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My Encounter With Shadow People And Green Orb


I have been visited by shadow people numerous times and have always been paralyzed with fear, however, this experience was unlike any I have ever had. I was not paralyzed by fear and actually extended my hand through one of the figures. Not only did I see four figures and a demonic cat with red eyes attached to the wall above the window, a green orb appeared. I was so shocked by the experience I immediately drew a picture of what I saw and wrote in my journal a very detailed account of what happened. This is not some story I made up, this did happen to me. I have not been visited since this last occurrence. I have two Ph.D's, one in Medicine and one in Divinity. I have an IQ of 149 and I have 70 published works. I have been reluctant to discuss this with anyone who has not brought it up first due to the fear of being shunned. My written account of the events are on my Booksie site, in the hope that someone had the same experience and we could discuss it, this has not happened.


Around 2:40 to 2:45 am December 6th 2014 I was dreaming of my Grandmother and I was talking in my sleep. I know I was because I have done so for a long time and I hear myself talking in my sleep but do not realize I am asleep. I asked her a question, some question about does she love me or something related to that.

At that moment I saw a grayish creature upon the top left of the window. It was small about the size of a large cat or small dog, had a human/demonic looking head with gray skin and reddish eyes and brought instant fear to me. It had thin arms and legs and was in a crouched like sitting position sort of like a cat poised to strike. Oddly it was attached to the wall as if it were defying gravity and was facing downward and to the right, like a crooked painting on the wall it perched. After I saw it and it made contact with my eyes, I instantly had a sense of complete fear and felt almost frozen with fear.

I did not move but then on the right side of the bed, from the perspective of one sleeping, in the corner of the room was a green laser looking light that seemed to be shining in all directions but not at once, as if it were scanning the room. It was very much like a laser bar scanner's beam of laser light but was an intense light green. The scanning only lasted for about five seconds, then the light went out and emerged was a ball of green light, not as bright as the light that was scanning or emanating in different directions. The ball was about the size of a softball, or maybe slightly larger but smaller than a bowling ball. It moved quite fluidly, smoothly and at a steady rate at about waist level from the corner that it originated from straight up to waist height then it hovered horizontally along the right side of the bed until it reached the end of the bed, turned left and went to the front center of the bed, then started moving towards me. I was in an upright position when I saw the green scanning light trying to look over the bed without moving too much because I did not want to interfere or scare whatever it was away if that makes any sense. I was curious and had an open mind about the existence of other dimensions etc.

I was laying on my right side with my right arm supporting my body perching me up some when the green ball instantly lost all color and changed to the exact shape of a person with no body. The person was a silhouette which was difficult to see through like smoke or like looking through translucent glass with a black cloud around it. I made a decision that since I had seen this green ball several other times over the past few years and since it had never come close to me that I would attempt to feel it. I raised my left hand and passed it through the black cloud that surrounded the silhouette which looked like translucent glass and the object instantly disappeared and I felt nothing, no form, no cold, no hot, just air. I then said out loud it's okay, I am not going to harm you, all are welcome, your safe here.

I had said that exact same thing several weeks ago when I noticed four or five black gaseous shadows of people around the bed, whose bodies were the same shape as a human but were elongated or stretched. I have seen these dark shadows on many occasions over the past year and it hasn't been until recently that I read about the existence or supposed existence of what is called shadow people.

The description I read online was exactly the same thing I have seen many times, and when I first started seeing them I was so fear stricken that I could not move, but now I am not afraid and when I do see them I tell them, it's okay, your safe, I am not going to hurt you, all are welcome here. I know it sounds like I need a Thorazine drip or a lobotomy but this is what I saw and I believe what I saw.

I was not asleep because I was sitting up leaning on my right arm, looking around and as soon as I passed my hand through the silhouette and it disappeared, I got out of bed, used the bathroom and got a flashlight and put it in bed with me. By this time, it was a little after 3 am and I did not see anything else.

I am as clueless as anyone could be but there are things about our universe we do not understand or things that are beyond our comprehension and our wildest dreams. I personally believe that when we die our spirit or soul whatever you may call it, or consciousness transcends to a different plane of existence, another dimension, and a higher one. These souls can see us and sometimes even interact with us but since we are in a dimension lower than them, we cannot interact with them at all, hence when I tried to touch the translucent silhouette of a person it disappeared instantly. I don't know if perhaps some other beings if I can classify it as that, are able to transcend between two different planes of both consciousness and dimensions.

