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Woman Who Hung Herself


This is a real story that happened to my sister and well us. Forgive me for my grammar.

The year was 2012. December.

Three of our families deside to visit Namunukula. This place is covered with mountains, trees and flowers. It's cold and mostly raining the whole day. I think we went there on our December school holidays as a two-day trip. For this trip, our relatives join with us.

I was happy because I have never been to Namunukula before. So early in the morning, around 3 am we left Colombo. We were having so much fun while travelling. I went with my mother, father, and sister, while our cousins join with us later.

We took Rathnapura road to travel. And it took like 10 hours for us to reach our destination. Normally it says like 5 hours on google if you check. But it took us near 10 hours because we stop in many places before we reach Namunukula. We play, we eat and many other things. So it took us so much time.

Around 4 pm, we arrived at Namunukula. Earlier we thought it will be so cold like Nuwara Eliya. But it was not. Not at that time. So none of us wear any jerseys.

Our Bungalow we decided to stay in, had 4 rooms. And it was located on top of a small mountain. And As soon we arrived, We pick our room and our cousins choose the other two rooms.

Around 5 pm after we eat some snacks and my Bappa (My mother's sister's husband) decided to walk around. We saw a small cliff that has small houses and probably a beautiful view on the top of the cliff. So all of us decide to go for a walk while my sister (lazier than anyone) decided to stay at the Bungalow to get some rest. So we left her with our granma alone.

After we arrived, my lazy sister ran to me and mom. She said she saw a creepy dream of a woman hanging herself and dying. She said she felt like she was there when it happen. I remember seeing my sister sweating from the terror that day. But as a normal person, I laugh at her. But my mother calms her down.

That night she couldn't stop talking about her dream. And it was the same night I got a bit sick because of the weather. Around 10 pm suddenly the power went off. We all were so tired but most of us stay awake singing in the candlelight. After a while when it's near 12 we all decided to jump into our beds to sleep. Power was gone and none of us feels good about it.

I slept next to my mother on the same bed while my sister slept on the other single bed. My father chooses to sleep near the window. As soon as my head hit the pillow I fell asleep.

After a while I heard my mother talking to my sister which wakes me up. I don't know the time. But I discover the power is back on. But what creeps me out was what I heard My sister keep saying to my mom. She again saw that woman hanging herself. She was so afraid. I remember my mother making her some tea that night. None of us sleeps well that night.

The next morning we wake up early morning and went out. And that was when we discover another story. It happens to one of my cousins.

Someone knocks and wakes one of our cousins last night. She said that she was creeped out when she heard someone knocking on the door. She first thought it was one of us. But later she discovers it wasn't. She angrily closes the door and walks back to bed, But then suddenly her door bang even waking her husband. She said she ran towards the door and open it to catch the person she thought one of us. But she said she didn't see a person. By that time the power was gone and she said a weird feeling overpowers her heart. She said immediately start to smell something weird. In Sri Lanka we call it Peretha ganda. Some demon smell. And she closed the door and went back to bed. But for the rest of the night, she was awake just the way we are.

We all share the creepy experience that happens to us that night. And as always in the end we laugh at it.

After having a warm bath we all join to have breakfast and to plan where to go for the day. And it was then we realize the most creepiest reason behind our problem.

The man who cooks for us at the hose said;

Two days ago, before we arrived a Tamil woman hung herself and died in one of the houses on the mountain. The police were investigating it.

It creeps us, especially my sister got terrified. It seems like she dreams of the same woman who dies hanging herself. We didn't tell the man about a thing that happens to us. That day we left the Bungalow.

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Sleeping-with-steve (guest)
3 years ago (2021-05-07)
Hello Nirwick93,

I couldn't help but chuckle reading how you laughed at your sister when she was destressed and how you laughed off the ordeal. That's something my brother's would do to me. Lol. 😆

I really enjoyed your post. It was filled with family warmth and fun, and, also really spooky.

Somehow the lady who died must have been trying to connect with your sister. Maybe it was suicide, maybe not? I'd be very interested to hear what the investigation results are.

Please keep us posted.

Thank you for sharing your experience.

Best wishes,
Rajine (14 stories) (797 posts)
3 years ago (2021-05-07)
Hi Nirwick93

I'd definitely be running out of there if I had to go through that, perhaps the spirit of the woman is still in that room.
Softie_thunder_thighs (14 posts)
3 years ago (2021-05-07)
This is so scary!
Was the smell like rotten eggs or sulfur? My grandma believes that the smell of sulfur means that Satan is there. 😨

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