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Loku Mamma <3


This is my second story. In my first story (I told you so!) I mentioned that I saw my grand mothers spirit and she started communicating with me in my dreams and black kittens. We call our grand mother "Loku" Mamma. Loku means big in Sinhala language. The first spirit that I ever encountered was Loku Mamma. She passed away when I was 16 or 17 years old. Loku mamma passed unexpectedly leaving all her children and grand children in tears because she is one of those cool fun grannys!

This story is going to be a little long and I'm trying my best to make it short with all the details. It is best if I could describe Loku Mamma a little. She is an Eurasian (Her father is British and her mom is south Indian) She lived in her fathers tea plantation in Keppitipola (A small village in Uva province) until she passed. The tea estate is huge and I don't know how many acres. There were tiny wood patches in the estate. US grand children were always on the trees plucking mangoes, Guava and various other fruits, playing Tarzan and doing all the crazies. She passed when she was in her mid 60's. Since she was an Eurasian she was not a typical Sri Lankan granny. I don't want to explain what is a typical grand mother means I will explain Loku Mammas character, What I meant by "typical" means total opposite of Loku Mamma.

Loku Mamma is fun, She would let us girls wear shorts and run around, Climb trees, Eat whatever we like, shout, scream and fight, and sometimes during Christmas Loku Mamma would buy us a bottle of wine. And her boy Grand Children, She always let them run wild. She enjoyed us being happy and free. She's very short 4.8ft, dark skin, and black hair (She got the looks of her mother). Typical granny means the opposite of Loku Mamma, A granny always prevent children having fun! Who says No all the time! And use the phrase "Those days we never did this and that bleh bleh bleh" Grumpy from head to toe (SRI LANKANS I THINK YOU KNOW WHAT KIND OF A GRANNY I'M TALKING ABOUT) No offence I know we all love our grannys no matter how they are!

So loku mamma apart from being Loku Mamma used to conduct a children's program, where she teach the native children English every Saturday morning. She love helping the less fortunate especially children. So these children get Free English lessons, two meals and snacks, stationary and clothes from Loku Mamma. She loved what she did and loved those innocent children. She also loved gardening and animals. She had 7 dogs, 2 cats and US! She used to pray every night before going to bed and write her diary! She sometimes spend time going through old photographs. She's a simple fun loving Grand mother. Enough of how awesome she was coz words are not enough to describe her. Sadly let me explain how she passed because it's important.

Before I moved to Colombo I used to live in Kandy with my parents and during school holidays on a Wednesday I called Loku Mamma and said that we will be visiting her on Friday and we are planning to spend the whole vacation with her (almost 3 weeks). She seemed fine and excited to see us. On Thursday morning my uncle (My mothers younger brother) called my mom and said that Loku Mamma is not well and that she has fever and she has a bad cough. Uncle said he's taking her to the doctor. We were worried but was not worried enough to take off one day earlier. On Thursday night uncle called again and said she was admitted to the hospital and she is VERY SICK! She have started shaking badly so the doctors had to tie her to the bed, she had high fever and a bad cough and she couldn't breath properly. She have cried out for her children and grand children.

Me and Loku Mamma are very close. I am the closest grand daughter I must say because unlike other grand children I called her every day. Sent her my savings which was in my piggy bank, Cooked for her, walked with her (She liked to take long walks in the estate when the sun sets) I was her little Mimi I absolutely LOVE her and her love for me was overflowing!

Back to the story; We took off Friday early morning. When we stopped at the estate my mom's sisters husband we call him "Bappi" was there waiting to take my parents to the hospital. So me my brother and sister and Bappi's children had to stay back until they sort things out. We were restless to get a news from our parents.

Friday evening our parents returned home and said that Loku mamma was transferred to the ICU. By that time another uncle (My moms other brother) who was in Colombo has arrived. He's a big shot and had contacts, wanted to air lift loku mamma to a big private hospital in Colombo because the government hospital she was admitted is shiat (Badulla General Hospital, Sri Lankans? Rings any bells?)

So all was set to Saturday morning, Loku mamma is getting shifted to a better hospital and she's going to be all right and she can come home and LOVE us as usual! Saturday early morning around 4.00AM our parents again left us and went to the hospital. They promised to take us to visit her after when she's admitted to the Colombo hospital. So we waited! All packed to go to Colombo! Around 6 Bappi's eldest son started crying like a old crazy women and we have never seen him crying! He's the cool big brother! "The heck is wrong with you?" I asked and then he threw the brick at me! Bappi called him, Loku Mamma passed away! Knowing how close I was to her I have no need to explain my reaction to you guys right? I collapsed on the floor and cried until she was buried and even after. I lost my voice for 2-3 weeks!

Apparently Loku mama had a lung infection for years and somehow she survived with it but inside it was slowly killing her. A germ has gone up in to her brain and that's when things got worse and caused her death. So piece of advise - If you are coughing often for no reason, if someone you love coughs for no reason, (Not TB it's just a dry cough) please get it checked before it's too late! Granny ignored her cough for years saying it's just a cough and we lost one of the greatest member in our family and was and still are heart broken missing her presence!

The day her body was brought we all were shattered! Especially me! I was sitting on the door step of loku mammas bed room hugging her pillow and crying crying nonstop! Others were busy running here and there, greeting the guests, serving beverages, talking "How great she was" and I hear songs of Jim Reaves playing because loku mamma loved his songs and was asked to be played on her funeral in her Will.

While I was crying sitting on the step I felt a chill on my back and a breeze just touched my face. It felt like someone was standing behind me. I looked back and there was no one behind me. As I was ready to sink my head in to her pillow and start crying there she was on the bed in her pink night dress praying! I mumbled Loku Mammaa in a weak sad tone and she looked at me smiled and stood up and disappeared in to her closet. She looked like a oil painting, You know faded colors, but you know what color that is but very light, and her walk was very slow like mist flowing in a slow phase and when she disappeared in to the closet it was not like on movies, walking through the closets and walls she just kind of faded and disappeared when she reached the closet.

