclawsy (1 stories) (1 posts)
6 years ago (2017-05-08)
Macknorton, I can honestly say I can't remember at that time what the tuner was set on, it was actually my cousin's idea and I'd have to ask him what it was set on. My cousin's house is also located in a neighborhood far from the city so there was no noise contamination, and once we asked questions we were dead silent, and the room we were in did have great acoustics so there was no echo and bounce back from our voices. And lastly, the reason we picked 2:50 was because we had heard there is sometimes correlation with the number 3 from spirits, mainly bad spirits, but not always, I believe it was just a huge coincidence on how it all happened around that time. Thank you for reading! I will have more stories to share in the near future! 😁
Macknorton (5 stories) (646 posts)
6 years ago (2017-04-09)
Hi Superclawsey
Welcome and thanks for sharing your experiences.
I'm intrigued by your use of a guitar tuner to communicate with spirits.
I'm a musician so this interests me. Can I ask do you have to set it to a particular note, for example G or does it work on any frequency?
Also; are you 100% sure that the tuner wasn't picking up on your voices or other sounds that may not have been audible to your ears?
And lastly; was there a particular reason that you began the spirit hunt at 2:50 am? I ask because there seems to be some sort of significance with 3:00 am and spirit activity.
I don't understand this because spirits would have a completely different sense of time than us I would imagine, therefore I can't see how our clocks could have any significance whatsoever on when they decide to manifest.



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