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On most nights our cats are locked in the basement because around six am they make a lot of noise meowing asking to be fed. Saturday night to Sunday morning they slept in our bed and, of course, at six am they had to be fed.

My husband went to the kitchen to feed them. At that moment he heard a loud crash like something was thrown behind the fridge. This was not something falling. It was something thrown with force. He looked and my Christmas cookie container, which was on top of the fridge, was now behind. He came to bed and we slept in until noon.

After we woke up, he told me the story. Our fridge is in the centre of a renovated extended wall, facing the fridge. On the right is my box freezer which is up to waist level with a door in front that swings to the right. On the other side of the fridge is my stackable washer and dryer, again with a door in front that swings to the left. So I opened both doors and, yes, my cookie plastic container was behind the fridge and the other items were moved to the back of the fridge. There is about two to three feet behind the freezer, fridge and washer dryer. We asked the kids if they had moved it and, of course, they didn't. We thought of the cats but the doors were closed and there is no way that they could get in there.

I left the kitchen and a few minutes later I heard my husband yell, "OUCH!" I went running into the kitchen and my husband had a blank, stunned look on his face. I asked him what happened and he told me that he was leaning over on top of the freezer with half of his upper body behind the freezer leaning to the left so he could retrieve the cookie container. He couldn't reach it so he dove in deeper and at that moment he became lodged and couldn't pull himself up. This is when he felt a hand grab his hair and pull him up with force.

I have been married to this man for 20 years and we have never experienced anything like this until about a year a half to two years in our new home. My husband has been a Christian all his life and he has a lot of faith, which I lack. He is 54 years of age and he has never experienced this in his life. He said that the hair pulling bit was painful but it actually pulled him out.

I did experience a similar incident about a year ago. I was having a bad night because I was mourning my parents passing. When I woke up in the morning, I started crying and I began to talking to myself about how much I miss my Mom. As I got out of bed, I felt a hand tap me lightly twice on the top of my head. I froze and looked behind me and nothing was there.

We do wonder who this person is? We feel comfortable and safe in our home, we don't feel any negativity at all.

In the beginning I did have paranormal experiences but it stopped for me after I told this spirit to leave and to please stop scaring the kids. We have tried to figure out when this all started and, as I mentioned in my previous posts, we had renovations done. My parents died around that time and the only other thing is that we bought a used recliner. How can I guide this spirit to heaven or to a peaceful place?

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mustang (5 stories) (749 posts)
9 years ago (2013-07-15)
Hi Amihet. I agree with zetafornow. It sounds like you could have more than one entity/spirit/energy in your house. The entity/spirit pulling your husband up from behind the fridge by his hair is crazy! I think that would freak me out the most. I mean couldn't "IT" have pulled him out from up under his arms or something. 😆 You also have had renovations. Is it an older home? What is the history of the home and the land? I don't know about the recliner though. I guess there ARE a lot of people attached to their recliners in life. Could they love it so much that they could still be attached to it in death. If the previous owner even died. Who knows. I don't know. Personally, I don't think the recliner has anything to do with it. You never know though. I have done recordings in my house but I never could build up the courage to actually video tape the things that would go on in my home. I knew that if I had it recorded that it would scare me even worse and I didn't want to see what was going on while I slept or wasn't looking. When you mentioned walking into your kitchen and feeling the static feeling I know exactly what you mean. I have had that experience so many times in my life I could never forget it. Sometimes when I would walk in a room and feel that, I would walk right back out. Sometimes the feeling of it was so strong that it would actually feel like needles. And you are smart NOT to use a Ouji board. That would be a bad idea. I enjoy reading your experiences and hope you can find some answers. I have done so much research but STILL haven't found the answers I am looking for. Sometimes there are no explanations and you just have to let them be just what they are...experiences. I think most of the activity in your home are your parents. Were you close with them? When did the first experience in your home happen? Was it before the renovations and your parents dying?

