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When I was at high school, in year 10, my drama teacher told me and my fairly small class that she'd seen a ghost. The drama studio had a balcony which used to be used to watch small drama productions, but it was just used as a storage space when I was there.

Apparently, he wore Victorian attire and sat on one of the seats up there. She'd noticed him briefly and shouted at him to get down, thinking it was a student. Her colleague asked who was up there, which diverted her attention, and when she looked back he was gone.

It became a running joke in class, although I was scared of it. I always sat with my back to the balcony and never dared look up there. My friends would always prank me, saying they could see him, and then laugh at my look of terror.

It got boring after a while and we all either forgot or assumed she was making it up. The only remnants of the story was a bin with a face the boys drew on it.

I started staying late after school to go to homework club. I'd leave around 4. My route was usually done so that I'd exit through the doors of the English corridor, in hope that I would find my favourite teacher and get to talk to her. On this day, she wasn't in so I decided to go the quicker way.

As I was walking down the computer corridor, I heard a conversation between my head of year and my drama teacher. I stopped and listened because I imagined it might be about this boy who'd walked out of drama class earlier that day. It wasn't.

My drama teacher said that someone had been messing about with the entrance to the storage cupboard, which also leads to the balcony.

The head of year said that the camera shows the door opening by itself.

After a few seconds, I assume they were looking at the camera, my drama teacher said,

"But I heard someone rummaging around up there."

I felt so scared, like paralyzed on the spot, but I moved past the office anyway and turned to go down the corridor. As I moved past the drama studio, I turned my head away in case I saw anything.

The next day, in drama, the teacher told us what had happened with the door and the storage cupboard. There was more than I had eavesdropped on.

She had heard the rustling and moving of items up there and her colleague had heard it too. They also heard 2 male voices. They went to check, but found no one. She asked to see the cameras so she could catch whoever did it. That's what I heard the previous evening.

She still had her keys, as did her colleague and it was unlocked from the inside.

After that, we were told to go up there to get some props. We all piled in the entrance to the stairs and no-one wanted to be first up there. One of the boys eventually put one foot on the first step. That's when our drama teacher yelled up to the balcony,

"You shouldn't be trying on the costumes, take it off!"

You had never see seven 14-year olds move out of a room so fast in all your life.

The teacher came out of the studio, looking quite pale and told us she'd seen the ghost. She thought it was one of us at first, but then he disappeared.

She left after that and we moved rooms for drama.

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sophiethunder (guest)
4 years ago (2020-06-27)
I don't know. We never used it again. I think the year 7's might've used it after we left. I can't imagine a whole studio being left indefinably.
Nelson_but_not_Mandela (12 posts)
4 years ago (2020-06-27)
I like it when teachers have a big mouth, one of my teachers was going through a divorce and would spend half of the lesson taking about his *itchy ex-wife. 😁
Alina5 (3 stories) (136 posts)
4 years ago (2020-06-27)
Hello Sophiethunder,

I always have a curious mind towards your narratives. This incident must've instigated a lot of rumours as happens after any such events in most of the schools.

The ghost probably took much of an interest in your dramas and hence, wanted to reserve a balcony spot to enjoy.

Was the previous drama room abandoned ever since?

Were there any further sightings of this Victorian gentleman in that room? Especially as for your drama teacher who seemed to be the center witness of this entity.


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