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A Shadow in my TV


This happened about 2 years ago when I was still in year seven, me and my little sister share a room together and this occurred on a saturday night I think, I'm not sure but I do remember the experience quite well, just not the pacific time or day.

I had just finished doing an assignment for school and then watched a bit of a movie, I had gone into our bedroom and turned off the TV, I didn't look at the TV once, though I had left the light on because my little sister was afraid of the dark. I had slipped into my bed and I went to sleep, I woke up in the middle of the night and my eyes were a bit blurred, I turned over and looked around (like I normally do), I saw this black tall figure in the TV standing over my sister's bed, it was hard to tell but it was either my bed or hers because of the TV, I freaked and my eyesight went normal and it was still there! I quickly rushed up and turned on the TV and I felt a bit more relaxed but felt a presence, I didn't get much sleep that night.

It happened again later that week, I had just finished having a shower and I walked into my room, and well I felt that unpleasant presence again, like how you're being watched, I looked up at the TV, and then that figure was right there behind me, I freaked and turned around, nothing was there and I turned to look at the TV, the figure wasn't there anymore. I didn't start believing in ghosts until then, that figure hasn't shown up since that week because I always wear my buddha my mother gave to me, I feel safe with it on, but when I'm home alone I still feel like something is watching me...

I had another experience last week, it freaked me out, I went to put my cat outside and then I looked over at the fence and there was this figure of a head looking at me and it was kind of a blurry white I ran back inside, I'm sure it wasn't my neighbour they were all inside their house.

Do you think I was just being delusional? I have no idea who or what that figure is but I know it was real. Do any of you know what it might be at all? I'm guessing it's just another ghost but it was black figure and a figure can be anything.

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Nightshade (40 posts)
15 years ago (2008-06-22)
Hi, I'm going to send you some quick and easy tips on sleep paralysis just like I said I would.

1.If you feel pressure, let it take you, just fall back asleep and ignore it. It's bound to go away.

2.Sleep paralysis can sometimes be because you're in a very deep sleep, or you're being held down by a spirit.

3.It's impossible for a bad spirit to be pressuring you, but if it's a dark shadow, then there is seriously something wrong. It's very rare, I wouldn't say it's impossible.

4.If you can't move, or even say a word, then let it do the pressure. If it gets stronger, it's because you're not reacting, and it'll get really angry. If you try to harm it, it will just get angry immensly.

5.This is the last tip. You can stop sleep paralysis by sleeping with your Mom, or Dad, or even spending some nights with a friend. It will stop, because it will think you're gone forever and will never come back. I loveed sharing my tips with you, I'm 14, I'm really interested in supernatural stuff, but I have other people that would like my help. Right now, one of my new friends are waiting for me in the chat room. So, bye!

Your Truly,
Nightshade (40 posts)
15 years ago (2008-06-22)
If you feel uncomfortable around it, then tell someone until they understand. And don't always think your parents won't believe you. If they actually don't though, Then talk to the spirit. Have a seance, there are some many ways to do it. If it won't go away, tell a friend, a cop, or a part of the family. It's there problem if they don't belive, just think of good things. Also, if your getting quite a lot of sleep paralysis, I have some tips on that, too. I'll just send you this, and then I'll send you the tips.

Your Truly,
Nightshade ❤
DneveRinaldo (9 posts)
15 years ago (2008-04-28)
life has it's reasons why? If you were born with this gift (like me) many times its hard for anyone to understand, your not crazy, it just happens, there are many things in this life that cannot be explained,I'm not afraid of the unknown or spirits,ghost,I have seen shadow people or ghost, lots of times, they are not here to hurt us? Maybe they just have to find there way sometimes ❤
Tmetsfan31 (3 stories) (52 posts)
16 years ago (2008-01-04)
May God Be With You,
Tmetsfan31 AKA Tanis
Tmetsfan31 [at] if you want to talk. Ery Nice Story *Claps* 😁. I don't think you are crazy or delusional. I have had plenty of experiances that could prove to say that I was lying, or I was delusional or crazy (though I am a litlle deranged *crazy Smile*). I must ask. Did you or your sister have somone in the past that wasn't...right? Sorry I have to ask this but, were you or your sister touched by somone inappro[riately, were you or your sister beaten by anyone, or was a family member beaten or touched? This could be stuff that could make the spirit vengefull to you, your sister, or if anything happened to a relative that is dead, he may take out his anger on you and your sister, or even if the relative is alive, he/she might want to hit em where it hurts and attack or bother that persons relative.
May God Be With You,
Tmetsfan31 AKA Tanis
Tmetsfan31 [at] if you want to talk.
lovely (2 posts)
16 years ago (2008-01-04)
ive had that somewhat same feeling everytime I've gotten out of the shower or have just given my 9mo old a bath. Its kind of freaky 😨
Avio (2 posts)
16 years ago (2008-01-02)
I may also add that year 7 is the begging of High School
Australian Schooling;
Pre School...
Primary School, Kindergarten, year 1 - 6
High School, Year 7-12
thats basically it, although years 11 and 12 are referred to as senior schoolers we are still in with the other high school kids.
Avio (2 posts)
16 years ago (2008-01-02)
KimSouth0 Asked; I have one question, what is 'year 7'?

