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We've had a history of living in houses with strange occurances. So many that we used to think, was it us or the house? But it's been house after house of supernatural experiences...

I have come to think, for's the houses and not us that are haunted. One reason I believe this is because in 2016 we were seeking help from a team of exorcists, priests and laypeople in that field as we were having a lot of issues with one home.

A woman with paranormal abilities we consulted who referred to herself as a "seer" told us it was not *us* but the houses... We had been living in a very active house that to this day is difficult for me to talk about and changed me and our family, forever.

We did move, thankfully, to spiritually safer locations.

More recent houses we lived in did have suspicious activity but I question things, and am so very skeptical.

From 2017-2019 we lived in a house built in 1901. (You just gotta wonder about all the history these turn of the century beauties witnessed.) Loved the house, but it needed work.

A month after moving in, my son Tom, who was 13 at the time, had an experience that jarred him.

He was in middle school, which had an early bus pick up time. The routine was he got up just before 6am. He'd eat, dress, get ready. (Point being, he'd be fully awake.) I'd help him gather his things and I would then go back to bed before I had to start getting his siblings up for the grade school bus.

As soon as I laid back down, my son came running up the stairs and jumped into bed with me in distress screaming there was a ghost downstairs. My big boy was white and shaking, clearly upset. Hysterical.

At first I thought he was joking, but the more he went on, I realized he wasn't joking.

He said he went to the living room and saw a shadow man close to 6 feet tall, all in black standing in the middle of the room looking at our record player, which was one of those newer models that are designed to look old. They are brown and boxy with that fake antique look. Anyway the shadow man was looking at it and then eventually walked into the record player and absorbed himself into it and disappeared. It didn't bother or engage Tom, but still, from the trauma of our earlier house that things were very bad with, my son had a panic attack at the mere sight of another possible ghostly form.

Logically, I thought, maybe it was a real man who broke in, and maybe he was hiding near the record player crouched down.

I went downstairs, turned all the lights on and did a search of the rooms. Nothing. Meanwhile, Tom was literally terrified. I kept saying, are you sure it wasn't your brother... No... Are you sure you didn't imagine it... No... Are you sure you didn't fall asleep and dream it?

Tom never saw it again but he still feels what he saw was real.

No one else in the family ever saw anything else while we lived there, although my husband swore he heard voices and footsteps in the hallway on several occasions... I also *think* I heard footsteps coming up the stairs and down the hallway on several occasions but I guess you could say I just didn't want to allow myself to entertain the reality of that.

I suppose it's a possibility that Tom was having a flashback of sorts or it's also a possibility that something followed us from the previous home or even something that was attached to our then, 1901 home.

In 2019-currently, we moved again to a rental house built in 1940. It's nice, but it has a lot of stairs. There are a series of cement steps and landings from the street to the house. I didn't want to move there because of the steps. I joked saying there's so many steps it's enough to cause a heart attack. Our landlord half laughed but said, one of his workers/painters when preparing it was walking up and had a heart attack and died inside the doorway at the foot of the staircase Uhhhh! So terrible!

Because of several obligations, one being my elderly relative is in walking distance a few houses down and in need of constant care, we agreed to move in anyway.

A few days after we moved, junk mail addressed to the previous owners came. They had an unusual name so I decided to Google them. An article popped up saying the man who lived here died in the home. He was a in his 30s, a father, loved history reenactment with costumes. The pictures in the article showed him standing at the bottom of our staircase. There were costumed hats hanging on the wall behind him in a decorative pattern. I looked at the wall and there were holes there where the hats had been hanging in the picture. That, kind of gave me the willies when I looked at the photos. Just something about it, gave me a connection to the person and I felt like I could sense him.

The next day, kids at school. I'm home alone and I see a ball explosion of blindingly white light in the spot at the bottom of the steps. I just stared at it and thought, hmmm, did I just see that? Oddly, it was right at the same spot that I saw the previous owner standing in the photographs. I'd say it lasted a full 5 seconds.

Over the next few days, early mornings, I'd see a smaller, quicker, 2-3 second version of the same thing. A flash of white light in the same spot, but smaller and fainter...

After the first month, I haven't seen it again.

I think, is there a plausible explanation? Could it be an electrical issue? But there are no outlets in that location. I'm looking for plausible other possibilities. If it was something, was it the man who had lived there... Or the worker who died in the home?

