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A bit of background to this... When I was younger I spent a lot of time with my Great Grandmother, or Little Nan as I always called her. I used to spend most weekends at her house, we did pretty much everything together on a weekend up until she passed.

Anyway, she used to ALWAYS use Deep Heat and I remember absolutely hating the smell of it but she would make me rub it on her shoulder, which I begrudgingly did.

When my Little Nan passed away, I was still quite young, I think around 10/11 possibly, it's hard to remember as I'm now 27 years old. However a few weeks after she passed I remember being at home with my Mum and every time my mum left the room I would get the smell of Deep Heat, quite strongly. I asked my Mum to come in and out of the room a few times (much to her annoyance) and it happened every time, my Mum couldn't smell it however. I asked if she had used Deep Heat or anything that would smell like it, she was adamant she hadn't and said she'd always hated the smell of that stuff. It happened a few times after this too but the occurrences were always spaced out by a few years. I've had a few strange experiences over the years but this one has always stuck in my mind due to how close I was with her, it's quite funny really seeing as I hated the smell of that stuff, but over the years this happened I actually grew to like it. Maybe just because it reminded me of her.

Could it be my Little Nan stopping by to say hello? She would have been 101 this year, maybe she just doesn't want me to forget her?

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Kerry0501 (guest)
6 years ago (2018-02-22)
At my grandparents old house where I lived most of my life. When I was younger my great Grandad used to smoke a pipe and anyways when he passed many years later. I not anyone else could smell the pipe and I always thought and said hi great Grandad. I wonder if he's still around the house or moved in my Grandparents new house well they moved 6 years ago. I miss my great Grandads they where the only great Grandads I met as the great granny's died before I was born: (x
truffles (1 stories) (9 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-14)
Pretty sure it is her just checking up on you and letting you know she is still around. My daddy passed in 1999 and he was only 48 years old. My daddy used to wear Pleasures for men cologne. It has a very distinctive smell. I would know it anywhere. Every so often I smell that smell out of no where. It is always when I am alone and the smell is so over powering until it almost takes my breathe. I know its my daddy and start talking to him and telling him everything I can think of that I would tell him if he were alive. The smell slowly fades away as I am talking to him. Its a wonderful feeling. Almost like a gift.

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