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This real event happen in 1985. I am living in medium size city in West part of india. This city is along with big river and very old bridge on that river. This city has 27 govt. Post offices.

Mr. Jamnadas was the Post master in the head post office. He was honest and punctual in his duty. He was also well known person in the city. He was retiring in 1986, but one very unfortunate event happen in April 1984, Mr. Jamnadas was suspended from his govt job, because of one staff member lady (wrongly) alligated against him that he was harassing her during office time.

He trialed court case and win that case. But since than, his retirement date passed over and his honor and prestige among people was badly harmed. Due to that fake case, his retired life was totally dishonored and very sad full... Most of his colleagues and relatives had broken relations with him. Even his wife had not trust him. He whole day reading books in his room until night. He always kept lantern light near his bed as of use it when light power cut.

Suddenly in August 1986, one night he hung himself with roof top hook and committed suicide. At next day afternoon his wife go to his room for give him lunch and seen his hanging dead body. That lantern was still lightened.

After some days of his death, so many peoples of surrounding area was talking about his ghost. So many peoples claimed that they have seen some ghostly type shadow roaming near Head Post Office. Even some office staff also claimed that they have seen some ghostly figure with lantern in Head Post masters cabin. So many staff members has get transferred to other post offices. His wife also told to her relatives that her husband's soul roaming and she had seen it so many times. At night time, the Post office area was haunted. People avoid to pass from the road along that post office.

Once at night 9.30 O Clock I was passing from that road. When I was crossing the Post office area, I saw one Old fat man was stood at the main door of that post office and starring at me. I thought, the Night watchman stood there. But suddenly I remember, Post office never keep any watchman on night duty. I again saw at post office, and this time that Old man with lantern slowly disappeared in the air as like fog or smoke. I sweat very much. My mind can not believe that what my eyes seen there. I feel very spooky. I am sure, that it was really the ghost of that post master. After that night, I never use that road at night time.

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sushantkar (16 stories) (532 posts)
5 years ago (2018-05-03)
Sant22, please read the option choosne by the author of "not to read the comment". However it was dit unfortunate but this is also one of the beautiful aspect of this site which provides person the freedom of choises and to express their views and thoughts without any hasitation.
sant22 (13 posts)
5 years ago (2018-05-03)
Hi All

I am new to this site and have been reading stories and comments too for each story. As I see from this article, AYAZ is least bothered to comment or respond to his readers.

I got a weird thought- could have ghost written this article? Is AYAZ playing tricks with the users/readers of this site? Dont know.
harry1lynn (2 stories) (10 posts)
5 years ago (2017-11-06)
Writing truth will help the people actually experiencing paranormal as it would help the real perspective into the public.
Where as writing fake accounts will be disrespectful to the people suffering and also the real idea of paranormal will be seriously affected.
gypsyking410 (13 posts)
5 years ago (2017-11-02)
Don't approve any more of his stories from now on. Or if the OP does not revert on the comments the story should be taken down.
riyuzaki007 (3 posts)
5 years ago (2017-11-01)
Been into this site from 2014 and an active reader but I don't have any real experience of any paranormal event that why I know its better to write truth than fiction for guys like us who would love to have an experience but sadly cant.
harry1lynn (2 stories) (10 posts)
5 years ago (2017-11-01)
Exceptions are everywhere! And yeah not participating makes the narration less plausible.
I don't know what people want to achieve by writing cooked up fiction!
lady-glow (13 stories) (2991 posts)
5 years ago (2017-11-01)
Harry1lynn: it is frustrating, isn't it? It makes it hard to believe their stories when people don't seem to care about the opinion of the readers.

