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Waving Shadow Person


DATE: This occurred in Texas in June 2017 - approximately at midnight

SETTING: I had a pelvic injury one week prior to this experience and was icing the injury while in bed. I was sober before and during the experience - not even over-the-counter pain medications. I was on my cell phone at the time

EXPERIENCE: I was scrolling through Instagram before bed with the only major light source coming from the phone. To better understand the environment, I have black-out windows, however, an incredibly small amount of light from a tall light post outside is able to reach in, slightly illuminating my ceiling. Also, when cars outside pass, the headlight is visible to track across my ceiling as the car drives on.

I needed to adjust the icepack, so I lay my phone facedown, which created pitch darkness while my eyes were adjusting. As I was unraveling the towel from around the icepack, my eyes unconsciously began following a large shadow moving diagonally across one corner of my ceiling and disappeared into the other corner, and then another that followed, another, and another, as if it were a long line. Placing and adjusting the icepack on the bruise now without the towel, I realized, after following about four shadows, that what my eyes were following across the ceiling was unfamiliar and absolutely insane. At this time I peaked out of the window to find nothing outside, laid back down, and readjusted the icepack once more. My eyes were pealed as I placed the blanket over my mouth watching them pass. The shadows were extremely tall and wide, however I never saw feet - about 5 ft tall and 3 ft wide. Appeared to be wearing a trench coat, and I only say this because I did not see arms or hands - just a head and shoulders and the body seemed to cut off at the hips. No hair on their heads. They seemed much more light or fuzzier than a dense human casted shadow and moved quite slow. Gliding movements, no bounce from walking - no steps were being taken. Each one that passed through looked the exact same and they did not seem to notice me.

A separate shadow appeared on the ceiling perpendicular to me while the larger shadows continued to walk (they walked the entire time). This one much smaller and slightly more dense, but the same "tench coat" body and a head. He appeared from a darker ceiling corner closest to above my head. This shadow did notice me. At this point my eyes widened more, but breathing was neutral since I became comfortable watching the larger shadows walk for about two minutes; I did put a slight pressure on my mouth with the blanket covering it. He remain in the same position on the ceiling for a few seconds before moving more to the center of my vision. So, I was looking straight up at the shadow who was on my ceiling but it was horizontal instead of upright. The shadow lifted an arm and I saw each of its long fingers move separately as it waved to me. Insanely creepy, I actually felt comfort. I poked my hand out from under the blanket and I waved and smirked at the shadow above me. I put my hand back under the blanket and removed the blanket covering my mouth; at this point I was not afraid. The shadow slowly moved toward the window, which made seeing him more clear as he was in more light, and stayed for a few seconds before moving back to the darker corner it first appeared out of. The shadow then appeared to lay with me which raised my heart rate again. I literally scooted over out of respect. At this moment the larger shadows in line have stopped walking and it was only the interactive smaller shadow and I. It was with me for approximately 5 minutes. There was no pressure on my bed; I could not feel anything physically lay on my bed. It only leaned back on to the wall instead of the ceiling. I rubbed my eyes and grabbed my cell phone illuminating the room again. I turned the light off and all shadows were gone. I stayed awake for two hours waiting to see them again as well as researching into shadow people, but none showed.

THE NEXT DAY: I woke up the next day and went to turn on the lamp on my nightstand only to find that the bulb was blown out. I went to the laundry room and grabbed a new lightbulb. Taking the old bulb out, I placed the new one in and as I was screwing it in, the lightbulb blew with a loud bang - not the glass. This blew out the fuse and all power shut off in only my room. My mother heard this and helped reset the breakers, turn the power on, and give my yet another new bulb. I couldn't help but to laugh as I took it as a joke from the harmless shadow people.

BACKGROUND: I am a 21 year old full-time nursing student. I graduated high school at 16 years old. I am extremely physically active and vegan. I never thought I experienced anything like this before, and I never believed in anything of this nature until now. I was Christian for 10 years, became non-religious, and then became agnostic after that.

When I was younger I slept with a nightlight or closet light on, and in the middle of the night, I would venture into my parents room and sleep with them for most nights of the week. My sister and I had rooms upstairs and my parent's room was downstairs. One night, as I made my routine travel to their room, I stepped out of my doorway and glanced over the rail to find an extremely large man standing in our living room. He was a complete pitch black shadow, but this man appeared real, as if someone broke into our home. The two quick steps I took out of my room took me about 10 minutes to inch my way back through my doorway. I was drenched in sweat head to toe and my heart racing as I watched his stiff body stand in the middle of our living room. He did not move the entire time. I do not know if he was watching me because I could not tell if he was facing me or not - he was pitch black. This man had legs and arms. At the time, he did not seem safe or friendly and I was an extremely terrified child. Once I made it in my room, I remained silent but took wider slow steps toward my bed aiming for the bad-guy-shielding blankets, of course, and once under them, I did not uncover myself until I woke up the next day. I told my parents hysterically crying from fear and they both did believe me, but there were no signs of a break in, nothing stolen, and all doors were locked. That entire year we mentioned the break in, and it has been brought up extremely few times in our adult years as well.

I am just now realizing that I have always been able to see shadow people and they have never been afraid or uncomfortable with my presence and with being in my direct field of vision. What does this mean? I have absolutely no idea. But I ordered an Ouija Board, which will arrive in a couple weeks. I hope to experience something while experimenting with a board for the first time. I hope my experience and history enlightens or helps you.

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Toby (2 stories) (14 posts)
6 years ago (2017-12-08)
Like the others said, the Ouija board is a bad idea. They can invite anything in, even demons. But enough of that, like you I have had encounters with Shadow People and only one has seemed to notice me. And although yours and mine do not seem violent, be careful. There are others out there that have had violent encounters with Shadow People.
Maelstrom (23 posts)
6 years ago (2017-11-29)
As others have commented, do not use the Oujia board. Search for Oujia on here, read their experiences, none are good. If you want to talk to your spirits, use the recorder on your phone. Also use lavender scented candles or potpourri. Never taunt them or show anger, another recipe for disaster. Other names for Oujia are Spirit board and Witch board.
Melda (10 stories) (1363 posts)
7 years ago (2017-11-21)
BLUEBONNET - Please, please cancel the ouija board 😨 Even if you think you know what you are doing, those things can be highly unpredictable and dangerous. Enough from me on that subject, I'm sure others will tell you the same.

The shadow people sound a bit scary but also quite intriguing. I have never encountered shadow people but from what I have read and heard they are normally pretty harmless. Don't take my word on that, it's only an impression I personally have gained.

If you feel uncomfortable with the activity in your home, have it blessed (according to your religious beliefs) or do a thorough cleansing, which can be non-religious. Rookdygin has a good cleansing ritual on this site, which is popular amongst a number of the members.

Regards, Melda
Zombiemare13 (1 stories) (10 posts)
7 years ago (2017-11-21)
Eep! You will probably end up w something scary... I hope you don't. I do understand wanting to poke at it a little because it's just too weird that spirits are actually real but we've all heard the horror stories lol
If you are going to do it just be as careful as you can. Good luck🙂
MarbleMae (6 posts)
7 years ago (2017-11-20)
Bruh don't use a Ouija board! Those r like the #1 thing you're not supposed to use! I've heard that they have no filter, so u can basically invite any spirit into your home/conversation, even if you were looking for a specific spirit!

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