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Shadow Figure In My Bedroom And Ghost In The Bunk Room


I have two different experience in two different places.

My first story was when I was little girl. It happen when I was three, maybe four. I don't normally remember things very detailed when I was that young but I remember this experience very well. I lived in East Anglia, not too far away from starting point of River Thames. The county I lived in is well known for being most haunted part of England. Which is probably why I having this experience.

It was in my second home and I was living with my parents and my little brother. It was used to be council house so it is very small and there is hardly enough space for four of us.

One night, I remember very well that I was just resting in my bed as I wasn't tired enough to sleep. The light in hallway was on because my brother at that time hated dark and would get nightmares if there wasn't any light on. I wasn't bothered by it and was quite happy to have it on so that I will know if anyone walked past my bedroom door to get to the bathroom which is right next door to my bedroom.

Then out of no where, this dark shadowy figure enter my bedroom. My young self wasn't stupid enough to think it was just shadow from one of my family member because of the way it moved. It was too slow and blurred to be normal shadow. It walked toward the bottom end of my bed, and I think it must have stood there for ten to twenty seconds, just waving. I don't feel scared or afraid of it. I only feel calm, like it was someone I knew very well. After the figure disappeared, I got out of my bed and went to check if anyone was there. My brother was in deep sleep and my parents were sleeping too. No one was in the bathroom either.

Although this is about 17 years ago, and we moved out after less than four years, I am still curious about the house history and did tried to find something online but I can't find a single website that is free to us. Most of them are too pricey. I did read few people stories on this website and some of them claim that they had family member who died recently coming back to visit them for one last goodbye.

I don't think that was the case here. None of my grandparents or uncle and aunt died at the time. The only thing I could think of is that I had grandad who died before I was born at only just 40 years old, in terrible car accident. Four people were in the car, and three survived. My grandad wasn't one of these people sadly.

Maybe he did come to visit, maybe not. I would like to think it was him.

My other experience was when I was about fourteen or fifteen, I went to weekend camping trip with my friends by the sea. It was inside the house with four bunk rooms. My first reaction when I got inside was it is very cold. Typical British summer time isn't very warm or bright. It was cloudy.

But it wasn't normal cold. There is central heating in the building, but it didn't make any difference. I assumed it was the large window next to stair letting all air in. But they are locked tightly. Being a teenager, I just ignored it and pretend I didn't notice the temperature.

After long day of activities, I and my friends return to the bunk room for girly evening. There were four of us and the room have four bunk beds, so we got one bunk bed each.

We were very noisy and we chatting about stuff we did today in our bed. I was standing next to the door where the light switch is because I was acting out something funny. Then the light in the room went off suddenly. I was more confused than scared and I turn it back on. One of my friend accused me of turning it off although she could see me in plain view. I tried to convinced her that I wasn't doing it. And right at the exactly time, the light went off again. I found it funny, but three of my friends were very freaked out by it. It stop happening afterward.

By the time we decided to go to sleep it was around 11pm, we all went to bathroom next door and cleaned our teeth. I suddenly get very weird and uncomfortable feeling that something is watching me from the toilet stall behind me. I get worried and nervous that something is going to happen right now. I tried to joke it off to my friend but it doesn't work. I just quickly finishing off whatever I was doing and got out of bathroom fast as I could. We all fell asleep by 11:30pm. But I remember waking up after midnight because something was shaking the bed but no one is sharing the bunk bed with me. I just brushed it off as a dream.

The next morning, the member of staff approach us and asked if everything is alright. We said yes. She told us that she heard somebody crying in the toilet in bathroom next door to our bedroom at 1am in morning. But none of us had gone to bathroom after 11:30pm last night.

I don't know what happened there but I do know one thing is that I am never going back there again.

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echosmithrocks (16 posts)
6 years ago (2017-09-19)
Hellow! Could it be that someone else just used the toilet? I mean if it were a regular occurrence the staff wouldn't be too surprised would they? 😉
RCRuskin (9 stories) (788 posts)
6 years ago (2017-09-14)
Hi, Scream. Welcome to YGS.

There are many websites out there that charge you for information that is free to obtain. I frequently, for example, get unsolicited commercial email advertising a service that will search for criminals of a certain nature. This same information is available, for free, from my local sheriff's office.

I think your best option would be the local library or the local newspaper's archives, though there might be a charge from the newspaper. It would help in both those cases if you already had some knowledge of the house's history. I know of a website, but can't recall the URL, that would show previous owners of the house, at least for the US. Previous owner's and previous occupants would be the best sources of information on a place's history. It should not cost more than a couple of postage stamps, an hour or two of research, and then a few weeks waiting for a reply.

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