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After my parents divorced, we moved in with my moms parents. My mom and sisters shared my moms old bedroom, and my brother and I shared my uncle's old room. My grandparents were the second owners of the house, and to my, or anyone's knowledge, nothing ever happened in that house.

Back in the 60's, my aunt and grandmother were hairdressers. They kept one of the hairdryer chairs from the salon in the house and we would use it every once and a while. It was big, covered in green vinyl, and it had the big dome that goes over your head for drying your hair. It was upstairs, just outside of the bathroom, like some kind of makeshift waiting room. J is a reader, she can get lost in a book in a second. She was sitting in the hair dryer chair reading her book when she heard scratching under the chair.

When we moved in with our grandparents, we had to get rid of the dog. Our great grandfather had a pet store and our grandfather didn't want to have anything to do with animals again. He never said anything, he just let us think it was because grandma didn't like animals, but I think secretly, he had to say goodbye to too many animals when he was younger, and since then found it hard to be around them. Whatever, he was shot a few times in the army while serving in North Africa during WWII, so when he says no pets. NO PETS. He died 2 months after we moved in.

So, J is sitting on the hair dryer reading a book and hears scratching under the chair. She marks her spot, puts the book down and looks under the chair. She went cold, because laying there, under the chair, wouldn't you know, it's that same damn Ouija board she got rid of a few years ago. She threw it in the garbage after that day with D E Red and the young woman in white, we all saw her do it. Here it was, clear as day, back in our lives. So, what does she do? "Hey guys, you want to play with the Ouija board?"

It was a Saturday afternoon, on Saturdays the whole family would get together and go out for lunch, if us kids didn't want to go, we would get Burger King. So we decided not to go, not for the burgers, but for the mystery of the mystical Ouija board. We sat down around it and placed our hands on the planchette. Just before J started talking, it sounded like something fell off of the shelf in the closet. Not with a thud, but with a slam. If I had been a cartoon, you would have seen my outline still in the place where I was sitting, but I was in the driveway knocking on the car door asking if it was too late to go with them for lunch. I don't know what happened after that, but J and P never spoke about it, and J gave the Ouija board to a friend as a gift, and we never saw it again.

There were two crawl spaces on the second floor of the house, one was behind the closets in the girls room, the second ran the length of the house on the opposite side of the room, all access doors were in the girls room. I had always heard soft scratching in that part of the crawl space that was behind my brothers side of the room, I always thought it was squirrels. There are a lot of them in Newton. One night, long after the Ouija board was removed from the house, B woke up having heard a bang in the crawl space. He got me up and said we have to go to the girls room, we have to protect them. I'm half to almost fully asleep, so I just drag myself along with him. I set up shop on the floor toward the front of the room, and my brother is keeping watch, sitting against J's bed, looking all around the room, it was dark, but I could see that his head was moving back and forth. Nothing else seemed to happen that night, but he was convinced that the girls were in danger. He was also scared out of his mind and didn't want to be "alone", yes I was with him, but I was 8, what was I going to do? So other than that, and seeing Baron walk through the house (we later found out that he had died the day before). Nothing strange happened in that house again.

I guess it could have just been some residual vibes following us from Billerica.

I don't know what to make of this, but for a brief time during Middle School, I would see blobs of colors, mostly greens and blues, some yellows, and an occasional pink. Sometimes they would surround people, sometimes they would be attached to people by a tether of a darker variation of their primary color, and a lot of the time, they were just kind of floating free of any human contact. I didn't think much of it at the time, and I haven't seen it since going to that school, and it only ever occurred at that school.

Other than what was mentioned previously in my other two stories, nothing else happened, although, I did scare my now ex wife once. We lived on the first floor in this apartment in Tampa FL. Our unit was across the atrium from the laundry room. So I get into the bathroom, to take a shower while she gathers the clothes for the laundry, so, still not in the shower, I listen for her to leave. When I heard the door close, I ran into the living room, carefully took everything off of the tables, turned all of the furniture upside down, (couch, chair, coffee table, and two end tables) then I carefully replaced everything back on top of the furniture as it was before, then I got back in the shower. A couple of minutes later I hear her scream, so I came running out of the shower saying what's wrong. Trembling, she gestured to the furniture, I told her, "well, you always thought this place was haunted" then I couldn't help it. I broke down laughing and took a few, well deserved hits. I put everything back the way it was before and took her out for an apology dinner. She would swear that when I wasn't around, her grandmother, (who died on our wedding night, and apparently took up residence with us), would change the channel on the TV when she would watch something that she knew her grandmother disproved of. Never bothered me, though she liked me better, she told me at the wedding. In fact, her whole family seemed to prefer me to her, that should have been a clue.

Anyway, That's all for now, besides nothing happened until I moved to my current house in Stoughton in 2010.

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