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Violent Spirits And Possible Demons


For as long as I can remember my house has been haunted. This is a record of mine and other's experiences, though most are mine since the others tend to dismiss them, they don't believe in ghosts.

Red-Eyes - So, when I was about five I woke in the middle of the night from a nightmare, I had never had one before or since. I knew I was awake because I had fallen out of my bed, and like any kid I headed to my parent's room. So I turn to leave and above my doorway are these giant, glowing red eyes just looking at me. So I run to my parents room. Looking back now I know that it was a supernatural creature, but at the time I, for some reason, told my Mom my brother was spying on me. I haven't seen them since.

My brother was possessed - This is a experience from my parents. When I was young my brother was a dick, so to try to get him to respect us girls more, and I don't know why she thought that this would work, my Mom painted Bible verses on his wall. She said that as soon as my brother entered the room he started screaming that it hurt and to take them off. We asked her why she didn't think that he was acting and she said that he seemed to be in actual pain and eventually stop fighting and just laid there. I don't know if it worked because I was too young to remember and my parents said no more on the matter.

The Caretaker - From this ghost I get more the feeling of protectiveness than malice. My parents fight a lot so I have some trouble falling asleep scared what might happen, this first happened after one of the fights. I was in my bed, a bunk bed, and you could feel the tension in the house. I was facing the wall when I felt a hand on my hair, almost petting me. Thinking it was my mom, I rolled over but no one was there. This has happened repeatedly for years now, even when there hasn't been a fight. Since this is all there is on this one I won't update every time it happens, only if something changes.

The Face - This is something my sister experienced but came to me straight after. She was in my parents bathroom taking a selfie, since she says that there is better lighting in there. She was alone but when she looks at the picture there was a face above her right shoulder. When she showed it to me I noted that the face seem to be of a man, but was twisted in agony. I got a definite sense of malice just from the picture. I will try to get her to send me the picture if she still has it. She denied it being a ghost, saying that it was just a reflection of herself, but last I checked she wasn't a man.

The Dancing Man - Just a few months ago I was on my bed with my cat when I noticed her staring at something in the direction of my parents room. Following her gaze I saw someone peeking around their doorway. It was tall but completely covered in shadows, I wouldn't have noticed it if it was completely still, but he was making this weird move, peering around the doorframe then crouching and moving out of sight, all in one fluid motion. I know what you are going to say, it was someone from your family, but it wasn't. My brother was in the bathroom right near my room, my older sister was at work, my little sister was in her room and I would have seen her leave because her doorway was right next to mine, and my Mom was asleep and would also be too short to be the man anyway. I thought it was my Dad, but then he came out of the room and walked right past the thing. I don't know if it was the same being that was in my sister's picture, but I haven't seen it since.

The Passing Shadow - I was in my room with the door semi-closed, leaving enough space to see out of. Out of the corner of my eye I see a shadow pass by then go back the way it came. I thought it was my little sister going to the bathroom to grab something. Because of the way the rooms are arranged, the room my older sister and I share is at the end of a hallway with my little sister on one side with the bathroom on the other. The shadow was child sized so it couldn't have been my brother who is over 6 feet tall. Then I see it pass by again doing the same thing as before, it repeats this pattern a few times and I was starting to get annoyed. When my little sister came to get me for dinner I told her to stop walking in front of my door. She replied that she had been downstairs the whole time. I now keep the door fully open or shut.

December 16, 2017: Even though I've had strange things happen to me: from ghosts to demons and possible possession, I have never had something talk to me. Yes I tried using a voice recording app that was supposed to let ghost speak to me, but I couldn't tell if it was real or not so I didn't pay any attention. But recently things have been worse, I would be walking downstairs and hear the TV on, but once I got down there it was off and no one was around. I keep seeing balls of different colored light; one of which was human shaped and was STANDING IN MY MIRROR! I also keep seeing shadows, but now I am seriously freaked. I was out on a walk and even though it was only about 6, it was dark and I was alone. I was listening to music and suddenly I thought I heard someone breathing, but since no one else was around I brushed it off as wind. But just a few minutes later I was listening to Adele's song Hello and right before she starts singing I hear a very deep and kind of robotic voice tell me to 'Go die'. I was startled and rewound the song in case someone had messed with the audio, but the voice wasn't there. So I have no idea what is going on and if whatever spirits are following me are becoming violent I need help. My family doesn't believe me, so does anyone have any suggestion for what I should do?

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Toby (2 stories) (14 posts)
6 years ago (2018-01-17)
Thank your for your help. I will try to get my family to agree to a cleansing. I have tried to look up the history of my house, but not ever came up. And apparently when we first moved in my mom told any negative spirits to 'get out'. Thank you. 😊

Yes my mom thought my brother, I only have one, was possessed: but she believes in the devil, not ghosts. So she thought that whatever was in the house had left. Note that this was before Red Eyes so it might be connected. And the journal is a good idea. That is actually where this is from; a goggle doc where I have been recording anything that happens. I shared it because things have gotten worse. I have been really sick on and off for over a year and a few weeks ago, when I was on a walk, I was told to 'go die' but I was completely alone. Thank you for your help. 😁
Jubeele (26 stories) (897 posts)
6 years ago (2017-12-27)
Hi Toby, priya has given you some good suggestions; in particular Rook's cleansing ritual, which is meant to rid unwelcome entities and leave only the ones who mean no harm. However, if your family doesn't agree to cleansing the entire house, you can still do it for your own room. Then set a personal shield for yourself.

To counter negative energies, I also burn sage, followed by sandalwood incense. My parents burned frankincense when I was troubled by spirits as a child. Another ritual from my folks was to wash the feet on entering the house. The idea is that this breaks the trail for any spirits following you home. Also, it's a cleansing ritual using water.

I'm puzzled why your family doesn't believe you or at least listen to your concerns. Didn't your Mom think your brother was "possessed" at one time? Was that the same brother you were talking about in relation to the creature with Red Eyes?

Since there's a lot of activity in your house, perhaps you should start a journal to track the different events to get a better understanding of what's going on.

I hope you'll find what's been suggested helpful. Please let us know how you go. Be Safe and Well. 😊
priya- (1 stories) (19 posts)
6 years ago (2017-12-27)
hello Toby,
If all experiences you mentioned occurred in same house and experienced by not just you but by family members too then this indicates that there is something negative attached with the house.

Please do house cleansing. It would be good if your family agrees to do the cleansing so you could call priest or any such authority as per your religion to perform rituals at home. Otherwise, try house cleansing and shielding as per given by rookdygin on their profile -

Do you know history of your house? Try to get as much details as possible. It would help understanding nature of spirits/entities troubling you.

As said by many users in earlier posts, many times talking helps solving problems.
Tell those spirits that house belong to you now, and you have no intention to move out. Negative energies are not allowed in your home and in your life. Tell those entities that its time they should leave the house and go to their realm for further journey.
Pray loud for those entities, that they may get peace, justice and direction to their own realm. Pray loud for your-self that you only wish to get positive and bright energies in your life.

Hope this will help.
Thank you.

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