One of my daughters, Sylvie, was very affected by spiritual activity in previous houses. In one home, there was a *thing* in her closet. A shadow man. That experience has traumatized her to this day. So, the topic is very sensitive to her.

She came to me recently and said that she thinks this house has something in it. I try to reassure her with logical things she is experiencing. I'm still unsure if she is imagining things, still traumatized by earlier experiences. We have talks often of how much the shadow man has affected her. For her. It's on a level of terror that we have seen therapists. So, it's really hard for me to discern if it could be happening again or just a replay in her mind of the prior past incidents.

Mostly, she says with this house, *it* is in the basement.

Her chore, which she really loves, is laundry. She loves to wash and fold everyone's laundry and finds it relaxing with the clean, fresh, lavender oil scents. So, she will go alone to the laundry room in the basement. Here, she says something touches her from behind, touches her hair and shoulders. She does not like it or find it cool. It bothers her. She says doors open down there and she hears footsteps.

I tell her to pay it no mind, but that's more out of reassurance. I'm not sure if it's real or not... I guess I don't want to believe it. Could she be re-imagining it from prior trauma she experienced? We talk openly about it and mostly I just want to think that no matter what, I'll protect her and she will be ok.

I'd like to hear theories.

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t_bev (3 stories) (32 posts)
4 years ago (2020-09-01)
LuciaJacinta - I just wanted to say I think it's awesome that you're so open with your kids. It seems so easy to want to deny things happening in an effort to protect your kids from further fear of the unknown; but typically that means you dismiss what they're seeing/feeling. Whether intentional or not.
LightMight (4 stories) (137 posts)
4 years ago (2020-08-22)
Hi LuciaJacinta,

I can relate to your story in more ways than one; I was a child dealing with the paranormal at a young age, then I became the parent of a child experiencing the paranormal.

I applaud you for giving your daughter reassurance, and making her feel secure while she shares her experiences with you. She's fortunate to have a parent that she can confide in, and that she feels comforted by.

I agree with a lot of the previous posts here. With that being said, maybe your daughter can start keeping an open journal of each & every experience she has had since moving into this home? It could help document the current events, and possibly help you determine if this is old 'replay', or if these are more recent events going on...

Best Wishes, Light Might
FarEndofSpectrum (6 stories) (38 posts)
4 years ago (2020-07-22)
Hello, LuciaJacinta.

I agree with the opinion that you should use stern commands to dissuade the spirit from contacting you again. Something else that works for me is carrying around some iron and something to create fire with. I do not know if it'll work for you, but for me, when something overtly paranormal is happening, lighting a fire while waving a pocket knife made of steel around mellows things, and allows me to escape the situation. If you do not trust your daughter with a lighter, you could give her something small and iron. Again, this is simply something that has let me get out of trouble. It's not a permanent solution, and I can give no guarantee it'll work for you too.
Caz (342 posts)
4 years ago (2020-07-02)
Hi Lucia,
Great comments from everyone, especially Biblio who I totally agree with, so there's nothing much left for me to say. I just wondered if anyone else had considered that those hats may have been deliberately placed to cover up 'existing' holes in the wall!
PS...Your spook doesn't come across as a bad guy, so maybe go easy on him at first and just explain. You can always get tough if he doesn't take heed! Best Wishes to you and your family!
MrsRamsay (guest)
4 years ago (2020-06-30)
Hi, and welcome. What a compelling set of stories! I'm not an expert here at all, just been around a few months, but wanted to share my thoughts. First, believe your kids but don't buy in to their fear, or let them see you be afraid. It's very important to children to know that they're safe, and if you show fear it just adds to an iffy situation. You want them to grow up to be brave and courageous, and to understand that THEY are alive and vital, while (even if we assume this is all true and not fantasies or attention getting things) the other "things" are all past, gone from our world. And not in charge of their wonderful life (that lies ahead!). I don't know if you are religious, but this might be a time to teach them those aspects of your faith that are relevent, and the things your faith says to do when you are afraid. If you are Christian, for example, a Bible verse might be something your kids can hold on to when they are afraid.

Also, I would go with your daughter to the basement when you can, and be there with her. Even if it's not convenient. You need to model fearlessness and set an example. Lead with confidence, and if you feel a touch, I would calmly instruct whomever that touching is definitely OFF LIMITS and NOT OK. I think we too often believe that spirits have bad motives, when maybe they're just trying to get our attention.

