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A Principal's Last Goodbye


To start you off with some background, I have been attending my current school for three years now, and this happened on the last day of my second year. For a while before, we had a kind principal, whom I will call Mr Phil for sake of anonymity. He was always a joy to be around and was well known to the student body and remembered almost all our names. (We have a relatively small student body, about a thousand kids in 13 separate grades) I personally interacted with him maybe a dozen or so times over the two years I was there, but to many others, he had been in their lives for up to seven years, and had far more personal relationships with him.

Towards the end of 2016, he sadly passed away from cancer. The whole school was devastated, and there wasn't a dry eye in his memorial assembly.

For my specific story, we were at a different venue for our 2016 end of year presentations. It was a large, public concert hall with multiple levels of seating, however the student body took up the bottom, the parents the second and the third was empty with the exception of a few lighting and set crew members.

The assembly went for quite a few hours, and I was seated to the left of the stage, where I could see both the upper levels as they were up the back. After about an hour and a half, I began getting unsettled, although I had no reason to be, so I brushed it off as boredom. I began glancing about the hall, trying to find something to capture my attention for a while, when I saw him. Up in the very corner of the third floor, was a gently glowing figure of a man. No features, just the glowing body of a man. It wasn't blinding, just like a soft, gentle light. It looked as if he was looking out on the stage, watching the presentation. Mesmerized, I continued to watch him as he walked out from the corner, through the banister and out onto thin air, before pausing, floating in midair. I was about to turn to my friend next to me to point it out when a sudden wave of fatigue washed over me, and I put my head in my lap to try and block it out. When I raised my head, I found the figure was nowhere to be seen and I did not feel fatigued at all. I decided to keep this to myself so as to not cause a commotion among my friends but I was sure I was not the only one who saw him.

Afterwards, I texted a close personal friend of mine, who happens to be able to sense the paranormal, to tell her what I had saw, but she brushed it off as a trick of the light, although she did say that the room had a very weird calm, serene feel to it for a few seconds, even though we usually are quite anxious or bored.

What do you guys think?

I like to believe that was Mr Phil saying goodbye to his beloved school one last time.

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Jubeele (26 stories) (886 posts)
7 years ago (2017-10-19)
Hi ProjectGrenade, I enjoyed reading your well-written account. I'm glad you had such a positive influence in your school life. Mr Phil's spirit will surely continue to enrich all the lives that he touched. I do believe there are souls who linger briefly to say goodbye to those they love most before moving on.

Whatever the reason, it was a good experience to cherish. 😊

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