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Haunted House, Sleep Paralysis, Shadow People


I remember being on this website when I was in middle school. I started to write a post back then but I didn't know if anyone would take me seriously because I was young. I am 19 now and recently have had more things happen so I thought it was a good time to write this. I will try to sum it up as best as I can.

My parents got a divorce when I was going into fourth grade so we (my mom and two sisters - I am a triplet) move into a different house and change schools.

In middle school I slept over a friends who said her house was haunted by two young kids and an older man (her family did research on the history of the house). I remember feeling very on edge when I was there. I thought it was just my mind overreacting. Ever since then, when I came back to my house I felt the same sense of being watched.

At first it was footsteps (I thought I was crazy). I saw a brush float in the air then drop in my bedroom, cup move on desk while I'm sitting there. There were certain things that didn't scare me. Other times I would be overwhelmed with a sense of fear, I couldn't breathe. It happened mostly in my bathroom but I could sense it randomly all over the house. I couldn't talk to anyone about this because I wasn't close with my family and everyone was going through a hard time.

I used to hear mumbled voices at night. I made myself think it was my sisters late at night being annoying talking to each other from their own room across the hall. It doesn't even make sense as to why they would do that but I vividly remember a few nights where I would yell their names and tell them to be quiet.

About a year after we all moved out, beginning of high school, I told my mom and one of my sisters at dinner about my experiences and when I got to the part about hearing the voices, my sister said she heard it too and would yell at me and our other sister to be quiet. My mom said she remembers us yelling at each other to be quiet. My mom's room was in the basement. Me and my sisters had our own rooms all upstairs on the same level, close to each other. I don't understand how we never heard each other yell to be quiet.

My mom got cancer when I was in seventh grade. She is okay now - thank God. I was scared every night. I've heard three knocks on my bathroom door while I was showering and when I got out to see who was there I saw my family was all watching TV downstairs. I even came downstairs in a towel to ask who knocked.

When I lived in that house I grew a very, very, very intense fear of the noise the water the bathtub made when I turned it on. I can't even describe it. It was like the noise was a trigger of the fear.

One of the scariest feelings I ever felt was when I was about to fall asleep one night and started to smell bonfire smoke. I looked outside but no fires. It was way too strong for it to come from outside anyways, especially with my windows being shut. The fear that came over my entire body while I was smelling it was awful. I hid under my covers, sweating, until I fell asleep.

One time I ran into the laundry room and my eyes were looking down, as I stepped into the room I saw shadowy feet about two feet in front of me and I looked up and saw a very tall shadowy figure (male) - I ran. No details on the figure. Just a shadow that wasn't on the wall. I don't even remember what I did after I saw that. My insomnia started back then and I am still very scared of the dark. I have an overwhelming fear of it and I am 19.

These are just the main events that stick out. I have had a few friends that had experiences in the old house.

Within the last month I started dating a guy who is the most amazing, spiritual, respectful person I have ever met. He knows I lived in a "haunted house" and that I don't like talking about it because I still get scared thinking about it. He never has asked questions.

Two nights ago I came to his house to sleepover. I was already stressed out just from day to day life but I didn't talk about how I felt. (I have struggled with depression and anxiety since my parents got a divorce). We fell asleep early, around 11 pm.

I had a dream that my family and friends were all staying at a beach house. In the dream I knew I wasn't myself. It felt odd. I was just someone's perspective going through a hallway and turned right into a bedroom and saw one of my sisters on her bed looking down at her phone. She didn't look up - as if she didn't know anyone was there. That was the end of the dream and I "wake up" in sleep paralysis. (I told this sister about all of this and she doesn't think any of it is real.)

I know I am in sleep paralysis because I experienced it when I was 4 years old and later on in life realized what happened because I saw something online. I researched about it and heard of these shadow people that can manifest in sleep paralysis.

Anyways, I wake up in sleep paralysis but I am not in my boyfriend's room. I am in the beach house bedroom where me and my boyfriend are sleeping. I can physically feel my leg still under his. I can't move to see him though. My eyes are faced towards a lit up door and a shadow figure quickly comes in. At first it is the size of the door but as it comes into the corner of the room, it rises to the height of the ceiling.

At the same time it rises, I hear an intense loud white noise in my ear and a very high pitched ringing sound. The same time the shadow grew and the sound started, my eyesight also started glitching. It was as if a computer program was messing up and glitching out. But this was in my head. The noise was coming from in my head. In my ears. I shut my eyes and I know what is going on because I have read about it. I still am panicking and start trying to flail my body around to wake up my boyfriend and he will know I am having a nightmare.

As I think I am about to wake him up, I hear the sink running in the bathroom and I think to myself "He is in the bathroom! He is not going to be able to help me!" and as that thought ended I woke up from sleep paralysis next to my boyfriend asleep with my leg under his. I still heard a loud sound in my ear, as if I just sat next to a helicopter or something.

I woke him up because I was so scared. I told him I just had the worst sleep paralysis and right before I even told him what happened he said "What? I think I had sleep paralysis?" I asked what he meant but he quickly shrugged it off and said never mind.

About twenty minutes later I calm down a little bit and I realize I am naked. I woke up with my clothes off. Even my boyfriend said he remembers me having clothes on going to bed. I have woken up naked before when I know I had a clothes on when I fell asleep. I never thought anything of it until now. I am not sure what to think.

I was very shook up the rest of the day. I even screamed when a loud truck drove past my car. My boyfriend could see how much this hurt me and made an appointment for that day to go to a crystal healer.

On our way there he told me that last night at 4 am (two hours before I woke up with sleep paralysis) he woke up and noticed he peed his pants. He was embarrassed to tell me. I think he is scared. I can see in his eyes he sometimes believes me but he also doesn't want to think it is real. I don't know how much he believes me. This is hurting our relationship.

I told my mom and she knows I wouldn't make this up. I feel a little better after meeting with the lady at the apothecary but I still am on edge.

I have seen two white orbs before so I know there is something always protecting me. One when I was 4 and another within the last six months.

Thanks for reading. Please leave any comments!

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yougotosleep (4 posts)
5 years ago (2018-05-01)
What type of noise did the bathtub make sir? Was it just the sound of running water? Or pipes rattling?
CuriousDee (8 stories) (631 posts)
5 years ago (2018-04-30)
Hi Rachelgrace,

It sounds like you've had some stressful experiences. My first thought regarding the activity you described while you were younger was caused by stress from your parents divorce. Especially with 3 preteen/teenage girls; it can be a recipe for unbalanced energy or poltergeist activity unknowingly caused by you and your sister's.

Another theory that comes to mind is that you may be sensitive to spirit. That can cause anxiety and uneasiness too. It makes sense to me because you are still experiencing the anxiety and paranormal incidents. It might be that you are a magnet or beacon to spirits trying to communicate.

You spoke about sleep paralysis and seem to understand it. It can easily happen when you are anxious or lacking sleep. However, your dream actually made me think of astral travel/being out of body. Especially the sounds you described. That's exactly what I've heard quite a few times right before separation. It can vary from white noise, static, what sounds like a freight train, people in conversation, ringing, etc. And yes, sometimes it sounds like it's inside my head, sometimes external. Also, the fact that the "scene" changed from your bedroom to the beach house.

I'm not sure about the fear of the bathtub water. Hopefully, some members can chime in on this. Just a few thoughts anyway. Maybe some of it will make sense?

- Dee

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