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Spirit Drawn To Teenage Emotions


My story is one from England.

When I turned 16 (16 years ago) my mother sent me to live in a Hostel for young women as we simply did not get on. This was a christian lead organisation running a beautiful detatched house in Royal Tunbridge wells.

There was a ground floor level with residential lounges (one for smokers and one for non smokers) a staff reception, offices and a staff apartment at the end of the central hallway. A basement and first floor level each with four rooms and shared facilities.

Then my floor. The attic floor with five small rooms, and shared facilities. At each end of the house sat a flight of stairs, everyone used the front flight, no one used the back ones, they were cold and always poorly lit. You felt like you had to run up them as if someone was coming up behind you faster.

I was given the room at the back, upon opening the door the left is immediate wall (the other side of it was the back stair case) I had a four drawer clothes chest against it then a sink in the corner, along the opposite wall to the door was a central small sash window, a low coffee table pushed up near it with a 15" tv on it, then on the right wall a built in closet in one corner and a bed pressed up to that wall with the headboard against the other wall, also a bedside table. Floor space was about 4 metres by 4.

I feel it's important to know my mental state at this point, teen hormones with feelings of abandonment and being unloved. As well as relief to be away from home, in a great environment surrounded by potential friends.

Things started to happen there after a few months, tv channels would tune out so I would have to retune them often, the old sash window was stiff and took a lot of work to wedge open, it would then slam shut in the night, I gave up opening it. Every so often it sounded as though someone was dashing up the stairs but then vanished as no one opened the door into the hall. My room always felt heavy and as if I was being watched, specifically from the left corner of the room by the sink. About four months in I was woken at around 11pm to the sound of someone knocking on the wall beside my bed in different areas, it was terrifying so I ran into the hall and knocked on the door of the girl's room who shared the wall. She was awake and reading but a bit annoyed with me for disturbing her as she hadn't heard a thing and thought I was nuts.

The other thing that happened was seen in a dream like half awake state, as if in my mind's eye. A dark figure of a man crouching down in a squat leaning his elbows on his thighs, hands together. Smirking at me and asking "are you ready?" He gave me a feeling of pure terror.

Horrific to say the least and I told myself it was a nightmare.

The main incident, I feel it is not as explainable (everything else has a possible rational explanation) it was at about 6pm and I was propped up on my bed watching TV, from the corner of my eye I saw my shaving razor move from my chest of drawers to the centre of the room laying on the carpet in line with the TV. It went in one movement, no noise, no bouncing or hitting anything on the way down. It was kept with my toothbrush, paste and tweezers in a glass tumbler on my chest of drawers, central, not likely to fall or move on its own, the other items were not disturbed there was no breeze as the window was shut. It made no clanging sound as it came away from the glass. It moved at a speed slower than if it was thrown but faster than if it was carried.

I ran down stairs to the smoking lounge in a flash, I don't know how I managed it haha!

A fellow resident, was there and she commented that I looked as if I had just seen a ghost, white faced with red rimmed eyes. I told her what had happened and she chuckled to herself telling me I was lucky, she has seen much more here. Very often a young service boy carrying a silver tray with two hands, looking straight ahead as he walks partially down the hall then turns through a wall, he has no feet as though he is walking on a lower floor level than us. She believed years ago, servants used the rear stair cases, and that they slept in the attic, also that the room layout was different then.

I have traced the property back to 1881 records, it was a family home at one point with servants, switching hands many times. I've yet to find out any details about what may have happened there over the years but it's quite interesting.

Whilst I lived there I heard stories of it once being an old sewing house where ladies would go for tea to sew together, wearing beautiful dresses.

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LemurianEmerald (2 stories) (4 posts)
6 years ago (2018-06-01)
Thank you for all of your replies.

lady-glow I can imagine looking up and seeing just feet haha!

CuriousDee thank you, I will definitely look up information on hypnagogic. I don't think I have experienced it since (thank goodness as it was scary at the time)

Anno_Domini luckily the things there do not seem to have followed, other little happenings over the years have felt very different.
Anno_Domini (3 stories) (167 posts)
6 years ago (2018-05-25)
Hi LemurianEmerald,

Thanks for your story. I agree with lady-glow your descriptions in the story help bring it to life. It's good that the "activity" didn't seem to have followed you, looking forward to more stories.
CuriousDee (8 stories) (631 posts)
6 years ago (2018-05-23)

Wow, that is some crazy activity! First, I wanted to say I'm sorry you were forced to leave home at such a young age. I can't imagine how that would feel. I hope you've found some peace with that.

I would imagine the energy at that location would be off the charts, especially with many teenagers dealing with emotions, anxiety, etc. It sounds like a mix of poltergeist activity (brought on by the emotional state of young people) and residual activity.

I'm sure with the building being that old, coupled with its history, it would have its share of ghostly residents or residual action.

When you mentioned seeing the man in a "half awake dream like state"; there is something called hypnagogic and hypnopompic hallucinations that occurs when one is fatigued, stressed, anxious, etc. It takes place just prior to the onset of sleep or just as your waking up. It's common to see figures, images, hear voices and sounds, etc. You might want to research it if you are interested.

You did a great job explaining your experiences. Thanks for sharing.

- Dee
lady-glow (16 stories) (3158 posts)
6 years ago (2018-05-23)
Hello and welcome to YGS.

Lemurian - a house that old and inhabited by several young women was bound to have some paranormal activity, either from previous duellers from bygone eras or from the raw emotions from the current teenage residents.

" a young service boy carrying a silver tray... He has no feet as though he is walking on a lower floor level than us."

I wonder if the girl/s living in the lower lever would see two disembodied feet walking on the air under the ceiling.;P

I really enjoyed reading your interesting and very well narrated experience.

Thanks for sharing.

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