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Assalam o alaikum (may peace be upon you)

Before starting the story let me excuse for any grammatical errors as English is not my native language.

A little background: My family and I live in a house that belonged to my grandfather but before that it belonged to his grandfather so it's an old house but it was rebuilt by my father in the 90s and being so old there also have been some sudden deaths including children. As of now we are five family members and I'm the youngest of all.

I have always been a firm believer in the paranormal due to some personal experiences of my childhood. The experience I'm going to share today happened in probably January or February 2022.

Now the actual story, it was maybe 3am at night, I was sleeping when I had a sleep paralysis for the second time. I saw a tall black thing standing near my bed on the side of my feet, it was tall, thin and very very black and I don't know how but I knew it was a male. It had white holes where the eyes were supposed to be. I have a small blue bulb on in my room at night whose light is enough to make out every thing in the room but this thing was so dark that I couldn't see anything except for it's outline. I tried my best to free my self from the paralysis but it didn't help. Then I started reciting Ayat ul kursi (It's a Quranic dua) in my heart and then... I don't remember what happened next... I think I just blacked out because later when I woke up that thing was not anywhere in the room and all was normal and I felt that it was just a dream.

I'm not sure if I saw it in real or dreamt about it but the fear was real and I had never seen a ghost before. In the morning, I told mama about it and she believed me but couldn't do anything. Sorry I forgot to mention one thing that while this thing was standing and looking at me there were different voices going on in my head. I don't remember the exact words but they told me that this thing meant harm to me (I didn't tell my mother about it).

After a few days I completely forgot about it and I just shrugged it off and after that night I recite a set of prayers so that I won't be haunted at night and thankfully it has stopped. But the reason I'm sharing this experience is beacause a few days ago I read a story from somewhere else which was very similar to my experience and that was the time I remembered my experience and those voices that told me that the thing was going to hurt me. I just feel sickened when I think about it.I've not told it to anyone but I want your thoughts on it. Is it possible that this creature was not evil but something less threatening? I've been very disturbed but I wasn't sure if I should share it here but I couldn't resist.

Thanks for bearing my poor vocabulary and reading my story. Every thing mentioned above happened in real and I didn't make anything up by myself. I know it was a bit long hope it didn't bore you.

I would share further experiences if you want me to.

Thank you so much ❤️

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00786 (3 stories) (9 posts)
2 years ago (2022-07-25)
The_Lost_Voyage_11: thank you so much for reading my story and for the detailed comment. It really lifted my concerns and I think you're right that if it had the potential to harm me it would have done it in the first place. I have always had very weird dreams and night experiences since childhood but I'm completely new to these dreams (or whatever you call them) which can really be called as sleep paralysis so I really needed more information about it. This really helped thank you 😊
The_Lost_Voyage_11 (7 stories) (248 posts)
2 years ago (2022-07-23)
Hello 00786, thanks for sharing your story. I'm sure it was an unnerving encounter to say the least for you.

There are many theories regarding the phenomenon known as sleep paralysis, including the popular scientific one regarding our bodies being paralyzed in our sleep to keep us from hurting ourselves, but there are things that don't add up about this nor explain a person's experiences.

From what I've researched and spoken to others regarding sleep paralysis, what I believe is it's the phenomenon of your astral body/spirit attempting to reenter your body after astral traveling. At night while we sleep our spirit roams free visiting other places/times as well as other planes of existence. We do this in what's referred to as an astral body, some people refer to it as out of body experiences. We don't usually remember any of it, but our dreams can sometimes be fragments of these journeys.

Sometimes as the astral body (which looks pretty much the same as the physical one) reenters the physical body, it doesn't always go smoothly. Sometimes the mind awakens before the transition is complete and you're sort of half in half out. It appears you're paralyzed because you cannot move, but that's not really the case, you just don't have full possession of your physical form and its faculties yet so it appears as paralysis. It looks like you're in your body, but in truth everything isn't 'reconnected' for lack of a better term. People feel odd sensations due to this and they can see and hear things normal people can't because they are still partially in that astral body. Since the astral body can travel to other places/times/dimensions, it is also capable of seeing being/spirits/entities not of our world and hear them as well.

As the mind is awake and doesn't comprehend what's going on, of course fear is the end result and this actually blocks the integration of the body and astral body, the process is halted and it can feel like an eternity. Some people actually fall asleep or pass out, it's the only way to complete the circuit in some cases and get the person back in their body, a sort of fail safe. Some people in your case recite religious phrases and prayers and this helps to, because as the fear dissipates then the integration can continue and as soon as the astral form is back in the body, then the visions and voices disappear and the person can move again.

As to the being you saw and the accompanying voices, I wouldn't worry too much about it. If that entity was out to harm you, it had it's chance. I think it was more curious, observing what you were going through and the fact you could see it as well. That's what I pick up on anyways.

If this is only your second sleep paralysis episode, it doesn't seem a frequent thing, but you can always pray for protection before you sleep and practice other modalities if they're comfortable for you and your belief system. There are space clearings you can do, sage will help, some put a ring of salt around your bed, there are things you can do if you feel you need to. I don't feel there is any danger and it seems you didn't either until you read that other story. It inspired fear, but this being you encountered doesn't seem to give off that air, only curiosity, I think if it had ill intentions, it would have done more than just watch you.

As always trust yourself, do what is right for you, hopefully this helps and Good Luck!
00786 (3 stories) (9 posts)
2 years ago (2022-07-19)
Thanks for reading my story Rajine, yeah you're right not just my mother but my siblings also have had some personal encounters but none of them had this kind of experience and we all know that there's something in our house but it has never harmed any of us. My mother once told me that my elder brother and I used to have sleep paralysis from our childhood. I do remember those dreams and I'll share some of them in one of my stories inshallah soon.
Rajine (14 stories) (831 posts)
2 years ago (2022-07-19)
Hi 00786

I guess if your mum believes you then perhaps something could be in the house and she might have had her own experiences, try speaking to other family members at home and see if they also experienced anything out of the ordinary.

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