As I was saying about death, when we are alive we are bound to a spiritual Earth-bound plane and in death, we transcend to another sphere of consciousness in another dimension. Like I mentioned before, this is just my own thoughts and theory. I would love to know if anyone has had an experience even remotely similar and I am completely open to all comments, good, bad, ugly, pretty; I don't' care, all I care about is knowing the truth. I just want to know.

But there is also one thing about knowing that bothers me, it seems to come at a price. The more I pay attention to these occurrences, the more I interact with these occurrences, the more frequent they are happening and the more spectacular things are becoming.

I knew that another dimension or sphere of consciousness exists because shortly after my grandfather died I heard very loud bangs or slams in the kitchen for about 6 months after he had passed away. It sounded like a can of soup being slammed on the counter. I had no pets at that time and I was the only one who was in my new home. What is strange is that my grandfather lived in a tiny trailer, very small only 8 by 30 feet. I think it was an old construction trailer, but anyway, he died of asbestosis and emphysema and he basically starved himself to death. After his Father died a month earlier, he just lost all will to live. I watched him go downhill quick and my Mother called me one night at work and said she was on her way home from the veteran's hospital with pop in the car, he wants to die at home. He had regained consciousness after the doctors had put a C PAP with pure oxygen on him for 48 hours to bring his CO2 levels down. He asked my Mother what was this thing on my face. She told him it's a C PAP and it's keeping you alive. He asked her what happens if I take it off, she said you will die. He said to take it off and take me home.

She drove like a race car driver, going well over 120 and was stopped by a state trooper, who was an idiot because he wanted to check with the VA Hospital first before letting her go, he could clearly see my grandfather dying in the passenger seat dressed in VA pajamas, and at this time he had lost consciousness as his CO2 levels continued to rise. She could not wait any longer and took off in her Volkswagen Passat at full speed, leaving the trooper behind.

To make a long story short, my Mother asked my grandfather a few questions while he still could speak in the car. She asked him if he was scared and he said yes, she asked if it hurt he said no. That was about all he said as she raced to his little trailer so he could die in his own bed with his dog at one side and my Mother and me at the other holding his hand. I was at the trailer waiting, I drove about 140mph on the interstate in my mustang from the Hospital that I worked at, a trip that usually took 25 minutes, I made in under 10.

As soon as she pulled up she screamed for me to get him in the house, I opened the passenger door, grabbed him and picked him up, which was extremely difficult since he was limp, although when I thought I was about to lose my grip his right hand gripped my shirt. That was the last action he made.

I placed him in bed, we turned on his oxygen machine just to have an old familiar sound in the background. Harry, his dog jumped into bed and was under his left hand. We talked to him about all the good times we had had with him over the years, recalling old memories and funny stories, and a little more than 4 hours later my grandfather took his last breath at 3:34 am.

After his last breath, he had a look of complete horror on his face, a look that has haunted me since. My Mother was also horrified and looked at me, she said it's okay, go with the angels. She was afraid he was fighting it, but it was over. I truly believe it was his consciousness refusing to pass on, or it was his consciousness looking at the fires of hell. I don't know, but it was the most scared face I have ever seen. I have not seen anyone else die who made a face of horror after their last breath.

We stripped his old pajamas off, gave him a nice bath, put new pajamas on him, his VA pajamas were his favorite, and we placed a ripped piece of cloth around his head and jaw to keep his mouth closed while the muscles began to set. He was cremated and his ashes are yet to be scattered.

That was hard to talk about, but after he died we removed his trailer and I moved a new one in its place, a much larger of course. The kitchen is located exactly where his bed would have been if you place his old mobile home where I live now. That is where the loud noises came from and I didn't associate it with him at all until it stopped and I talked with my Mother about it and she also felt his presence. So now I often say, hi Pop when I hear a strange noise in the house, but there have not been any noises in the house since a year after he died, only the occasional shadowy figures and the balls of green light.

I know that my Grandfather, all of those whom I have loved that have passed on to the next higher dimension visit from time to time. It may be spooky at first, but once you become accustomed to it and know what's going on, it becomes something to look forward to.

