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I am new to this discussion and wanted to share my experiences. I'll start with my first main experience I can remember.

Something I came to realise is that in my childhood, I noticed things of a paranormal nature much quicker than anyone else, and I was what you could call a "psychic child".

The first ghost I can ever recall seeing was when I was aged 6 years old. I remember having a mirror that my Mum made for me. I used to lay in bed at night staring at this mirror feeling freaked out, as she made it decorating it with beads all over it. This one bead was black, and I used to think it was like an eye, watching me. Anyway, I looked at this bead and I felt so uneasy one night, and right by the bead in the mirror appeared an old man's face. I remember vaguely his appearance, but what I do remember is that I began to scream, and as I screamed, he began laughing but no sound was coming out. This is what I can't understand - the only way I can describe it is he had sparkly rainbow colours around his mouth, flashing - and I've never seen anything like it.

My Mum and Dad were in the bathroom next to my room getting ready for bed and I remember my Mum running in to find out why I was screaming the house down. I tried explaining that there was an old man in my mirror, and she was comforting me so her back was to the mirror. She turned to look at the mirror, and as she did, he disappeared instantly. He stayed there the whole time until she turned to look directly at the mirror. I was 6, so I don't recall much detail about this man apart from the only way I could describe him is the KFC Colonel without the glasses.

My Mum saw him many times since then, and she always describes him as the KFC Colonel. His face was white, solid white (as though someone had painted white face paint over him), not see through, but every line and wrinkle in his face had this grey/black detail like someone drew a sketch of him/his outlines in pencil. He was very chubby, and I didn't see his shoulders or neck - only a face.

My Mum's seen him and my Sister-In-Law, but they saw his whole body. He ended up appearing in my Mother's doorway virtually every night in the end before she moved out. She used to speak to him almost every night, he liked to appear around the hour of 3am to her. The strange thing is - she also saw these rainbow colours around his face, but all over his face, whereas I only saw this by his mouth, and where he had wrinkles/lines is where my Mum saw this rainbow sparkle. I remember her saying she had guests over and if he didn't like them, he'd appear as a solid black figure to them. For example, he didn't like my Dad apparently, and Mum claims that Dad had nightmares about the devil, as well as seeing him as a solid black figure. For someone who's been in the army - my Dad wouldn't admit to things like this easily at all.

My Mum has told me that one time, she saw him "whoosh" towards her in bed and he was laughing (like he laughed at me) when he did this, but my Mum was screaming and covered her eyes. I guess he was laughing in a mischievous way, and not meaning to be a nasty man.

Other experiences that have happened there are the TV changing channel or turning on/off, and one time, the box bedroom door upstairs flew wide open. My Mum and Brother were downstairs having dinner, and they went to investigate and shut the door for it to fly open again.

I apparently used to say that I saw a little boy crying in my room in the corner and a lady in a red jumper running up the stairs who looked worried. I do remember constantly feeling like you're being watched there.

My Mum went to some spiritualist church ministers (which isn't something she usually does), to find out what was going on in that house, and apparently the woman I saw was the ill wife, the man is named Albert and he used to have my room. His Wife was ill and she had my Mum's room, and so when he appeared at her room every night, I guess he was "re enacting" how he used to watch over his sick wife. The little ghost boy I can only guess was their Son. There was also supposedly a ghost cat, but we never saw this. No one ever saw the boy or woman, only me. The ministers said that the rainbow colours we saw around his face were to show he was friendly and calm... Mum got so used to seeing Albert that when she came to move, she told the ministers that he could come with her - but he told them that he didn't want to, and wanted to continue watching his home.

Sorry for the long story, I have others to share, too. I hope you enjoyed reading my first post.

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Paranormal98 (3 stories) (6 posts)
6 years ago (2018-07-06)
Hey guys, thanks for your welcomes.
Yeah I agree, it was quite mean to laugh at me when I was screaming 😢 The impression I got was he was very mischievous, he found it funny that people were scared of him.

AugustaM, thanks for sharing your info on your Great Grandfather. It's really interesting what these mediums can pick up. I certainly believe!
spiritwaiting (42 stories) (843 posts)
6 years ago (2018-04-05)

This Albert fellow reminds me of that Dad or Grandpa that loves to tell ghost stories to the kids right before he sends them off to bed.

His sense of humor I get because he's a lot like my late Elders whom have all sense passed.

Thanks for sharing
CatsInBlackDresses (3 stories) (5 posts)
6 years ago (2018-03-31)
Hello there!
This would send shivers up your spine. A man who laughs at a child being terrified! Awful! Such an interesting story though. Reminded me of my childhood as I was also described as a 'psychic child'.
It always breaks my heart when I think of kids this age seeing things that terrify them and nobody else can see.
Thanks for sharing and look forward to more of your posts! X
AugustaM (7 stories) (996 posts)
6 years ago (2018-03-29)
A mercurial fellow, that Albert! Seems to me like he had a rather dark sense of humor if making little girls cry and grown women scream was his way of getting his kicks... Even if he was wearing his rainbows at the time. But I am glad he and your mom made peace - seems like being in that house was important to him. I hope he and the new residents got on - it would be interesting to find out!

I spoke to a medium from a spiritualist church once and it truly was spooky just how much she came up with about my family... Things that could not possibly be googled and I was very very careful not to volunteer anything. According to her, my great grandfather who passed in 1962 (memorable for many things but most notably in my book his love of women... Married 5 times [that we know of... The army, however, lists 7 aliases...] and never widowed or divorced) follows me about especially when I travel for work. As I am a nude model, somehow that just figures! Lol

Welcome to YGS and I look forward to reading more of your experiences!

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