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This is my first account of possible paranormal activity I've experienced in my life. This story takes place in Brigham City, UT during the winter of 2003. My wife and I (and our two cats) had moved to a new rental house across town a few months prior. Almost directly across the street from our house was a mortuary. In fact you could see it through the living room window.

At first my wife wasn't sure if she was ok with the idea of living across the street from a mortuary. However, after some reassurance from me and a lack of other housing options, she settled in with the situation. Just a little background... My wife does not like being scared at all. She hates scary/horror movies; especially if they have a paranormal/supernatural premise. She does ok with zombie flicks and the like, but ghosts and the paranormal aren't her cup of tea. I, on the other hand, love horror movies! I love the adrenaline rush with being scared and coming down from it.

Over the course of those few months after moving in, leading up to the incident, we'd both noticed and experienced strange things happening in the house. It was never really serious or felt threatening in any way just little things that would mess with your mind a bit. For instance, car keys would turn up missing and we would find them in strange places. Chairs would be moved and pulled out from the table (generally I'd find out in the middle of the night... Stubbing my toe on the way to the bathroom...OUCH!) Our cats would act a little strange sometimes and move and act almost as if they were being pet by an invisible someone/something.

Another time we had just returned from the local Smith's with some groceries. We were both putting groceries away and setting a few out to prepare dinner that evening. I had just put away a can of Pam cooking spray in the lowest shelf in the pantry. My wife reminded me that she needed the cooking spray to help prepare dinner and asked if I could retrieve it from the pantry. I looked inside of the pantry for the cooking spray and it had vanished. I looked and looked and was practically dumfounded when I couldn't find it; as I had just put it away. My wife couldn't understand it either, as she had just witnessed me putting it away as well. She came over to look for it as well. Together we pulled out all the items from the pantry and yet we couldn't find the elusive cooking spray. We put the items back in the pantry as we both tried to reason with it and came to the conclusion that maybe we left a bag in the car and it's in there or maybe we left a bag at the store altogether? Regardless, we needed that cooking spray.

We searched the car... No dice. I went back to the store and asked the lady at the checkout if we'd left a bag...nada. So then, I further concluded that we didn't buy cooking spray after all and just thought we did. So I bought a can of Pam and headed home. When I got home I immediately began assisting my wife with dinner preparations and handed her the cooking spray. We finished preparing dinner, put it in the oven to cook and sat down on the couch and watched some TV while we waited. After dinner, we again sat on the couch and discussed the day's happenings and the crazy thing with the cooking spray. Finally we decided we needed to get dinner cleaned up and stuff put away. We clear the dirty dishes from the table to the sink and begin putting food prep items back into the pantry. My wife hands me the Pam to put into the pantry. I open the door the pantry and... Out on the floor falls... You guessed it... The missing can of Pam! It was then that we decided that there was more to these strange happenings than meets the eye. Maybe we had ghosts living with us in our house? To this day we can't explain it. We talked about the possibility of spirits or ghosts maybe wandering over from the mortuary, due to our close proximity?

We would have more of the same strange things (i.e. Items missing/moved etc.) happen occasionally over the next few weeks. When something of the sort would happen we would chalk it up to the trickster ghost/s. We would talk to them cool and casually, stating how funny they were for doing these things; maintaining a calm atmosphere. Again, we never felt threatened or scared and we just went about our lives coexisting with the trickster ghost/s.

A couple months went by and we were now in the thick of a fairly heavy winter. One early morning I was awakened by something. I really can't say what it was, but I just felt off. I looked at the clock and it was 02:47 am. I was a little upset because I had to get up in a little over a half an hour to get ready for work. My wife stirred a little as I got up and went to the kitchen to drink some water, but she stayed asleep. As I was getting my drink I started hearing some strange creaks and noises. It seemed to be moving around outside of the house. I listened intently for a few minutes and then the noises seemed to stop. I wondered if it was maybe punk kids messing around. I looked out the window and noticed it was snowing and had been most of the night, as we had probably close to five inches of snow on the ground. I decided to go back to bed for a few more minutes before needing to get up for work. I pulled the covers over me and settled in again.

After a few minutes I began to hear the noises again and began to feel almost nauseous. I got a weird prickly warm feeling at the back of my neck and my hair stood on end. At that time, our cats, both of which slept in our bed, came out from the covers and both puffed out their fur and started growling and hissing as they stared at the wall. I looked and couldn't see anything. They both remained focused: staring, growling and hissing at the wall, essentially ready for a fight. The racket from the cats startled and woke my wife. She sat up and she asked me what's wrong, what's going on?! I told her "I'm not sure. The cats just freaked out and started growling and hissing at the wall!"

Then we heard the doorknob on the front door begin to shake violently as if someone was trying to break in. We both jumped out of bed and ran to the front door. We both witnessed the doorknob shaking. I told her I had heard some noises earlier moving around outside the house and told her how I thought it was just some punk kids messing around. My wife decided to run to the phone and call 911. I told her "Stop! Don't call 911. It's not a burglar, it's probably just some punk kids." Then I finally had enough and yelled, "You damn kids! I'm coming out to beat your ass!" Just then the doorknob stopped shaking. I just knew I had scared them off and they were scattering to run away. So I decided to really put the fear of god into them and chase them down the street. "This will teach those damn punk kids!", I thought. My wife tried to convince me that running into the night during a snowstorm wasn't a good idea and to just let them go, but I was pretty upset and I knew better!

