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Strange Growling Sound


I would like to share my gratitude to finding this sight. I enjoyed reading other peoples experiences and would like to share one of mine.

I have to first share that growing up, I was not brought up with religion or spiritualism. I will say that now, I am spiritual as I have come into my own spiritual beliefs and practices. It was the late 80's when this experience happened to me. I had just returned from a trip overseas for a school function. I was in my early teens and feeling pretty invincible. I'm sure everyone can relate to this feeling at this age. While on this school function overseas, my friends and I decided to play with a DIY ouija board. Since we did not have an actual ouija board with us on the trip, we cut out alphabets letters and numbers and taped it along the edges of the circular table provided by the hotel. The cut-outs were randomly placed around the table so that if it were an actually spirit communicating with us, they would have to move the glass cup (this was our planchet) rather than having one of us move the glass cup based on remembering where the alphabet letters and numbers were taped. We did not know to call upon protection and ask for higher level spirits to come to us for communication. We called (more like yelled) for a spirit to come and communicate with us using the DIY board. That being said, we communicated with a lower level spirit that moved the glass cup to the correct alphabet letters to spell out messages. I would describe this lower level spirit to be nasty as it cursed, swore at us and told use that we were going to die repeatedly. After we were done, I didn't think much of this experience and thought it was amusing. Looking back at this experience now, I would say that we attracted that type of spirit as our energy most likely matched its energy. As above, so below.

Going back to my experience, I just returned home from the airport and was in bed as I had jet lag. The time was early morning around 10 am to 11 am. I recall that I woke up from my sleep for some strange reason. I believe I was in that state where you are both asleep and awake at the same time. To me, I call this state my "dead state" as it feels like I am dead, devoid of any energy but still conscious. My eyes were still closed and I could hear my father outside cutting the yard with the weedwacker. I remember that I wanted to go back to sleep since I was still tired but the sound of the weedwacker was inhibiting me to fall back to sleep.

While laying in bed still with my eyes closed I then heard this really strange sound. It was a deep growing sound. It did not sound like any animal that I could recognize. It sounded unearthly. This growl started off soft then became louder and louder as if it was coming closer to me. The closest to this growling sound that I can relate too is from the movie Ghost. At the end of the film, the villain (Carl) dies and his spirit is dragged away by growling, black spirits. The growling sound made by these black spirits is 90% similar to the sound that I heard while I was sleeping. Note, that the movie Ghost was released in 7/13/1990 and this experience happened to me two years prior to the release of this film.

I remember being scared since I did not know what was making this hideous sound. Eventually the growling sound slowly dissipated and I was scared. I tried to ration what could have made that unearthly sound and eventually succumbed to my jet lag.

To this day, I am still unable to determine whether this experience was factually or if I imagined it entirely. I have had other encounters of the unseen variety but not the same experience of this growling sound.

Has anyone else experienced something similar? I'd be interested to know.

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lady-glow (13 stories) (2880 posts)
4 years ago (2017-11-22)
I think the growling you heard that morning was a telepathic cussing from the poor housekeeper of the hotel having to remove the taped alphabet letters from the table.😈

Did any of your friends experience anything similar?

In my opinion, there's not enough information in your narrative as to say if the growling was paranormal or if you mistook a normal noise in your half asleep-half awake state.

Thanks for sharing.

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