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To start the story let me first explain the layout of my house where this experience took place. When you climb up the stairs for the 1st floor on the right you see three rooms (I was the middle one when this happened), my sister was in a room on my left and my mother, brother, uncle and cousin were in the room on my right.

So this just happened now, about half an hour ago, around 5:30 pm, I was in my dad's room crying and there was no one in the room with me. I was walking and crying a lot. Actually I was very worried about my brother. Now as I'm crying I hear a clap or a similar sound from right behind me and when I turn there was no one. At first I thought it was my sister trying to distract me but when I went to her room she was sitting and studying. I asked her whether she came outside or not and she said no and neither did anyone from my mom's room.

So I came back to the room to look for some logic for the sound but nothing had fallen, everything was in its place. If someone had come in the room I would have heard the door open and close. When I heard the sound I was facing the TV so I would have seen the reflection of the person behind me. I didn't get scared by it at all I just panicked a bit but I was alright then. This sound actually distracted me and I forgot my sorrows for sometime.

This room actually belonged to my grandfather, before he got paralyzed and then died in 2019. He died in the ICU but this room belonged to him for about 11-12 years so he really had an attachment with it. Furthermore, being the youngest in all the cousins and staying in the same house with him I was his most favorite grandchild. He never loved anyone like me.

There is not much evidence that it was him but I thought it might be some use sharing it with you all. I have never had a similar experience before. I'll tell my mom about it and see what she thinks.

I know there could be some possibility of it being a non paranormal experience but it helped me control me tears.

Anyways thanks for reading and sorry if you didn't enjoy I'll get better with this writing stuff soon. Helpful comments and questions will be entertained but if I don't answer in a while it means I'm trying to focus on my studies🙂

Take care❤️

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00786 (3 stories) (9 posts)
2 years ago (2022-08-24)
Rajine and blosomes: thank you so much for reading and commenting ❤ maybe it was him... It gives a great pleasure thinking that he still cares for me and remembers me like I do. No matter how much I grow up the spent with him will always be the best memory of my life 😊
P.S: so sorry for late reply
blosomes (12 stories) (74 posts)
2 years ago (2022-08-16)
Hmm...hearing clapping sounds... Reading along.
I think it should be something "paranormal people" will call rapping sound, which will occur during a poltergeist. Very well a presence of a paranormal being.

Not sure if it was your grandfather, but hey, maybe it was him? I am sure he will not want to see you crying after all.

Keep smiling and be happy for your grandfather so that he can be relieved. I know its sad and it is hard to get going but he is always there to support you.

Be well!

Rajine (14 stories) (811 posts)
2 years ago (2022-08-09)
Hi 00786

Perhaps it was your grandfather, giving you a sign to say goodbye and that he'll still be around and that you shouldn't be sad.

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