I opened the door to run outside and as I did, snow fell all over my bare feet and on to the floor. The fresh undisturbed powder had drifted up my door way and toppled over when the door stopped supporting it as it opened. I stared out and looked in bewilderment at...nothing. Absolutely nothing! No kids! No tracks in the snow...nothing! Nothing but five plus inches of fresh powder covering the porch, stairs, lawn, everything. There was no way for anybody to reach the doorknob without disturbing the snow! It was at this point that I became somewhat scared. Mostly just unsettled as to what had just transpired. Shortly after the cats calmed down and went back to sleep. My wife and I however, didn't go back to sleep that night. In fact she had me take a sick day from work. We turned on all the lights in the house, listened to Disney music and played board games until the late morning.

This incident was different than the previous ones. The uneasy feeling, nausea and hair standing on end... This wasn't our normal trickster ghost that we had been accustomed to. This was something more. It seemed aggressive and angry. We never had any more incidents like this one in the house. We stayed in the house a while longer but moved out a few months later due to unrelated circumstances.

Please comment if you have any questions or would like more information.

Thank you for reading!

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nursebelieves (3 posts)
5 years ago (2017-09-12)
Hi wth devil_dog...I understand completely about missing items... Happens all the time in my apt. I have lived here 8 yrs... Moved in on Halloween... I got the apt because the previous tenant had died. I would have thought I was losing my marbles had my friend not witnessed a missing item that we had just placed in front of us. It was no where to be seen. We looked & looked & I had already told her about a couple of happenings like it. We started laughing because we knew what had just happened. So we got up & got busy doing something else, forgetting about the misplaced item. About 15 minutes later, we returned to the living area & there it was... Right where we had placed it. In 8 yrs, nothing has changed. I still reach for something that I KNOW I have & it's no where to be found. If I wait a few minutes, I can usually go back & there it will be. It's crazy... But very true. It doesn't scare me though, as I have had MANY ghostly experiences. Thanks for the share!
wth_devildog (2 stories) (17 posts)
5 years ago (2017-09-05)

I'm glad you enjoyed my story! And of course you have my permission to print my story and share it with your family. I'm glad my story made enough of an impression for you to want to share! If you don't mind answering, what exactly made you want to share? Was it the story itself or was it the writing style or what? I'm just curious. Regardless, thank you for your interest. Also, I am currently writing another story. So you won't have to wait too long. I'm looking forward to reading your stories. Feel free to email me if you'd like.


wth_devildog (2 stories) (17 posts)
5 years ago (2017-09-05)
Hey shelbyloree,

That's interesting to hear about your great-uncle as a mortician. Yeah, I have a feeling that's what was happening. We just lived in such close proximity, that they would wander over to check things out. Also, I can certainly understand the feeling of being watched by those that have passed. I actually have a story in similar relation that.


Enlightened1959 (8 stories) (118 posts)
5 years ago (2017-09-04)

Please share more of your experiences! I plan on printing your story off and mailing it to a family member who doesn't have access to the internet right now (with your permission). We have had many paranormal experiences in our family and I have written a few and uploaded them here on YGS.

I will be looking forward to reading more of your experiences and marking this one as a favorite!

shelbyloree (5 stories) (285 posts)
5 years ago (2017-09-01)
Maybe folks were 'wandering over' from the morgue before heading elsewhere?

My great-uncle ran a morgue for years, and he was a firm believer that the dead oversee the preparations for their burial. He always felt 'watched' while preparing bodies for funerals. Dad worked with him through high school has all sorts of weird stories about working at the morgue.

Anyway, maybe the 'bad' guy had passed unexpectedly or under mysterious/unhappy circumstances and was 'blowing off steam' as it were, taking it out on your doorknob? Realizing he was in unfamiliar territory, he eventually moved on maybe.

Good to hear you didn't bring anyone along with you to your new place!
wth_devildog (2 stories) (17 posts)
5 years ago (2017-08-29)
Melda, unfortunately no, it isn't the only house we've experienced supernatural happenings. I have a couple more stories to tell...
Melda (10 stories) (1363 posts)
5 years ago (2017-08-29)
wth_devildog - The things that some ghosts get up to, to attract attention, is mind boggling at times.

I understand the whole confusion bit with the cooking spray, moving furniture, hiding items. One big amusing game, but unfortunately not for you!

The problem is they can eventually become pests and when it escalates to that stage, it's better to send them on their way. They belong elsewhere, not in your home.

Is this the only house where you have had supernatural experiences?

Regards, Melda
wth_devildog (2 stories) (17 posts)
5 years ago (2017-08-29)
Anno_Domini, what I am saying is this time (with the nausea, uneasy feeling etc.) was different than the previous encounters with our trickster ghost/s. I never felt that feeling when the trickster ghost/s were around. Perhaps I should have been more clear. My apologies.
Anno_Domini (3 stories) (167 posts)
5 years ago (2017-08-29)
Hi wth_devildog, I am a little puzzled, at the beginning you said "This is my first account of possible paranormal activity I've experienced in my life", yet at the end of the story you later mentioned "This incident was different than the previous ones. The uneasy feeling, nausea and hair standing on end... This wasn't our normal trickster ghost that we had been accustomed to.".

Could you please clarify?
AugustaM (7 stories) (996 posts)
5 years ago (2017-08-26)
I love your way of coping with the aftermath - Disney music and board games! Its exactly what I would do! Ha ha ha!

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