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For those that know Johannesburg, Florida, there are a lot of town houses and complexes that are rather old. In saying that there are people that lived there for a long time and also died there as well. My brother after just getting married bought a two bedroomed flat in Florida. Beautiful flat but was always cold, even in summer. One day he calls me before the weekend and asked me to come and spend the weekend over to help him with something.

I gladly accepted because I liked spending time with him and his wife and 2 year old daughter (he had his first born daughter at the time). As I got there I took my stuff to my niece's bedroom assuming that I would be sleeping in her room. I noticed that they have moved their belongings to the child's bedroom and moved her stuff to the main bedroom. I asked them about it and they nervously said that he needed me to help him move the furniture from room to room. So I thought nothing of it and settled in. Night came and after watching movies with them we all headed into sleep.

At the time there was something called mixit and I was chatting for about an hour or so and decided to log off. I place my phone under my pillow and laid on my right side. A few minutes passed and I felt my head going down in the pillow as if something was putting pressure down on the pillow in front of my face. I was so scared that I couldn't even open my eyes. I don't know how I ended up falling asleep after that.

But the next morning I remembered what had happened. I explained to my brother what had happened and he called his wife and sat down. He told me that I just confirmed that there was something and they were not going crazy. He said there is an old man in that room and convinced my niece to climb on a ladder and jump through the window. My sister in Law got there just in time to catch her before she almost jumped to her death. After that she asked her and my niece told her mom that "it was the old man that told me" That's how they moved their stuff into the other room. Sometimes after removing the batteries from toys, they still hear the toys making sounds in the closet or wardrobe.

They have stayed there for 2 - 3 years until they decided to move out and buy a house in Triomf, Sophiatown where some strange things are happening as well, but that's a story for another time.

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Fergie (40 stories) (1159 posts)
4 years ago (2018-03-25)
Hi Zizzo, I am somewhat confused. Did you sleep in your niece's original bedroom or the main bedroom? In which bedroom was the ladder? Also, were there any other occurrences after that in the flat, or was it only noises from the wardrobe?

I'm glad your niece didn't come to any harm.
lady-glow (13 stories) (2930 posts)
4 years ago (2018-03-24)
welcome to YGS.
That's an unnerving experience but, may I ask, what was a ladder doing in the child's bedroom and, there were any safety locks on the windows, specially since the flat seemed to be above ground level?🤔
Just basic safety measures when having children.

Anyway, I'm glad to know no one got hurt by that not so sweet old man.

Thanks for sharing.

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