Kim, Year 7 is what we Australians refer to the 7th Grade as...
KimSouthO (27 stories) (1960 posts)
16 years ago (2008-01-02)
Although most of my fellow readers have commented very detailed, I have one question, what is 'year 7'?

I do not think you are delusional, not at all. I would like to suggest placing a cross in your bed room, especially as you have described the feeling as unpleasant when the 'entity' makes itself know. Place at least one cross, preferably 2 one above each bed in the room. When the entity does make itself known, tell it to leave in the name of the Lord. Pray, pray, pray.

Tell it in the name of the Lord Jesus you are taking the fear back (a theory is that these'entities' thrive on the energy of fear) and it must leave.

Keep us posted!

God Bless! 😁 😁
jaque (2 stories) (11 posts)
16 years ago (2008-01-01)
I think your story is very interesting. I have never actually seen a full figure of anything so it kind of freaks me out! Hehe 😁. I understand why you are looking for an answer because that is rather scary to feel like someone is watching you and you cannot do anything about it. I would seek the information that people have given you far. Also since you do have a religion hold on to it for comfort. I wish you luck!
FRAWIN (guest)
16 years ago (2007-12-29)
Hi Hazel92, Are you crazy or delusional ? You could be but I sincerely doubt it. People for ages have seen things in reflective surfaces that they can`t see with the naked eye. If you feel uneasy in your home a cleansing may be in order, have your home and yourself cleansed however your faith believes. May your Higher Power bless and protect you.

melonlover (3 stories) (50 posts)
16 years ago (2007-12-29)
Well I for one don't thing your imagining things as you saw the black figure in the reflection of the TV. I'm not sure what it is so keep an eye on it! 😁
whitebuffalo (guest)
16 years ago (2007-12-29)
Hello Hazel92.
I do not know a lot about Shadow people, and what you have done here is forced me to do some research 😊. That is great, thank you.
It would appear that the shadow person and the white blurry head are two different beings. Sometimes when we see shadow people (again, this is from research, not personal experience.) they are actually an entity who is not strong enough to show its full self.
It is like staring at a pencil on a table and concentrating really hard to try to move the pencil with just your mind. Your hands may be clasped tightly under the table as you lean in to squint at the pencil, and you are thinking so hard your head hurts. Do you know what I am talking about? We have used all of our energy trying to get this pencil to move across the table and all we have actually done is succeeded in giving ourselves a headache. So we straighten up, take a deep breath, re-situate ourselves and try again.
That is my opinion on what a shadow person is going through. They are trying so hard to be seen that the only thing they can show for it is a shadow of themselves. Now, I am unsure as to whether some of them are happy enough to know that people can see them in that "static form" and therefore stay as shadow people, or if they can just not get enough energy to completely form. But this is one of those great reasons to try not to show fear.
Fear is a strong energy. So is anger. Ghosties like energy. They are known for borrowing peoples energies.
Black is not solely assigned to evil entities. So the fact that this is a shadow (black) person, does not mean it is bad, even though you do feel uncomfortable around it.
According to your belief system, I would call on your Higher Power to calm your fears. Use anything that you need to to help yourself obtain this peace. If it helps you to hold a cross, hold one. If it is better for you to hang onto a, I don't know, a teddy bear, then use it. Give something else your power (energy), but not the ghost.
I hope this has helped. I do not think there is any real danger, though our emotions can sometimes make things feel as if they are dangerous. Thank you for your story.
sanyukta_aka_sweet (2 posts)
16 years ago (2007-12-29)
its not scary! I think you are just imagining
and if not then it may be your neighbour over the fence or your little sister. 😕
Tonith (1136 posts)
16 years ago (2007-12-29)
This could be what they call shadow people. I have never seen a ghost but I have seen shadow people a few times when I was a young kid but frankly, I chalked it up to being young and imaginative. On the other hand I did see them once at age 17 which really freaked me out but that's another story. I don't know what you witnessed outside but apparently you are able to see things other's don't.I had to reread your story before I got that you see this in your room as your room is reflected in the tv. I wonder if you would see the same with a mirror reflection or is it something about the black tv screen that enables you to see it. Just a thought. And no you don't sound dilusional to me. People who are really crazy never question their sanity.
nighthawk (6 posts)
16 years ago (2007-12-28)
no, I don't think your crazy, were I live is weird.
I've heard of hole groups of ghosts marching through a house some a lot like the one you described,
your story is nothing new to me... But it's creepy none the less!

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