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I'm an avid reader of this page almost everyday visiting here for some new ghost stories to read.

Way back 2019 I was employed in a manufacturing company in F. Manalo Street, San Juan. I was new there, and everything I saw was new. All I thought was it is just a new starting company to work for.

One time I was assigned on a graveyard shift. Since I was fond of dark and silent places, I really took the challenge to do my shift because no one is around, especially the bosses.

Let me tell you first the set up of the building. It is a five story building with the warehouse at the second floor, and the main office at the third, and the production area at the fourth and fifth floor. To many, the fourth floor has this eerie feeling of something looking at them while working.

However, mine is different. Our office is located on third floor, I always go there to have breaktime, eat my food at the pantry, go to restroom, refill my bottle of water and other stuff. The lights are always dim as we are told to cut electricity consumption at night as there are CCTVs to monitor everything we do, and you will feel that every time you go there, there is the heavy feeling of being watched, and I feel it's not only just one.

I got to eat my dinner in the pantry at 3:00am. I was really, really sleepy that time because of sudden change of shift. As I was eating, there is on my peripheral vision an image of an old lady dressed in old Filipiniana dress, sitting on my right, two chairs away from where I sit, which in my mind I call her "Nanay". Sometimes, in a blink of an eye I saw her sitting in front of supervisor's computer chair. I was not freaked out but instead do my activity with them as I treat them that that is their place and I was the trespasser. Sometimes in my mind I speak "Nay kakain lang po." (Grandma, I'll just eat my food here okay.)

One month I was in that shift. I always feel them they're with me when I'm in the pantry sometimes at 12:00am, mostly at 3:00am, and feel this light feeling which means they're no longer there when time passed to 4:00 am until I end my work at 6:00am.

Sadly, I resigned several months after.

I was later told that before the rebuilding of this company, it was known to manufacture gelatin and carageenan products. I was unsure what caused its demise, but was told that the owner, an old couple, died on the grounds of their once wonderful company, specifically at the third floor where they formerly held their office and deathbed.

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blosomes (3 stories) (30 posts)
4 months ago (2022-08-08)
Hello, just a random guy passing by.

Well, this sure is interesting, did you not do a research on old news and so?

The company can hide lots of things behind you, so it will be the best to do some research before entry 😉

Ryujin ❤
nesty_khuletz (1 stories) (2 posts)
4 months ago (2022-08-07)
Hi ParanormalInvestigator19,

Unfortunately I have not known the full history of the place aside that I have been told the death of the former owners there, and it has been long abandoned before take over of the new owner.
ParanormalInvestigator19 (1 stories) (17 posts)
4 months ago (2022-08-04)
Aside from the history of the old couple that died on the premises was there any other recorded deaths at the building?

Also I do feel as though the spirits were almost acting as guardians in a sense, like they were hanging around and seeing what was going on in the area, and how it was being used in current times.
nesty_khuletz (1 stories) (2 posts)
4 months ago (2022-07-29)
Hi Rajine,

Yes. Most of the workers assigned on night shift told me they've seen some spirits just having their time within the plant premises. No one encountered this old lady maybe because employees other than authorized are not allowed to use the 3rd floor office. I don't feel her presence in any other floors.

I've got this thinking that it is frequented by ghosts because it has long been abandoned building before its re-development.
Rajine (14 stories) (510 posts)
4 months ago (2022-07-28)
Hi nesty_khuletz

It seems like the spirit you encountered was a good on and maybe even attached to that place. Apart from you has anyone else seen anything?

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