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My Timeline Of Experiences (2)


After witnessing the gigantic dog was when I became increasingly sensitive. I'd see sporadic miniature orbs of light of all colours about my room (which I believe to be the nymphs I used to play with and build mud stick houses for as a child), I was never scared of these little lights, I remember feeling warm and comforted and honoured upon seeing them.

Another thing that began to happen almost immediately were the footsteps around the house and the sound of dishes being stacked. Both happenings began after midnight and I used to think it was just mum, until I investigated to see nobody in the hallway and no one in the kitchen, at all except an overwhelming feeling of being watched. It scared me at first, but once I saw through the fear I was pretty excited to wake up during the night to hear the ruckus going on. I was the only one to ever hear it, however.

The most odd thing of all though was the static. For as long as I can remember, I've always seen what I can only describe as 'TV static', just... In the air, everywhere, as if the air is a container full of static, or as if some kind of static filter over my eyes. Anyhow, this static became so increasingly prominent that it was scaring me. Mum always knew about the static and told me it was a gift, but I mean, it got so bad that I had to get my eyes tested because I felt as though I couldn't see through this thick static, but was pointless as nothing was ever found to be wrong with my eyes.

I eventually got used to the static, and only became thick when I concentrated on it. I found that I could make shapes too if I concentrated enough, and sometimes I would idly watch it as it flowed around almost like a ribbon would if it was spun around. However I stopped watching the static, as people would take form in it and freak me out.

It's so hard to explain what this static even is, but apparently they call it 'visual snow' and it baffles researchers, probably because they're looking at it much too scientifically, heh. The universe is a vast and mysterious place that we can't possibly understand on just logical and scientific explanations alone.

I've grown to like this static, it's actually pretty cool to know you're different! But anyway, moving on from that, I remember vividly not too long after all this happening that there was a black out, and right as the lights went out there was a loud shuffling around my room which sounded like claws dragging against the carpet. Whatever it was, it was fast, and came scuttling closer and closer until I felt a small clawed hand grab my wrist, but let go when I screamed. I slept with the covers pulled up and a torch on full blast for the rest of the night.

Never had an incident like that again but I have always been wary of blackouts since. And since that happened was when I began to feel watched. It was especially frightening one night when I had a very vivid dream that I still remember almost perfectly.

In the dream I was sitting on the couch, not doing anything in particular until my attention was drawn to the window, it was gloomy and grey outside, not a colour in sight actually, and very overcast. I felt drawn to go out there, and as I did I see my mum talking to her friend just at the end of the property. When they noticed me slowly making my way over, they screamed and shouted "Laura no! Stay back!" over and over, but I couldn't stop, and as I keep walking I was struck by lightning.

Everything went white and I heard screaming and the frightening clap of thunder. I shot up in bed, out of breath and heart pounding, my vision was filled with blotches of white and I could still hear the screaming and thunder! I was shaking, I was in too much shock to cry.

And as I went to run off to mum's room, right in my doorway is the tallest black figure I have ever seen, just stood there! It's black hand/claw curled around my door frame, so I slammed the door on it! And bolted back to the safety of my bed covers. I was so terrified, all could feel coming off that shadow dude was pure dread and hatred, but mostly evil. It was so evil. Nightmares were common after that, mainly of being chased, or of black figures.

I have waaaay too many experiences, so, sorry if this was too long!:)

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Rex-T (5 stories) (288 posts)
4 years ago (2018-02-17)

So good to know you're still out there and you're travelling around. The Dandenongs used to be a center for 'Arts and Crafts' when I was down there (many years ago). I do remember visiting Ballarat and its gardens were beautiful.

As for Nabiac, it had the highest fatal car accident rate of any town on the Pacific Highway. My surfing buddy (ambulance officer) and me (surf lifesaver) would stop and render assistance at some horrific head on car accidents, always just before Nabiac on a straight part of the highway. I would not be surprised to learn of lost spirits roaming the neighboring countryside.

My fear of the lightning and thunder dream was overcome by finding out all I could on the phenomena and now fear has been replaced by fascination.

If you are into reading a good short story on line, look up 'The Color Out of Space' by HP Lovecraft but not before publishing Part 3.

bbqcthulhu (2 stories) (3 posts)
4 years ago (2018-02-17)
Rex-T! 😊
And I hope the same for you! 2018 for me has been quite eventful, recently turned 21, been searching for places to move around Victoria, and amongst all that I've been making and selling crystal wands. 😊

Yes, the experiences centre around the house in Nabiac. I've been trying to find history behind the land but it's such a small rrural town, I can't find much info.

They're pretty horrifying dreams, I hope you don't experience it ever again!
I have no idea what the dream meant but I presume the entity that hung around the property was giving me my nightmares.

I'll get to writing it just now, sorry to keep you waiting! 😁
Rex-T (5 stories) (288 posts)
5 years ago (2018-01-01)
Hi bbqcthulhu,

Hope 2018 has found you fit and well (wealthy wouldn't hurt either).

Did all of your part 2 experiences happen at the house near Buladelah or follow you from one residence to another? Just trying to figure out if centered on you or the house.

The lightning and thunder dream I've had (a few times). Twice with the sound still rolling after I've woken up. I had a sense of being hunted but I'm no dream interpreter.

Hope you are going to write and post a Part 3.


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