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The Thing In My Room (or Ex-room)


A bit of background of my rooms and who occupied which room at that timeline.

We lived (and still living) in a 4 room HDB flat in the eastern part of Singapore.

There is this room next to the corridor, facing the main road, which was my late Grandaunt's room before she was placed in an elderly care home which is a walkable distance away from our block. After she had passed on, my grandmother moved into that room. And after she passed on last year, I moved in and am still living in it with my new helper.

Across my new bedroom, was my old bedroom.

Before all the moving, That room had 4 occupants.

My grandmother, me, my 2nd sister and a helper.

After the passing of both my grandaunt and grandmother,

And after the 2nd move, that bedroom became my 2nd sis & my youngest sis's bedroom.

And before my youngest sis moved in that room, she slept in my parents' room.

Now moving on to the background of my family, who somehow had quite an affinity with the supernatural side.

First of all, I have an Aunt who is a Tâng-ki.

"A Tâng-ki or jitong is a person believed to have been chosen by a particular shen 神 "god; spirit" as the earthly vehicle for divine expression. The Chinese differentiate a wu 巫 "shaman; healer; spirit medium" who gains control of forces in the spirit world versus a tongji who appears to be entirely under the control of forces in the spirit world." - Wikipedia

And then I have another Aunt who has the '3rd eye'. (But she is not important to this story... And our life... Sorry but not sorry.)

Both my dad and I has some kind of prediction like dreams.

And my youngest sister, she is used to seeing shadow figures.

Anyways, back to the story.

My youngest sis, she had depression and there is this time she almost lost her life from overdosing.

She told me that she was losing conscious and everything seems cold and dark. Like she is falling into a dark and deep pit of nothingness.

Then she felt this warm feeling... Like someone trying to pull her up. It told her not to let go and try to stay awake. (That was when she is staying in my parents's room, and yes, my parents didn't know she tried to kill herself until I found out when I stole her diary to read because I saw that she wasn't herself that day.)

At that time, we were all around her and trying to wake her up. (Because I told them about it and warn them that she might have done something because she suddenly decides to sleep earlier.)

Anyways, she did wake up. Thank goodness.

After this whole incident, she told us that when she opened her eyes, she saw a shadow figure with a hat sitting at the corner of her bed (we were all there but didn't sense or see a thing).

She said she felt that it was that figure who 'pulled' her back.

We speculated that it may be our grandfather.

Fast forward to recently...

One day, she was in her room (which is my old bedroom) she saw that shadow figure again. This time, she said it started to 'live' inside one of her BJD (Ball joint doll).

My 2nd sis was freaked out as she sleeps in the same room as her.

So my youngest sis told our parents and say that she think she needs to talk to our Aunt (The Tâng-ki).

I didn't go with them the day they see her. But they told me this;

That this spirit/being was living in our room for years.

It was 'invited' here by one of our helper in the past and didn't know how to 'send it back'.

Its not a malicious one infact it is the one who helped my sister when she was about to slip off.

The shadow figures she saw at our house is that thing.

My sister told me maybe it wants to go 'back' to wherever it originated from because a few days before she saw that figure again in her doll, she saw an injured bird and was overcame with a feeling of need to help it and bring it back home. She knows that she couldn't bring it back to our home so she fed the bird and lead it back to the grassy patch so it can find its own way back.

Perhaps the only way is for my sister to tell my aunt and then she will help to get some amulet and advice my father to do some cleansing to 'send it back'.

So anyways, my dad did the cleansing method prescribed by my aunt and it went back to wherever it supposed to be.

My sister had not seen it since.

But I am curious... Why it didn't reach out to me or my 2nd sister... Or maybe it did but we didn't know...

And maybe the sleep paralysis that we had were caused by it? (Because I don't really have it when I moved room).

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the22centuryboi (2 stories) (25 posts)
4 years ago (2019-03-10)
Hello Thirteenstars15,

Nice story. It has been seen that psychic abilities like other abilities run in families. Maybe one day, when we understand the DNA further we would be able to answer why it is so. I am sorry to hear that your sister attempted suicide. Entities are drawn to emotions and I am sure your sister must have had a lot of emotions going through her mind when she attempted suicide. So that may answer why the entity was seen and felt by your sister only. And in cases, it maybe something that binds your sister with the entity. Maybe the entity was from somebody who committed suicide and repented later. In a way, the entity maybe fulfilling its task on earth. Some of the questions I have though. Why did the helper invite in the entity? How was the entity not malicious? Was it invited with a malicious intent? I am not sure you got all the answers from your aunt. And I am glad your sister is getting better. Do reply when you have the time. Cheers.
ThirteenStars15 (3 stories) (31 posts)
5 years ago (2018-01-25)
[at] Jubeele
Sorry for the late reply!
For the 1st question, 善財童子 (I think at aged 3) Because I realized that there are mediums that host the same deity but at different ages... (Its very confusing for me as well...)

Yeah... Thank goodness I realize it... Hmm but the deity said that its not the spirit of my grandfather but its that 'thing' in the room.
(I think it realized that my sister is more sensitive than both me and the 2nd sis so it showed itself to her)

Hmm... After I left the room, I rarely have any sleep paralysis... But both my sisters continue to experience it...

As for cleansing... I think my aunt asked my dad to burn some amulet and use the water and sprinkle in every corner of the house and sprinkle some raw rice (He didn't tell me what he do and my parents told us not to ask, I know about the raw rice because he asked my current helper to prepare some and when I got home after work... Let's say I stepped on a lot of raw rice that day and found some on the corner of my bed)

Yeah my youngest sis is getting better now...

:)) Once again sorry for the late reply.
Jubeele (25 stories) (882 posts)
5 years ago (2017-11-23)
Hi 13***15, what a fascinating family background. As a young girl in Singapore, I've seen spirit mediums (乩童 jītóng) in action during traditional festivals. These ancient observations are of Taoist origin, dating back to about 5,000 years. I know certain abilities can run in families to varying degrees. I think of it as being born with special sensitivities, like having a spiritual 'antenna'. May I respectfully ask which deity does your aunt follow?

Thank goodness you were alert to your sister's condition! Maybe the spirit entity chose to contact her because she was the youngest and the one most in need of help at the time. Her ability to see shadow figures may also have made it easier for the spirit of your grandfather (?) to reach out and pull her back from the brink.

So can I confirm that your sisters experienced these 'disturbances' after they swapped rooms with you?

I'm not sure if your previous SP episodes had anything to do with that spirit entity. Perhaps there were some attempts by the spirit to communicate with you at the time but were not successful, due to other issues like your sleep apnea. I wonder if there was some miscommunication and that was another reason why you were so frightened in your other room. Perhaps your second sister wasn't receptive at the time either? Just guessing at this though.

My folks have always believed that shielding and cleansing rituals are important to protect those more vulnerable to the spirits. I'm curious about what your aunt suggested to your father. What was the cleansing method she recommended?

I hope your youngest sister has recovered well and is receiving good care for everything that has been troubling her. She sounds like a caring soul with strong empathy for those in need.

As a precaution, do remind your current helper not to dabble with the spirits. She will be found out in your household!

Thanks for the update. Always glad to hear from you. 😊

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