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Hey again everyone, thanks for taking the time to read this! I have a few more stories that I'd like to share that are mine and others I know.

My first story I wanted to share was a fascinating but creepy story from my Aunt. My Dad and Aunt grew up in a really creepy and eerie house in the Arbroath area of Scotland. My Aunt is gifted and has been susceptible to spirit all of her life it seems.

My dad and Aunt used to share a room together and have a curtain dividing them in the middle. Once, my Aunt and dad were in bed trying to get to sleep and she saw someone stood just by the curtains. This was the 1980's, so she told me that the clothes this lad was wearing she just assumed to be my Dad. She saw a guy in chinos and a cream shirt stood staring at her in her direction. She shouted to my Dad telling him to stop p*ssing about and get to bed. He shouted from across the room that he didn't know what she was talking about. She shouted again at him, he replied again that he's in bed and she's mad. She began to focus more in the darkness and noticed that this man didn't have a head, just a full body without the head. She got really freaked out and upset (unsurprisingly) when he vanished very quickly infront of her eyes.

Well, not long after that, my Gran was talking to some locals and she was explaining the story of how her Daughter had seen this young man, but he had no head and how he suddenly disappeared out of sight within a second. This is where things get creepy... The couple explained to my Gran that a young guy had lived in one of the houses and he had gone to where the lake is (this lake was at the back of the house) and he had blown his head off with a shotgun by suicide. My Aunt had shivers up her back.

My Dad's seen things as well, but he never admits to it being an ex army-man. He's seen an evil looking woman in the mirror of a door, and my Gran has had someone sit on her bed there.

Onto some stories of my own, now:

Three years ago, my first ex-boyfriend was Spanish, so this part of the story is situated in Spain. His parents owned a house in the North of Spain and it's one of those typical one-level bungalow type of houses in the middle of the countryside. If you were to Google Switzerland, it looked just like that. A picturesque little static caravan type of house, one floor in the middle of the countryside. The parents got it built from scratch. It was originally just land there.

Anyway, enough waffling. It was my first time staying with them and obviously it was strange getting used to their culture and how they ate really late at night and had lunch at 3-4pm. At this point, my psychicism would have spiked as I was in puberty. So I managed to pick up on each room and its "atmosphere". They had a basement level so you basically lived and had the main rooms on the ground level and you had the typical European tile stairs to go down to the basement level where my ex's brother had his room and a bathroom. There was also a family room where there was a computer, fish tank and a lot of books, and a sofa to sit on.

That family room was so eerie, and I recall when I was down there alone my ex was upstairs in the house, and I was on the computer with my back to the family room door because I felt an overwhelming presence there with my third eye. A dark, very very tall (as tall as the doorframe) figure, that was hooded and black. I felt so uncomfortable alone down there that I shouted at my ex to come down, and I never went down there again after that unattended.

My ex's Grandad died when my ex was little, and his parents have the Grandma over a few months a year to stay. His Grandma's room was so peaceful with so much light coming into the room filling it up. It just felt 'safe', but perhaps you could say that's coincidental, and maybe my imagination along with the picture of the Grandad on the bedside table looking at you "protecting" the room.

His Grandma and my ex's Mum have dreams and premonitions about people dying. His Grandma told me that she often sees a house and she's walking towards it, being situated in the middle of nowhere and she knows that every time she dreams that, sure enough, someone will die. She also used to hear her husband dragging his feet along the floor shortly after his death, as he died of diabetes-related illnesses, and he dragged his feet heavily along the floor shortly before he died.

Onto my ex's room, I didn't feel that there were any issues with it at first. I felt fine in there, and it was a tiny box room that just about had space for a desk and bed in with the built in closet. Looking out of the windows, you had the beautiful scenery of northern Spain surrounding the house.