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Awake1111 (18 posts)
6 years ago (2018-08-22)
Shadow beings are extraterrestrials these beings can shapeshift so say for example you really like animals well they can appear to look like 1 in order to calm you down. I have been in contact w these beings since a child they are the greys. If you remove fear they will talk to you they are not evil they are millions of years ahead of us travel diff dimensions and speak telepathically. They observe you as shadows. Have you ever seen a ufo before?
Manafon1 (6 stories) (712 posts)
6 years ago (2018-07-15)
Hi Michael - Thanks for responding to several questions put to you. I went on to your profile and read several of your articles. First, I really want to state how sorry I am to read of all the abuse you have suffered in your life. Nobody should have to go through the nightmares you have. This is the delicate part. You have stated several times, in your account here and in your comment, that you are a medical doctor, yet you do not mention that in any of your articles on booksie. You do state that you have been in psychotherapy for many years and you do have a remarkable knowledge of the medications you have been on. Is this what you mean when you write that you have "studied psychiatry and psychology and medicine in general for 23 years?

As you were in the military until, I believe 1998, I was curious to know when you went to medical school and became an M.D.? You also state you suffered a traumatic brain injury after a car accident this last January. Is it possible that this injury has caused you to believe things have happened that haven't? Details are all important in narratives like yours and you have added several major elements in your comment that you left out of your initial account. A big one is that you grabbed a gun off your nightstand and shot at the cat-like creature you saw. If you aren't completely clear on the details of your own account it wouldn't make sense for the YGS community to speculate on what you experienced.

Maybe someone else on YGS will have something to add but I don't feel there is anything else I can with the information you've provided. As I stated in my earlier response, many of the things you have experienced are widely reported paranormal phenomena but there are too many variables for me to conclude that what you experienced wasn't psychological. I certainly wish you the best though.
MichaelSipes76 (1 stories) (1 posts)
6 years ago (2018-07-14)
I need to clarify a few things and answer some very good questions that were raised by my account of what happened. I stated that I was dreaming of my grandmother and talk in my sleep. I woke up from sleep and was sitting up, leaning on one arm when I saw the green orb enter through the bedroom window and move to the front of the bed. My eyes were wide open, I was awake and very curious although when I saw the creature that looked like a cat stuck to the side of the wall just above the window I was frozen in fear. It had a more human face, large sharp pointed teeth, and red eyes. I had never seen that before and that is why I was literally frozen. However when the four shadow people appeared I was not afraid and said out loud, I am not afraid you are welcome here. I was somewhat afraid when I felt one move over my body, however, I then decided to try and touch it, passing my hand through it, feeling nothing. As far as my grandfather's death is concerned, he was released from the Huntington VAMC to die at home. His physician said he would most likely die in 45 minutes. My Mother said he was conscious all the way home and yes she did drive very fast because the normal amount of time needed to make the trip from the VAMC to his home is about an hour and 15 minutes. He said he wanted to go home and be in his bed with his dog named Harry. I was at work when I received a call from my Mother telling me he was being released from the VAMC to die at home. Yes my driving 140mph was reckless, however, everyone only lives once and I would never have the chance to be with my grandfather again and there was nothing on Earth that was going to keep me from getting to Elkview and being there ready to get him out of the car and into his bed. Sometimes there are things in life that transcend the "law" and we have to make decisions that are based on human need. There is a name for this and it alludes me at this moment, possibly because I have a traumatic brain injury after a motor vehicle accident in January of 2018.
I need to clarify my experiences with sleep paralysis, talking in my sleep etc. I have been a very lucid dreamer for years and began talking in my sleep many years ago. I have recorded myself to hear what I would say which was a hodgepodge of things. However when I have seen these shadow people I was woken from sleep and my eyes were open, and I was trying to leave the room, however, I was stricken with extreme fear. After being visited multiple times I was no longer afraid of the shadow people and would sit up and try to talk to them, assuring them it was okay and that I was not afraid. Why I did this, is because it was such a unique experience I did not want it to come to an end but explore it more. I am a medical doctor and have studied psychiatry and psychology and medicine in general for 23 years. I am very well aware of sleep paralysis and so on.
I understand my story needed clarification because I immediately got out of bed right after the experience and drew a picture of what I saw and wrote down an account as detailed as I could remember and quite quickly. Lastly, since I was awake during this incident and could move around freely, I did grab my gun which was on the nightstand next to the bed, not a good idea to have it there, but anyhow, I shot a hole through the window glass where the creature that resembled a cat sat. I did this because I had never seen it before and was at first, frozen in fear, as if it was feeding off my fear, that's just how I felt. So there are other facts that I can add if asked the right question. I don't take questions or comments in any particular manner and welcome them. I posted my story because I was looking for answers and others who may have experienced the same and could tell me their experience. If there are any questions, please ask them. There are no stupid questions, only stupid people. Thanks, MDSJRMD
Abhishkar (2 posts)
6 years ago (2018-07-13)
If you need any kind of help then you can inbox me my email id is thapasanskar049 [at]
Manafon1 (6 stories) (712 posts)
6 years ago (2018-07-07)
Hi Michael - I have seen what are often described as shadow people before but have never felt fear. Your account is interesting but a few points need clarification. You state, "I was dreaming of my Grandmother and was talking in my sleep. I know I was because I have done so for a long time and hear myself talking in my sleep but do not realize I am asleep". You then describe seeing a demonic, grey skinned, red eyed creature followed by a laser like light scanning the room and a green orb which then changed into a human-like silhouette made up of what looked like black smoke. You then go on to state, "I was not asleep because I was sitting up leaning on my right arm..."

