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Maybe We Saw Our Deceased Grandfather


This is my first story here. I have been an ardent devotee of real life paranormal experiences and can't wait to share mine.

The story that I am going to share happened with me in 2013. I can tell you with 100% surety that it was not any hallucination or my eyes playing tricks on me because my sister saw it too.

My paternal grandfather passed away in 2008. He was very close to me and my sister. He was a very good human and always helped anyone in need. Every person who knew him was very upset after his death.

It was the night before my grandfather's fifth death anniversary. It was evening and my parents had gone to the market. Before beginning the story, I would like to give a small overview of how my house looks like.

Our room is at the end of the house and the bathroom is right outside our room. I was sitting on the bed with my sister and gossiping with her. My aunt (my father's brother's wife) was in her room teaching tuitions. My grandmother was also not at home. She was maybe at a neighbour's place.

Anyways, me and sis were talking and cracking jokes. All of a sudden we saw a black mist pass in front of our door towards the bathroom. We both saw it. It was not very quick rather quite slow. Naturally we were so scared that we ran to the hall and sat there with my aunt. She went to our room and also checked the bathroom but there was nothing.

We, me and sister, strongly believe it was our grandfather paying a visit to us though no one believed us.

I have many more experiences. Will share them soon.

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Rajine (14 stories) (713 posts)
3 years ago (2021-05-11)
Hi and welcome Prugs

It's always good to have a positive mindset and as you mentioned that this happened a day before your grandfather's 5th death anniversary I'd like to believe that he did come to see your'll. I believe that our loved ones who passed on are always around us, guiding and protecting us with an unseen hand.

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