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The Lady At The Gate


Short story of my first experience (with my friends).

Location: Bauang, La Union, Philippines.

It was during my sophomore in college when me and my friends experienced this paranormal apparition.

One morning, February 14, the neighboring residential area of our farmland is being cleared. One particular tree in the corner lot, the Kamatsile was cut. This tree was a haven for us when spider season (yes, we collect spiders then we spar them to death) comes to start. This tree, however does not or did not bear a single fruit.

On that evening, me and my two (2) friends were invited to a party (February 14). The rendezvous was a hut (kubo) inside that residential area. Around 10:00PM when I set foot on our rendezvous, found my friends waiting, and as planned, we went ahead to the party.

On our way out, we opened the gate, and I saw this white thing from a distance approximately 30 feet in front of us. What comes into my mind was, "what on earth my father is doing this time of the night in his farm?".

When we were 2-4 feet away (within a hands reach), the light beam of the light from the gate post revealed what was standing in front of us.

I asked my two friends, "What is that?", frozen for at least 5 seconds, they quickly replied, "White Lady!". Then we ran like wild horses. We tried to turn back and look at it again, but we were too far then.

The apparition is wearing tattered wedding dress, long hairs, it has its arms but no hands, it has his legs but no feet, it has its face outline but blank in the middle.

It has come to our conclusion that the spirit became angry when they cut the Kamatsile tree.

I wish to go back to our farm and hunt or wait for that apparition again, time will tell.:)

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lady-glow (14 stories) (3094 posts)
6 years ago (2017-11-06)
Anno_Domini: our chance to have a fulfilling life with God will come with death; in the meanwhile, people have the right to choose whatever it works to fix their problems.
Anno_Domini (3 stories) (167 posts)
6 years ago (2017-11-05)
Just for the benefit of those who are unacquainted with the "White Lady" it is an apparition, also called "Pontianak" or "Kuntilanak". Generally believed to be the spirit of a woman who died during childbirth and harbours deep hatred for men in particular. "She" seeks out / feasts on virgins, men, newborns. It can appear as an animal or a beautiful lady, but its real appearance is a hideous female with a long tongue.

In my opinion, if real, it is just another set of demons who take on this form to drive people to the witch doctors / healers / protective amulets and prevent one from enjoying a fulfilling life with God.
notjustme (19 stories) (852 posts)
6 years ago (2017-11-01)
Hello there. I too, come from a place where some people believe that entities use the energy of certain trees, in Vietnam, it is the banana tree. Maybe you are right about it being unhappy about not having her Tree any more. I would advise not to go "hunting" or looking for it. Just from my own knowledge, such things are normally not a good entity and can cause harm if they wish. Hmm, I think I should submit some of those stories one day. My relatives have told me stories similar to yours. They say the only way to get rid of it is if lightening strikes the tree... But who knows. What I do know is, I always say if things do not bother me, I shall not bother it. Just my friendly advice 😜 thanks for sharing!
Jubeele (25 stories) (882 posts)
6 years ago (2017-10-27)
I respect spiders and their role in stopping the insect population from becoming a vermin infestation. Even though we're surrounded by venomous creatures in Australia, I feel it is very wrong to kill spiders just for 'fun'. Even bird-eating spiders (if that is what you were catching) should not be treated that way. This to me is another form of animal cruelty, along the lines of fighting fish, cockerel fighting, bull-fighting, dog fights, greyhound racing and pulling wings off insects. Not to mention the hundreds of minus karma points in life this will earn you. Please don't do this anymore!

Now, back to your story... This reminds me of the White Lady of Balete Drive in New Manila, Quezon City. That "white lady" was a teenage girl run over by a taxi driver and buried near a balete tree. When the tree was cut down to build the road, the girl continued to haunt the area, in particular taxi drivers.

Was there any tale associated with that Kamatsile tree? Does your family have its own legend of a White Lady on the farmland? Since the apparition was wearing a wedding dress, is there any local story of a jilted bride or betrayed wife?

It could very well be that you saw the "Spider Widow", the manifestation of all the vengeful mates of the male spiders killed for your amusement... 😨

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