One night I woke up at 4am. It was something that I've never experienced before. It was like I woke but wide awake to look at something from my sleep. I was fixated at the end of the bed and with my "third eye" not my actual eyes, I saw a middle aged man with a flannel shirt on and long brown hair staring at me. He looked like he had a dirty face, he didn't freak me out as much because I didn't physically see him. The weirdest thing was, the moment I woke up, I hardly moved to disturb my ex, my ex did the exact same as me. He woke up immediately out of nowhere and looked at the same spot, asking me if I'm okay. However, he didn't notice or pick up on the man.

I never got to find out much of the history about the land apart from when the house was being built, they found bones. It definitely wasn't a dream, especially as my ex did the same and woke up staring at the exact same spot. If you read back on my other story, this wasn't the first time that I've had experiences around/in my sleep. I definitely believe having had these experiences that you become more susceptible/vulnerable/whatever you want to call it, to seeing and sensing spirit.

One other story I wanted to share was in November of 2016, I moved into a young adults hostel house-share whilst trying to find my own place that I lived in until recently. It was a depressing and low place, with lots of sad and overwhelming things happened in that hostel that I experienced there with the people I lived with.

My experience there was more annoying. In the middle of the night (always when I'm sleeping), I'd wake up to knocks on my door that were quiet, but loud enough to hear at God knows o'clock when everyone's fast asleep. The house-share had CCTV cameras in the communal areas where my front door to my room would be, and I asked them to be checked and nothing was found. Nobody was seen, and everyone else was fast asleep. The security who came to watch the place weren't there or hadn't knocked at all. A girl who lived in the room next to me had exactly the same experience. It sounded like a girl for some reason, just a light rapping knock but slightly frantic.

On separate occasions, I've been with two different friends I had there standing by the stairs talking to them by our room doors and they both heard someone running up the stairs right next to them. I heard it on one occasion when my friend asked me "Did you just hear that?" fast running up the stairs, but it was like background noise as I was too busy in discussion with my friend. The second time, only my friend heard it. We were right by the staircase and there was absolutely nothing there. I did sense a figure of a young man, normal height in my kitchen doorway of my old room watching me and smiling. He seemed friendly and I didn't sense him again after that.

A girl has been seen on CCTV behind my friends walking into the house-share stood behind them, and when the security came out to see who the girl was, she wasn't there. I was with her in the security office when she saw the girl on CCTV. I wasn't looking. I did go out with her into the communal hallway though, to see nobody but the two guy friends of mine stood there puzzled as to why the security woman saw a girl behind them. This security woman was adamant, and we checked the CCTV together, and there was nothing there. It wouldn't surprise me if this was the girl who was knocking on our doors. The security woman told me that it looked like one of the residents who lives there, and so she thought that it was her.

I have been in an old friend's room there and he was adamant I touched his shoulder and I hadn't. He said he had the ghost of a little girl called "Charlotte" in his room.

It's not the first time that figures have been seen on CCTV at this house. A security guard has told me there that one night, the door startled rattling and the windows shaking out of nowhere on a perfectly clear and breezeless night.

Thanks for reading guys, and I hope I didn't drone on too much!

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Jubeele (26 stories) (886 posts)
6 years ago (2018-07-27)
Hi Paranormal98, that's a lot of happenings! That poor man who shot himself - may he be at peace now. Did your Dad ever find out more about the "evil looking woman" and your Gran know who was sitting on her bed?

How wonderful to have visited the north of Spain. Spain is a land full of history. I'd have chosen to do without the other activity though. I'm curious about your "Third Eye" and how you see things with it. How did you 'activate' it and control it? I've heard that the Third Eye Chakra can become too active and create its own type of complications. Finding the right balance is important.

The running footsteps and the knocking on doors etc could be residual echoes being played over and over. But sometimes sound travels strangely in places too. In my apartment block, I'd think that the thundering hoofbeats up and down the stairs are from the thumpers upstairs. But they turned out to be the children from the end of the hallway. Now that's weird. 🤔

Have you wondered if there's a reason why such things are appearing to you? Maybe they could be wishing for someone to acknowledge them and ask on their behalf to be finally at peace. Take care and thanks for sharing. 😊

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