I miss her, I wish if I had more time with her to say that I love her and to say Good bye. I was not scared but it made me stop crying. I was calm. My mom also said that she saw luku mamma in the flower garden next to the barbendaisies (Her favorite flower) after her funeral in her pink night dress. The dress she was in when she was passed according to my uncle.

This story is already too long and I will tell you how she communicate with me through kittens and dreams on another story if only the admins approves it coz we are not allowed to share our dreams unless it's scary and have a connection to paranormal. I hope they would post is. Lastly I want to tell you please spend more time with your loved ones, Be cautious and say how much you love them all the time because you will never know! Hope you enjoyed and sorry if I've made any mistakes.

Dear Loku Mamma (L.Sladen), We love you and miss you every day! I now you are around me. If you are reading what i'm typing right now know that little Mimi misses you and your hugs and everything else! Comments are welcome!

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Pinka (5 stories) (25 posts)
5 years ago (2018-02-18)

Thank you Leo:) And yes I'm will be one hell of a COOL Gran LOL I salute your old man and sending lots of love to him! My father is also the same. A fun loving, sensitive, smart man. He had a rough childhood as well but he never gave up! We are lucky to have dads like them and thanks to him this girl knows how to survive a hurricane! I hope you are spending time with your father, I miss mine, I will be seeing him next month.

We are lucky to be able to admire the nature and eat mud! Seeing 2 year olds with I pads makes me wonder what they will become when they are teens!

I'm going to raise my children in a forest or a farm because I need them to have the childhood I had. To love nature! Again I wish your old man a long, healthy happy life for the amazing brother/ father he is! ❤
stargeezer (2 stories) (33 posts)
5 years ago (2018-02-17)
Hi Pinka,
Sorry about you Mamma! Don't we all miss our grans. I'd lost all mine. Two of which I dearly loved, from my mothers side. My other grand mother who wasn't so close. And I was unlucky enough not to ever meet and know my paternal grandfather. Maybe even my old man feel somewhat the same because he hardly talks about him. He had lost him when he was really young. So for me my old man is also my paternal grandfather. Love and loads of respects to the man. He was the most courageous man who'd raised eight young siblings and 3 of us kids!
As you've said Pinka, we have to love and cherish them while we're/they're here. And make sure you spoil your grand kids to the fullest until their parents hate you!
Really liked the way you have described your childhood. I can very much relate. You have had a wonderful one thanks to Mamma. May her rest in peace!
RCRuskin (9 stories) (753 posts)
5 years ago (2018-02-16)
Pinka, I'll see what I can do.

The link goes to a Calvin and Hobbes comic strip showing Calvin day dreaming in math class since the subject is so boring to him.
Pinka (5 stories) (25 posts)
5 years ago (2018-02-15)
Muah, Thank you! I know right? Lol I wanted to give details as much as I could and to keep the story short. Sorry if you've faced difficulties reading my story. Much love ❤


I can't open the link:/
Muah (1 posts)
5 years ago (2018-02-15)
It's a touching story but the way you description might be a little off. Anyway lots of love
RCRuskin (9 stories) (753 posts)
5 years ago (2018-02-15)
Pinka, I think I know what you mean. I would say it is more like time not mattering. Because you are with people you love or the subject really holds your interest. It is the opposite of this strip:


Time doesn't matter.
Pinka (5 stories) (25 posts)
5 years ago (2018-02-14)
LuciaJacinta, AugustaM & RCRuskin,

Hi all, Thank you for your kind comments. I strongly believe that she's watching over me. In my next story I will tell you how her lovely spirit used to sit next to me and pat my head, sadly we had to send her to the light. Still I feel her presence and her perfume time to time, not as strong as it used to be.

Grandmothers are the ones who loves us the way we expect to be loved. No restrictions, no rules, they simply spoil us and keep on loving us no matter what we tern out to be. My prayers are with you all and your loving grandparents. I know our only wish is to have more time with them. I KNOW that all of our loved ones are watching over us from the other side.

RCRuskin - Yes I know what you mean, you fall in to this trance and I don't know how to explain. It's like losing track of time right?

Again I thank you all for your heart felt comments. Love to all of you and your lovely families. Stay blessed and be safe! ❤ ❤ ❤
LuciaJacinta (8 stories) (291 posts)
5 years ago (2018-02-14)
Very sweet story. I'm sorry for your lost. The love between your grandma and you is so evident and powerful. She is with you and watching over you through your love.
RCRuskin (9 stories) (753 posts)
5 years ago (2018-02-14)
Pinka, my grandmother, who is not Sri Lankan, she's ethnically Russian but was born in New Jersey, was very much a Sri Lankan grandmother. I love her anyway. (She passed about 15 years ago, but I feel she is still with us in some way.)

Also, I don't think your story is too long. I could link you to some youtube videos I've seen. They say they're 30 to 45 seconds long, but 10 hours later, or so it seems, the video is still going. Know what I mean?

Also, Loku does not seem to be a big enough word to describe Loku Momma's spirit.
AugustaM (7 stories) (996 posts)
5 years ago (2018-02-14)
I lost my beloved grandparents when they were far too young as well (68) to a lung ailment (cancer in this case). My heart goes out to you. I was four when mine passed and I would give anything to have been able to know them better though the years certainly would have only deepened the attachment and made the parting even more painful as you describe.

I believe they are always just over my shoulder looking out for me and I believe hour grandmother is never far from you ❤ Thank you for sharing your story ❤

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