In your narrative you never state that you woke up and as you have had many instances where you don't realize you're asleep, why would this case be any different? It sounds like you very well could have been having a dream and woke up soon afterwards to use the bathroom and get your flashlight.

You then write about the sad passing of your grandfather and how your Mother took him out of the VA hospital so he could die at home but there are points that need further explanation. You write, "She drove like a race car driver, going well over 120 and was stopped by a state trooper, who was an idiot because he wanted to check with the VA hospital first before letting her go..." and "She could not wait any longer and took off in her Volkswagen Passat at full speed, leaving the trooper behind". Do you mean that the trooper didn't persue a person evading them? Even if she was able to shake him he certainly would have had her license number and she would have been soon apprehended.

You then state you drove at 140 mph in your Mustang to get to your grandfather's bedside. Besides endangering a lot of innocent people the state troopers in West Virginia sound very inept. It's also not clear if your Mother took your grandfather from the hospital without permission. I was also curious to know why you bathed your grandfather after he passed and tied cloth around his head to keep his mouth from setting in an open position. Wouldn't calling the county coroner be the thing to do?

If it seems like I am nitpicking your account apart it's because all the facts need to be clear to have an understanding of what occurred. If the above segments leave many unanswered questions then it's likely there are other hazy or incomplete elements. Much of what you describe are regularly reported paranormal occurrences. I have heard strange thumpings and have seen apparitions, strange lights and so on in my lifetime. I don't dispute you have experienced paranormal activity. To get the best possible understanding of what you experienced though you need to clarify several points. The biggest one is whether you were awake for the first incident you document.

I really hope you know I ask these questions just to have a clear picture of what you experienced. I hope you are open to a continuing dialogue.
valkricry (49 stories) (3275 posts) mod
6 years ago (2018-07-05)
There are many on this site whom have encountered shadow beings and orbs (I'm not one of them - sorry), so hopefully you will get some of the feed back you seek.
CuriousDee (8 stories) (631 posts)
6 years ago (2018-07-05)

Welcome to YGS. First, my condolences on the loss of your grandfather. Second, please know that the YGS community is a safe place to share your experiences. You are definitely not alone in your beliefs or experiences.

My first thought after reading the description of the grayish creature is wondering if it's possible you were in an in between state of sleep and awake? There is something called Hypnagogia and Hypnopompic hallucinations. It causes the person to see or hear strange things that are basically dream figments... In other words, your brain makes up strange images or sounds because you are caught in that in between state. It's fairly common. I myself have experienced it many times. I would suggest doing some research on this to see if you think it fits.

As for the green orb, this is also a fairly common phenomenon. Myself and my daughter have witnessed orbs too (not to mention, many YGS members). Your experience sounds fascinating. I'm glad you weren't frightened. 😊

Shadow people are widely reported and there are differing thoughts and opinions on the subject. For example; They could be a spirit/ghost not able to manifest fully, a 'time traveler', a person slipping in and out of dimensions, etc. The possibilities are endless.

It very well could be your grandfather making himself known or just saying Hi. If you don't feel frightened, that's a good indicator. 😊

I'm sure there will be others that have experienced something similar and will chime in here. Thanks for sharing!


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