Shelby 😊
hmb2002 (5 stories) (25 posts)
9 years ago (2013-07-12)
I think it was your mom or dad that tapped you because they knew you were thinking about them and wanted to let you know that they are still with you! ❤
Amihet (5 stories) (94 posts)
9 years ago (2013-05-30)
Thank you all for your input, I am new to all of this and I can tell you that when the paranormal started in my home I denied it. I just couldn't wrap my brain around it. Especially my husband because he always believed that only demons can manifest and manipulate our world. I really don't know who is here, we are shocked to say the least but I am curious, I would like to know who is in my home. My mother was 74 and my father was 73 when they died. My mom was a year older than my dad but they passed 5 weeks apart. I need your help and input but I don't want to send a human spirit into some God-forsaken place. I really have no answers. Sometimes I think it's my parents because my father being an Portuguese immigrant, he was so conscientious of money and spending and he was notorious for turning off lights and turning down the heat. If you read my other posts there is a story about the lights being turned off in my family room. And it was in the middle of the day with the sun shinning so yes my dad would object to having the lights on. Now my mother had a sweet tooth and when she was alive, I baked cakes, cookies and pies for because she couldn't bake or she didn't want to. The touching of my pastries and cake mixer could have been her. I am trying to understand but I truly have no definite answers. I am thinking of hiring a paranormal investigation team to shed some light. I did have one paranormal experience in the hospital when my mother in law was dying and this happened about 10 years ago. I will post it when I have some time.
Thank you for taking the time to read my posts and I am grateful for your input.
zetafornow (4 stories) (447 posts)
9 years ago (2013-05-30)
I think that there are a couple of different things going on here. With the tapping on your head after you had been thinking about your mom and mourning the loss of your parents, I believe it was either your mom or dad. Our loved ones can come back every once in awhile to help us. Sometimes it may seem like the weirdest times or circumstances but it's not as if we can dial direct. I think your parents knew you had been grieving and want to let you know that they are okay and together. As far as the cookie jar... No possibility that the washer and drier being used had sort of shook it against the fridge? Just wondering. I guess I would wait to see if anything else happens. As far as your husband being pulled up by the back of his hair... Could be your mom or dad again.

Now with all of that being said... You certainly have some ingredients for hauntings such as a new home, renovations, a piece of furniture that can have things attached to them. So keep heads up with this and keep us posted.

Thanks, zeta.
Spockie (8 stories) (202 posts)
9 years ago (2013-05-30)
You don't actually know that this is a human spirit, and sometimes if you acknowledge its presence, the spirit becomes stronger and more forceful. If it were me, I'd really just try to ignore it.
Nikky597 (2 stories) (9 posts)
9 years ago (2013-05-29)
I have never actually guided a spirit to the light before, but I did a little research and found this site that explains how to go about doing this.


I hope that this helps. I've also read somewhere that you can light a white candle and imagine that it is the light and talk the spirit into going into it.
Amihet (5 stories) (94 posts)
9 years ago (2013-05-29)
I did try a few times to contact the spirit but I didn't get any response at all. The second time that I tried to contact it, I lost my temper and told he or she and I think its a she to leave my home. I even prayed out loud and after that day things calmed down for a few weeks. When I walked in the kitchen to see if my husband was alright, I felt a presence like a static (electrical) sensation going through my body. One night I heard her in my kitchen again but this time she was touching pastries that were in a plastic-paper container which was on my kitchen counter right in front of my cake mixer which made a lot of noise. We live in a bungalow so I can hear everything from our bedroom if the door is opened. There has been some nights when I wake up and I actually can hear someone in my kitchen rummaging while trying to be as quite as possible. At first I thought it was my son or my cats so I went to investigate but everyone was asleep, the cats were locked in the basement and my pastries were all accounted for. We will have to look into buying a video camera so we can capture whoever this person is on film. As far as a ouji board goes, they scare and I don't feel comfortable messing with it. If anyone has experiences with guiding spirits to the light or heaven please share with me.
CharyWithThePoltergeists (3 stories) (61 posts)
9 years ago (2013-05-29)
Have you ever thought that it may have been your parents? Because father-in-laws sometimes do that sort of thing although ow old were they? Also it seems like your ghost tried to comfort you so it may have been your mother. You say that there is no negativity so it could be. Mabye try to contact this ghost? I cannot really suggest anything but I heard smudging is a good way to rid your house of ghosts. But I think that that is more forcefull so I don't recomend it. Be carefull when trying to contact spirits but since they are not harming you in any way mabye you wil be ok. If you do go down this path try asking them if they want to move on at all AFTER you have asked a couple of POLITE questions. Mabye a ouji board? Dig deep in your history, husbands history and what th heck let's add the house's history to as that can be helpful. Even though I am a teenage/novice 'medium' I do not call myself that because I don't think the term applies to REAL 'medium's' so I STRONGLY DO NOT suggest a 'medium'. Thank you for sharing!

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