As for the younger man who died there, what a tragedy! My first husband died at 32 and I would ask you to understand if in fact he IS there! Perhaps he'll be there to protect. If he was a military reenactor, he was probably a really good guy who honored the ideals of our forefathers and the soldiers who fought for our freedoms and fought to protect people. I'll take that kind of a ghost any day! Just have some empathy... Maybe he just wants to know that his home is ok.
The shadow man looking at the record player is the most compelling. Can dark shadow people be good spirits? Maybe he was reminiscing? As you can see, I'm an optimist. I think respect is one of the most important things, however. When spirits see that you respect the home, it's quite possible they'll stop visiting you! Above all, show your kids that they don't have to be afraid. They've lived through other places and are still here! In fact, they might be able to believe how special it is that they've experienced this's a glimpse into a world few others get to see or experience. Best wishes. Please update us!
Alina5 (3 stories) (136 posts)
4 years ago (2020-06-30)
Hello LuciaJacinta,

The previous comments are certainly more insightful than I could be considering I have zero expertise on this context whatsoever.

About the incident of the staircase man, I would say "ball lightning" can't be a satisfactory term since it does involve certain electrical short-circuits in that area. Considering any short-circuit in the middle of a staircase without any heavy electrical equipment nearby does seem a bit off to me. Also you have witnessed the same bright light at different time intervals, first one lasting for 5 secs and the other one for 2-3 secs whereas ball lightning is a consistent phenomena and you can observe the source from where it happened after it occurs, which doesn't seem to be in your case.

Regarding the incident with your daughter I support Biblio's statement on this matter. Whatever the entity might be as long as your daughter has a weird feeling about it, it can be potentially harmful. It is better to consult an exorcist or perform a cleansing ritual to somehow subside this event.

I believe there are certain things which we can't debunk no matter how we try and that's when we understand a glimpse of "paranormal" which we "normally" can't explain.

Bibliothecarius (9 stories) (1091 posts)
4 years ago (2020-06-29)
Greetings, LuciaJacinta.

I'm going to disagree with Lealeigh's 3rd point as politely as I possibly can. If Sylvie claims she is experiencing paranormal activity --albeit far less traumatically than her previous experiences-- then I would suggest that you take her claims seriously & act upon them as you see fit. It may be that the current entity only requires a stern warning to leave your daughter alone because she finds the interaction upsetting.

Personal perspective time: I spent several years living in a house in which my parents continually told me that my experiences & fears were in my imagination, only to find out decades later that my dad had experienced the same fears in the same damn room. It took me quite some time to get past that dismissal of my fears & my trying to shut down my empathic senses because I wanted to believe that my parents had been telling me the truth, in spite of what I could feel.

Perhaps, in light of my personal experience, I'd err on the side of belief to reassure your daughter. I'm not suggesting you call in an exorcist or anything, as the actions of this basement entity are not overtly threatening. The fact that Sylvie is willing to continue doing laundry alone in the basement shows great strength of character on her part; giving her a little spiritual support would be my recommendation to alleviate her stress and resolve the tension peacefully.

Lealeigh (5 stories) (512 posts)
4 years ago (2020-06-29)
Hi LuciaJacinta,

I think most shadow people are kind of like blips in our reality - most of the time. If they don't interact then maybe they are not really "here" even though some part of them can be seen. I saw a shadow person, clear as day, when I was seventeen. He didn't interact with me and I never saw it again; but I knew it wasn't my imagination or a trick of the lighting. He was a black silhouette of a man, standing against the bright sunshine coming through the kitchen door window. I'm not an expert, obviously, as I have only ever seen one in my life; but some people talk about these things interacting with them.

About your blinding white light: some people will say it was ball lightning. I don't know if that would be the case with yours. It keeps going in the same place. I would like to think that it had something to do with the previous owner. It seems nice to think that he had a connection with your home - although, I think it would be a little unnerving the see the holes in the wall where the hats used to be.

Your instinct to tell your daughter to ignore what she feels in the basement is probably the right instinct. It doesn't seem to be harmful, if it hasn't scared her away from going into the basement at all. It's hard to say since you have been there less than a year. I hope it is her imagination; but you will do what's right.

Maybe your family is attractive to spirits or energy because you have kids that are going through adolescence.

- Maria

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