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My Encounter With A Doppelganger


This encounter begins with my everyday working week commute to work. As I only live within 5 miles I usually run or cycle there as a way maintaining my fitness. I believe this is relevant to the story because it suggests that I wasn't in some kind of state of sleep but quite the opposite.

This is my first post to the site and I have thought about the event before committing myself to writing this.

The details of the occurrence begin with a cycle to work no different to any other day.

As I came out of an underpass of what is a a busy roundabout and onto a slight ascent 3 quarters into my journey I happened to glance to my right to see a car travelling in the opposite direction. The driver beeps his horn and smiles at me and I recognize him as my colleague from work. He has his window completed down and he waves at me and I pretend to struggle up the hill jokingly panting and wave back.

Nothing really concerned me about what had happened so far but then I realized that he was travelling away from our place of work and was probably going towards the city to work in one of our other school sites.

I arrived at work at 08:00hrs and passed another colleague and told him that I had seen John driving away from the school building and jokingly we cursed him for abandoning us and having to arrange cover sessions for the students.

I got myself ready for the morning and by then other staff had arrived and I inform them that I had seen John and again question whether he'd be with us for the morning at the school. It would have been almost 08:20 by this time.

I exit a classroom and see John walk over to his room with his bag. I called out "where were going earlier" to which he replied "when?"

I state recall passing him in the street and waving at him and he waving back. John appeared to very confused with what I was saying and was adamant that it was not him that I'd seen. I smiled at him and my words were "yeah whatever" but he stated that he driven straight here and that he had only just arrived. John appeared genuinely as confused as I was.

After this revelation I began to feel quite uneasy. I walked back into my room and began to go through the details: same car, the right colour and the fact that it WAS John that I had seen made it no easier to comprehend.

I thought about it the whole day on and off but it was only later in the evening that I began to question the occurance more. If wasn't John who was it? Because it was definitely made to appear in his guise. I then thought of the phenomena of Doppelgangers and this led me to more questions. Looking back the 'John' was very insistent that I see him i.e. Beep his horn with his window down and looking directly at me and waving if anything a bit too animated.

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lyss21 (guest)
6 years ago (2017-11-09)
I've seen a doppelganger onetime and it was a doppelganger of my youngest brother. My friend told me it is a evil spirit but to me "not quite sure"
villafan (2 stories) (5 posts)
6 years ago (2017-11-02)
Evening Limey
I wish I was off to see Michelle Pfeiffer Ha!
Maybe it was her brummie sister?
On a serious note. Its not something my collegue would have done, he's a straight up guy. I've past the spot on numerous occasions since and half expect to experience another dose of weirdness.
Limey (3 stories) (32 posts)
6 years ago (2017-10-30)
Thanks for the clarification Villafan. The roundabout is pretty much the way I visualized it. Maybe a bit larger.

Here's what happened. Your friend and his car were squeezed out of the roundabout at the wrong exit (heavy traffic and maybe he was distracted). He's on the wrong road, heading away from school, planning to get back on track as soon as possible, when he sees you on your bike, traveling in the opposite direction, en route to school. He makes a point of acknowledging you, just to make a joke out of your obvious realization that he's heading away from school. According to your timeline he has plenty of time to make it to school in time for his first class and to say hello to you.

"Me? No mate, you must be mistaken." He's either pulling your leg or he was on his way to meet Michelle Pfeifer.
RANDYM (2 stories) (266 posts)
6 years ago (2017-10-29)

Thanks for your input
I always forget to look and see the part about if the OP will or will not participate. I'm always wondering why put a story on here and then not be willing to discuss? Those make me think that some just want to toss up a story.
I will at least give credit to the OP on this one.
In spite of stating they wouldn't be relying, at least they came back to try and clarify points in their story

Have a great day
villafan (2 stories) (5 posts)
6 years ago (2017-10-28)
Hello Ygs members.
I stated that I wasn't going to partake in a discussion about the events that happened in my story but on reflection i'll clear up a few points
1 The car was travelling at a crawling speed so I was able to see it and the driver very clearly
2 The vehicle is familiar to me as I have been in it as a passenger on numerous occasions
3 There was no reason for my colleague to pretend that he didn't see me. I've known the person in question for over 13 years.
4 The 'double' appeared to mock me if that makes sense but this wasn't apparent until after I had experienced the incident.
5 This incident occured on the ascent of the Gravelly Hill turn off from the Salford Bridge in Erdington Bham.
The event confuses me to this day. I too have heard of doppelgangers but seeing the vehicle also makes it more perplexing. Can a vehicle be recreated? Why did I see this 'double'? Was it some kind of time travel? I still can't figure it.
Melda (10 stories) (1363 posts)
6 years ago (2017-10-28)
RANDYM - My thoughts on this are very similar to yours but I didn't bother to comment as you will note that the OP will not be reading the comments. Frustrating, not so? I would also like him to clear up a few points.

Regards, Melda
RANDYM (2 stories) (266 posts)
6 years ago (2017-10-28)
Hello Villifan and welcome

The doppelgänger phenomenon is interesting indeed
Here is what I find different about your case

In most stories I have read about them the doppelgänger seems to
'keep to itself" so to speak. It got my attention that this one really was so active in wanting you to see it. At least it seems that way to me. This is also the first I have heard of one operating a vehicle. Do you remember what type of car? Could you ask your co worker to see his to see if it's the same

I reallly like this experience you have shared but it really has me at a loss

Thanks for the read
Limey (3 stories) (32 posts)
6 years ago (2017-10-27)
Hi villafan; this is an unusual story. An event that you will probably never forget. Your words seem to suggest that you are a teacher, and as such, probably a keen observer of human mannerisms and appearances. From what you've written, there seem to me to be three possibilities that might explain your experience:

1. The obvious one is that your colleague should not have been driving where you saw him, for some personal reason that he didn't want to share. He possibly momentarily overlooked this fact and spontaneously wanted to say hello.

2. You were mistaken. It wasn't him. This is a very unlikely scenario in view of the fact that you are convinced it was him and he clearly recognized you too.

3. You saw a doppelganger. There are two of him and we can't explain it.

I am curious about the commonplace location of the event at a roundabout. I have a picture in my mind of the two cars passing each other in the opposite direction. Would you mind providing us with the location of the roundabout? I have a general recollection of the geography of the UK and I'd like to see it on Google Earth.

Thanks for this story villafan. Excellent.

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