One part of me believes that the OP is reading the comments and giggling mischievously... Perhaps we should just stop reading Ayaz's stories until he stops acting like a sissy and participates in the discussion. I know Indian guys are brave... With some exceptions. 🙄
harry1lynn (2 stories) (10 posts)
5 years ago (2017-11-01)
You are absolutely correct, people need answers and they are commenting but this guy just doesn't seem to care!
sushantkar (16 stories) (532 posts)
5 years ago (2017-10-28)
To LG- India is a big country and author didn't provide the name of the city in his submission, so I don't think that finding any link or supporting would be that easy.
If deceased Jamnadas had won the trail then I would think that proper court procedures must have taken place.
There are proper authorities and agencies in our country who are responsible for implementation of women rights but here it is not a case of women rights moreover it is the Orthodox and constructive thinking of the society which had forced Jamnadas to take such destructive step.
Dilip is right here, in rural sector, especially in the village almost every people knew each other also the literacy ratio as compared to the urban sector is pretty low.
Why Mr. Jamnadas haunt that post office, probably he works his entire life there and when his life ended in rather disrespectfuly his energy imprints remains their so he haunt that post office even after his death.

dilip506 (1 stories) (8 posts)
5 years ago (2017-10-27)
If the man is found innocent also, in such cases, his respect in society vanishes. Especially in the village areas of India. People do suspect him and keep him away. But things are diff in cities. People do think and behave in more mature way. Since this happened in 80s, the maturity level of people would be different compared to these days. Yes, even if he was found innocent, the society might have banished him. His wife might not have trust in him.
Jubeele (25 stories) (882 posts)
5 years ago (2017-10-26)
I had the same thought as lady-glow. It is unusual that a woman's allegation was taken seriously against a man of a respectable standing, particularly during the 1980s and in certain societies. There must be more to this story than meets the eye.

Ayaz, please talk to us... See I haven't even made any corny analogies about cricket this time!
lady-glow (13 stories) (2991 posts)
5 years ago (2017-10-26)
Not meaning any offence and not wanting to have a biased opinion about this story, I would like to ask to the Indian members of the forum the following questions:

Given the work in progress in which women rights are in India, would the facts of this story be plausible during the last quarter of the previous century?

Would a woman's word have had any weight against the word of a man as highly regarded as Mr. Jamnadas? Did the court call for the testimony of any witnesses?
Or, am I misreading the narrative and his reputation got tarnished even after he was found not guilty?

"He trialed court case and win that case. But since than, his retirement date passed over and his honor and prestige among people was badly harmed. Due to that fake case, his retired life was totally dishonored and very sad full... Most of his colleagues and relatives had broken relations with him. Even his wife had not trust him..."

I imagine such a case would have attracted some attention from the press, could any one provide a link to the records of that year?

Any idea as why Mr. Jamnadas would haunt the entrance to the post office with his lantern if that wasn't a normal pattern to his daily life? Did he live close to the post office?

I'm aware that the OP won't even bother reading the comments to their story but, I want to put their story to some good use and, hopefully, find some truth to this experience.

sushantkar (16 stories) (532 posts)
5 years ago (2017-10-26)
Ok... Publishing a story and avoiding answering the counter questions /comments is like dropping a dumb bomb and escape.
Author is not serious about anyone's concerns so obviously writing about it is also a waste of time.
😨 😁
Aaru275 (4 stories) (55 posts)
5 years ago (2017-10-26)
That spooky. I feel sad for the post master. He should have been given benefit of doubt. People are very judgemental.
roylynx (guest)
5 years ago (2017-10-26)
Wow! Fascinating story!
So do you know how the post master looked like? Did he have any lantern?
Short stories like this needs many details so I am sorry that some of my comments maybe off the topic. I also want to know that if you knew about the "rumors" before the night you use the road?

Fear can give you hallucinations you know, sometime you will need to have a very clear mind. I know that some encounters a real, but most of these real encounters are just "fear", you know how people talk about demons and angels or bad spirits and good spirits? I know your case is different, but like judging a person, who are we to judge a stranger if they are good or bad without knowing anything about that person? Same goes with spirits, who are we to judge an unknown spirit who they are, without knowing them? Try not to fear them, believe most spirits do no harm just do not tease them in any way or make them angry, they are a "person" after all.

lady-glow (13 stories) (2991 posts)
5 years ago (2017-10-26)
You WON'T be reading the comments... This is your FOURTH submission... Do you realize people deserve answers to their questions? 😠

Disappointing... So disappointing.😤

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