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The Ghost Principal


In 2013 I was in 7th grade, I was in the band for Ware Shoals Junior High. We had a winter concert coming up and one day in early December, my band director sent me and my friend Lee to a small room above the auditorium to grab a few extra stands and music books. The idea of doing that terrified me as the school had more than one ghost story about the auditorium and that room in particular.

When the school was first created we had a female principal, who's name had been lost in history. One night after everyone had gone home, she stayed to complete paperwork and was attacked by someone who had broken in, getting pushed over the banister and her neck broken on impact. After that happened she haunted that part of the school, including the auditorium and all of the rooms near it.

I believed that story completely, having no reason not to. Lee and I made our way to the room, Lee staying on the steps to wait for me as I went in, since she had problems with her legs and couldn't quite walk up the stairs completely. As soon as I walked into the room the temperature seemed to drop, chilling me even through the thick jacket I wore. I shook it off at first as it just being an old building, but then the door slammed shut behind me as I picked up two of the stands nearby. I turned and called out to Lee, and from her voice I could tell she was still on the steps, and I would have heard her running up and down them. I turned back around and grabbed a third stand, stopping when I felt someone's eyes on me. I turned back around and saw some dark shape staring at me, blocking the door and preventing me from leaving. A chilling voice came out and asked me why I was here so late, and I couldn't reply as my voice had somehow stopped working. The shape walked towards me, getting clearer with each step. It had brown hair pulled into a bun, its neck twisted abnormally and its eyes a burning red black. It yelled for me to get out, and I threw a stand at it, running out of the room and grabbing Lee on my way out. We made it back to the band room and I went into the director's office, telling her everything I saw and heard. She was silent for a moment before shaking her head and looking at me. She informed me that Lee and I weren't allowed to go the auditorium alone anymore, and I nodded.

A few days later we had our concert, and through the whole thing I could see the shape staring at me, almost as if she was waiting for me to get off stage.

Let's just say I never went into the auditorium without at least 3 other people again.

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RCRuskin (9 stories) (710 posts)
3 years ago (2019-04-05)
Hi, Vic. Interesting story. One would think that a murder would make the news. And doing a search, I do find a murder of the district superintendent, supposedly the first to hold that post.

A search of hauntings reports this ghost haunts the high school auditorium.

This is just me, but if I was in a room and the door slammed suddenly, I'd be making sure I could open it again and prop it open before grabbing another music stand. Just saying 😁

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