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Hey. I'm back with the most recent account of the (guardian angel?!) spirit in my house.

So, to backtrack, I'd like you to read my first account,'Attached' to understand what I've been living with for the most part of my adult life. I'm going to delve into a little bit of the past and try my best to explain the first time I ever felt this thing around me.

I'm 27 now and I think I was around 16 when I first felt something around me. I was in my house, alone. Keep in mind this was a 3 storeyed bungalow with about 8 bedrooms. Wasn't exactly an ancestral house, my grandfather came into some money and invested it into buying some land and then constructing the house.

Anyway I was in my bedroom one night, watching TV when I felt someone calling my name. What's weird is it didn't seem coming from the room or from the house for that matter, it sounded like it came from outside my window. My room was on the first floor and my window faced the road so I thought it was my older brother coming home from a night out with his friends but I went out to the window and saw no one there. I called him up to see if it was him and if the watchman let him in, he told me he hadn't left the house all night. Anyway, didn't think too much of it and went back to sleep. Asked all the house help the next morning if anyone called out my name the previous night, everyone said they hadn't.

Fast forward to about 8 years later, having that 'thing' in the other house I moved to. Just hanging around. Not particularly scary or intimidating, just unnerving. Mostly because it was uncharted territory.

I moved out of that house last October and moved into this quaint little apartment with my boyfriend and everything seemed to have gone downhill since our little vacation in August (Read my second story to know what I'm referring to).

Now I'm the kind of guy who believes in the paranormal but will still try to look for a reasonable, scientific and rational explanation. The subject doesn't scare me. It intrigues me. My boyfriend on the other hand will try to avoid the topic as best, as he can and refuse to acknowledge any experience with the paranormal. He doesn't deny what he saw, it's more of him trying to forget what he saw.

One night we were lying in bed, watching TV and all of a sudden we felt this intense cold breeze brush past us. All the windows and doors were closed and there was absolutely no way for a breeze to enter our room. Everything went downhill since then. I've been seeing a humanoid shadow quite often around the house. It's got a masculine energy. The best way to describe it is a two dimensional figure made out of dark smoke. Opaque and seemingly tall-ish. It hasn't ever let me within 5 metres of itself. And usually always shows up when I'm in my bedroom watching TV.

I don't know if it scares me anymore. It's just there but I want it gone nonetheless. My boyfriend has seen it a couple of times but refuses to acknowledge it's presence. I looked up 'shadow figures' online to figure out what caused it to enter our lives and one of the causes was negativity or an unhealthy relationship or thoughts. My boyfriend and I have been having arguments and fights ever since we moved in and now I think that negative energy is what let this thing inside our home.

I need help to make this thing go away. I can't have it in my house or my life anymore.

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AugustaM (7 stories) (996 posts)
4 years ago (2018-07-09)
Go to the profile of YGS member Rookdygin - he has there a religion-neutral cleansing method that is well respected amongst members of this site. If his method does not appeal to you, do a bit of research online- there are many cleansing methods out there- find what works for you. With any luck, I'd say a good cleansing ought to take care of this nasty. Sometimes cleansings take a few "applications" to stick so you may want to perform your chosen method once a week for a while just to be safe:-)
Saturn (1 stories) (12 posts)
4 years ago (2018-07-06)
Light camphor and put some cloves in it, let the cloves burn in camphor and make sure the smoke goes in every nook and cranny of your home, chant God's name while doing this.
Very effective way of removing negativity.
Hope it's helpful 😊.
I recommend you do it every day.

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