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East And West Sides Hauntings And Things


I suppose I have to add more to my original haunting that dates farther back in history before us kids experienced anything out on the farm. Most of the hauntings that we experienced happened in our young lives, but again there were times 'they' still hung around even as we got older. So I'll share with you incidents before I was born and well after!

My parents built their house out in the boondox. The land that they were building on is connected to my grandparent's farm. While my dad was growing up the current location of the house was pasture land for the cattle. My parents did alot of rock picking to clear the area for the house as they built it from bottom up. Back then there was little grass and a lot of sand, rocks and snakes! The basement was finished as a whole house before the main floor and the accidental attic. As they lived in the basement with my older two brothers, the essence of the place affected its own aura. These are claims from my mother.

There are sections I will divide the house into so it makes some sense. The front part of the house is facing north and the back is south. Now there are the east and west sides that are divided with activity. The basement floor that eventually became my older two brothers bedrooms are on each side. One is on the east which on the top floor is my bedroom as well. The other is on the west that has also my younger brothers bedroom on top floor. So the stories don't get confusing.

Mom and Dad had their original bedroom in the basement on the west side. Next to that is the back room we call it today that holds the water hose and pump. For some reason that tiny space never had a door, it's just a spider web fiasco. In the center of the basement they had the kitchen and back then the east bedroom was the living room. Well mother said she had been busy battling snakes her entire time while living in the basement. Ew, they were everywhere. My dad killed one in the sandy driveway but it struck a foot high snapping at him before losing its head and dying at sundown. Don't ask me why I'm adding the snakes in this story it just sounds creepy to have them hanging around in your house all the time. Ever since I was born there hadn't been one single snake. Dad must have killed them all.

Mom claims one day that something was jumping up and down on their bed in the west bedroom one time. She saw the indications of the imprints of the bed bouncing but nothing was there! Another time she filled up the swimming pool with water for the ducks and went into the house for a quick snack. When she came out the water in the pool was gone and it wasn't wet anywhere near it! The water somehow just disappeared. There also was a jogger who ran up to the house all the time only to find out that no one was ever there running up to the house. Those are the recent stories I remember her telling us after we told her as kids what we were seeing there.

Mom was sleeping upstairs in their new bedroom on the west side when flashes of light awoke her from her sleep. It looked like ambulance light or something but she checked everywhere and the light came from nowhere. Then it all just died as fast as it came. Another time the phone in the house just kept giving short rings while the house shook as if graters were working on it, although nothing was outside to make the house shake and the phone to ring short rings. Whoever heard of earth quakes in Wisconsin?

I can remember horror stories from my older brother that a boogey man lived in the basement and would come out at night. Of course my bedroom was the west basement room at that time so I'd be laying there watching the door knob to move thinking he would walk through the door. There were plenty of nights as a small child I can remember not being able to sleep always looking out in the dark that something was out there. I was too young to recall supernatural things but something was definitely around, I was well aware of that. As young as I was playing in the sandy driveway with my brothers, always at dusk it seemed to get real eerie.

Then of course there were all the occasions when my cousin came over and we were introduced into the great unknown. The door bell liked to play on its own accord.

Then there was the time in high school that got our dad's girlfriend involved in an investigation as well. It was Christmas Eve and we were all farting around after opening our presents. She was getting out the champagne. She came in the living room on the west side and noticed a light in the lawn that was very eerie. It showed up down in the lawn from nowhere. The three of us tried figuring out where it came from. We tried all the lights in the house to make that reflection and nothing made it. Then all at once it turned its self off! To this day that light on Christmas Eve remains a mystery. Never would we ever have thought that his girlfriend of all people would be noticing odd things as well as us kids. My father is a non believer in anything that isn't practical.

The only thing closely to this incident is the time when we were kids and mom dropped off our two older brothers at dads on Christmas and got stuck in the road not far from the house. As she walked to the house to get our father, I noticed a light above a tree that I thought at that time resembled a candy cane. My brother saw it too. It didn't stay long, about 10-15 seconds and disappeared, and all was dark again. I don't know what it has been about Christmas and lights, very odd.

Older now and out of school I was still living at home. I had my first car now as well. One night out in the driveway the horn started blaring all by itself. I went out there finally and pounded on it to shut it up. There was no reason why it decided to sing by itself. Maybe the doorbell told it too, it's not like it was a jolly time of year. It was winter for crimney sakes!

Well let me get back to the east and west of things. The reason I divided the house onto two separate sections is it seems as though most of the incidents were on the west side. The driveway is on the east side, but when it comes to inside of the house, the west end is always way more productive then the east side. I like to throw coincidences into things as well. As for my brother that has a bedroom on the same side of the house as me, we both have the same sort of lives in some ways. And my two brothers that have rooms on the west side well there lives are more alike too. I have no idea if sides of houses can determine that but in our haunted house it appears to be as so!

I can't think of any other stories at this moment that would relate to this property. Now days the worst that ever happens is the house is way too quiet. I love quietness but sometimes that place is too quiet! When you start hearing the noises then you know that it's home.

Home Sweet Home.

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NightGhost (10 stories) (6 posts)
8 years ago (2014-02-26)
This story is so weird. I was recalling when I had most of this stuff documented on a computer I had and then it all got deleted by a creep that I lived next too. If I were to rewrite these Id add the horoscope nature to the factor as well. Lol
NightGhost (guest)
13 years ago (2009-02-23)
Surya, I wouldn't change sides of the house if someone paid me. 😆 😆 Besides we're all grown up and moved out. My brothers can keep their bad attitudes! Glad it ain't mine. 😊
dreamergal72 (6 stories) (793 posts)
13 years ago (2009-02-23)
Wow interest story. Some house not so peacefully like other and the snake that creepy expect I don't mind fake snake but real no my stepdad scare of fake snake. Lol. But good story,
Surya (39 stories) (867 posts)
13 years ago (2009-02-22)
I believe sides can have an effect on people, their lives. Have you guys considered swapping sides. See what happens then.
Cholulteca (148 posts)
13 years ago (2009-02-20)
Hi NightGhost, very interesting story and I'm surprise of how well written it is 😳 I loved the snake part, agree, nothing paranormal although funny 😁 maybe they all decided to move 🤔

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