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Gretel And Moe


I have read many stories on this site where people have said that their departed pets have returned to comfort them.

Eleven years ago both of my cats, Gretel and Moe, were killed by my sister's dog. I was staying with her while I was moving into a new house.

A long time passed during which I was inconsolable.

I felt like it was my fault and I should have never left the house. I kept reliving my sister's words to me.

She said they found Moe with a broken neck under some knocked over boxes in the laundry room floor. Somehow Gretel had climbed her way up an empty wall to a high shelf and was balled up and they thought she was just terrified. They brought her down and blood was coming from her mouth. She died on the way to the vet. They waited until I got there to tell me because they didn't want me to get in a wreck driving home. I'll never forget the word she used. Surreal. She said that the lock on the dog door had been broken in and that the dog in question was sleeping on the floor nearby. Nobody is as protective over your pets as you are.

All hours of the day I would hear cat activity going on around me. I would hear their jingle ball toys even though I had them put up in a drawer. I heard something going at the scratching post sometimes and it was put away in the closet. At least half of the times I would open a door I would feel a little cat rush past my ankles on it's way out the door. All of these things happened in the new house that my cats had never been in.

This went on for long enough that I visited a psychiatrist. It troubled me to the point where I couldn't sleep.

The psychiatrist told me that what I was experiencing was like my mind playing tricks and that when someone is used to certain things happening after specific triggers then their mind can have them relive it. I don't remember his exact wording but be assured that it was infinitely better than mine. He also said that my feeling of guilt plays a role. Then he let me know that I hadn't lost my mind.

All of that sounds good but I worked in a busy pharmacy then and I work in another one now. I experience a tremendous amount of persistent and repetitive events every day. I have bad dreams that I have to explain to people that their insurance won't cover their medication and it costs a million dollars. I don't relive any of that when I'm away from it.

Furthermore, his parting words to me that day were: "Cats only live about fifteen years, anyway."

I laughed out of awkwardness and said that was a little insensitive. He must not be an animal lover.

Later that week I went to a craft store and bought some oven-bake clay, made two cat figurines and painted them exactly how they looked. I even made Gretel slightly overweight and I made Moe look aerodynamic. Then I apologized to them and I put them on my bed's headboard. I felt better.

One thing my sister said to me was that the whole event went down about ten paces from where my infant niece was sleeping in her rocker. Later on that thought returned to me and it occured to me that maybe it's possible that they died in her place. Had they not been the first thing the dog met when it broke in something bad might have happened to my sister's baby. The notion that maybe they saved her life was a help to me.

A long time passed and I no longer believe the dog would have attacked my niece. My cats were new animals in it's territory and it hated cats. Not necessarily small creatures in general.

I do think it was my cats visiting me when I was heartbroken. Wishing to make me feel better and stop beating myself up.

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Lealeigh (4 stories) (277 posts)
3 months ago (2019-10-08)
Hi terranigma,

It struck my heart when you said: "I can't even afford to kill my cat".

A friend of mine had a cat named "Mouse". He was a "Havana Brown", he said. The same thing you described happening to Mishy also happened to Mouse. It's terribly painful to go through. The veterinarian told my friend that blockage can happen if you frequently change brands of cat food.

I wish my friend had heard of that because it broke his heart. I haven't spoken to him in years because he's something of a drifter.

I always remember what the vet said about the food. I wonder if my cat ever gets tired of the same thing. He doesn't look like it.

I think Mishy stayed by you after he passed until he felt that you were okay.

Thank you for reading my story, Maria ❤
terranigma (9 stories) (66 posts)
3 months ago (2019-10-08)
Awe I am sorry for your loss. When am animal dies it feels like a piece of your heart breaks away and dies... But I take comfort knowing that while they were alive they had the best of care and were well loved and spoiled.

When I had to get my cat Mishy put down because of a blockage in his urinary tract I was inconsolable. I am a tall 6ft 1 man who is built like a brick house and when I was at the vet standing at the front desk the lady asked me how I'd like to pay for my cats euthanasia. I cryed loudly "I can't even afford to kill my cat!" I did not have much money back then but luckily I qualified for a thing called vet pay we have in Australia where they loan you credit for vet bills.

I was happy he was not in pain any more but every night I would cry and just as I would be falling asleep it would feel like a cat jumping on my bed like Mishy did to snuggle up to sleep. He was all black when he was alive and all through the house I would see a black shadow the size of a cat running around the house. Sometimes in my half awake half asleep moments it felt like I was petting him, I could even feel his thick soft fur with my fingers and hand. But as soon as I stopped crying he went away and I've not seen him or felt him again.
Lealeigh (4 stories) (277 posts)
4 months ago (2019-10-01)
Hi cobraknights007,
Thank you for the information and for reading my story!
Since then I have adopted a cat who I named:
Freya Viking Goddess

He's a boy but they told me he was a girl. By the time I found out different it was too late. He had fully embraced the name, Freya.

The house where I got him wasn't a good place. The lady of the house said she was going to take all the kittens to the animal shelter. They weren't even quite old enough to be separated from their mother.

So, I took all of the kittens and found homes for them among my family and friends. When I brought Freya home he was jumpy and had a broken tail.

That was nine years ago and these days Freya is a happy and well adjusted little man.

I cannot abide abuse against any animal.

Once again, thank you for reading my story, Maria ❤
cobraknights007 (1 posts)
4 months ago (2019-09-30)
Many city and town chapters, of the Animal Rescue League (the A.R.L.), have adoption programs for different kinds of pets. They often cost very little, and are sometimes even free.
Lealeigh (4 stories) (277 posts)
4 months ago (2019-09-27)
I'm good at making things out of clay. I bought the oven bake clay at Hobby Lobby.
The statues are the size of a salt shaker. Throughout all of my moving around, I have always had them. Now they are in the bathroom on the counter.

Thank You for reading my story! - Maria ❤
Cherubim (12 stories) (188 posts)
4 months ago (2019-09-26)
Oh Lealeigh, this is so sad and I'm very sorry for the loss of your beloved cats! 😢 I think they were there to cheer you up and remind you nothing really dies. I love how you made little statues of your cats. They know you love them too. That's wonderful that your heart is big enough to adopt a new cat. ❤ Thank you for sharing.
silverthane61 (2 stories) (192 posts)
4 months ago (2019-09-26)
My pleasure, Lealeigh! I sent you a story of my pet via email. I hope it makes you feel better about the loss of your cats.
Lealeigh (4 stories) (277 posts)
4 months ago (2019-09-26)
Hi silverthane61,
Yes, I didn't even try to mention to my doctor that I thought it was their actual spirits who were conducting their usual cat business.

I didn't want to get that look from him. I did consider what he said and I know he meant well.

I felt better after I made the little statues and I felt like I had something to apologize to. Like a focal point.

Two years later I adopted another cat who runs this whole house and it's people. Named Freya Viking Goddess.

Thank You for reading my story, Maria ❤
silverthane61 (2 stories) (192 posts)
4 months ago (2019-09-26)
I have a story where my childhood dog appeared to me and saved my life from my being impaled by a falling tree, so yes, I do believe in the phenomena. However, as to your Psychiatrist, I know he meant well, but I am of the opinion that such individuals do not put much stock in the paranormal. My wife still has dreams of her beloved German Shepherd who had passed away. I hope you find peace.
Lealeigh (4 stories) (277 posts)
4 months ago (2019-09-26)
Hello Aliceinlamplight,
I think so too. I think they knew I needed that because it was so abrupt and I needed to say goodbye.
Thank you for reading my story. I'm happy that your beloved dalmatian was able to tell you she was feeling well again.

Best Wishes, Maria ❤
Aliceinlamplight (5 posts)
4 months ago (2019-09-26)
I believe that our pets do visit us after they have passed. My husband and I had to bid farewell to our very elderly Dalmatian nearly 7 years ago, as at 17 years of age, she no longer had a good quality of life, losing her ability to walk. It was a very devastating time for us. During the months that followed her passing, at different times, one or the other of us would hear the very distinctive sound of her claws tapping on our timber floors as if she were walking around. This was a sound that was very familiar in our household while she was still alive and in better health. I believe it was her paying us a visit from time to time and letting us know that she was able to walk again now. Perhaps your cats were sharing a similar message with you - shooting past your legs to let you know they are now both okay. 😊

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