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I am not sure if I have delete my previous account or what, I used to be Roy Enowaki Lynx, and was in Brazil. I had moved to Sapporo, and felt I kind of need a Japanese name by my look and so now I am called Ryujin. Oh, we do have hot summer now a days but for a short period, its pretty cool here.

I now live in a 2 storied farm house located in a countryside. I have a chicken coop in my backyard, and recently paired 2 white Chinese silk chicken and they have 6 chicks and are all healthy. I thought my slow life have just begun until I found that there is a creepy closet at the attic.

The story began in a stormy night. I was alone in my house with my cat, Aleshanee. Aleshanee is a playful grey female cat with short hair and a pair of beautiful green eyes. She liked to hide in the old closet in the attic and plays hide and seek.

I was creeped by the closet since the first day I saw it in my attic. Usually I will just bate out Aleshanee using her favorite toy, Mr. Rat and just carry her away from the closet. I never used that closet until today.

During that stormy night, Aleshanee again was playing hide and seek, and same as usual she hid in the closet. I was tired with the routine of having to bate her out of the closet and carrying her away. So this time I decided just to wait for her to come out. Aleshanee popped her little head out of the slightly opened closet and looked at me, doing that face of "Why are you not doing your routine?"

I bated her from the old sofa with Mr. Rat and planned to hug her when she reached the toy. As expected Aleshanee came running but then she stopped as if someone else beside me was there. I looked around and thought that my back is getting cold. Aleshanee walked towards me with caution, and was staring on the wall behind me as if someone is standing behind me. I turned around and saw nothing but a wall obviously, Aleshanee walked back and ran to my bed. I was creeped out so I followed Aleshanee to my bed, thinking to sleep the night away.

In the middle of the night, I hear some noise in the back yard and thought that some wild raccoon might have sneaked in the chicken coop. I ran out into the yard with my spring loaded air rifle and switched on the light of the chicken coop. The hen was sitting on her nest protecting the fluffy chicks. The male was on top of the roof alert, staring down at me curiously. I saw no trace of raccoons or what so ever.

I switched off the light and turned my back at the closed door of the chicken coop. I suddenly feel that my back is cold again as if the rain water has dripped on to my back. I looked back and obviously just saw the orange door of the chicken coop in the dark but nothing else.

I set up my air rifle and turned on the laser aimer on the way back to my house just in case there is some beast hiding somewhere. I kept feeling that someone is looking at me from the distance. I hurried back in the house and saw that Aleshanee was awake, she was peeking up the stairs to the attic, I immediately thought of that creepy closet. I put my gun back from where it should be so that I will not shoot Aleshanee or anything in the house accidently.

I switched on the lights and headed to the attic. Aleshanee was curious on my actions, and looked at me with her ears straight up. The attic was quiet and dark since it is used as a storage, I could only hear the rain water dripping outside the window. I see the closet from the reflections of the lights downstairs, I softly opened the closet with my finger.

The closet slammed shut by itself suddenly, I carried Aleshanee as I ran out and went straight to my garage. Poor Aleshanee was so frightened that she curled up in my arms like a fur ball. I think it was the first time in my life that I have ever ran away from a closet. Till today the closet is still on the same spot at the attic of my house.

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blosomes (12 stories) (74 posts)
2 years ago (2022-08-19)
Senhora valkricry
Hmm... Now that make sense 😟
A little sad hearing about your experience of "forgotten things"
My father would do the opposite, he threw away almost everything related to my grandmother when she left the world... Well, I made lot of memories with her so it is OK for me but when we want to tell her stories to my sister all we can do is talk our memories... I know, a little different but I just wanted to share my story too.

Ryujin (Roy E. Lynx)
valkricry (49 stories) (3275 posts) mod
2 years ago (2022-08-18)
People leave various things behind for an array of reasons. Once I was hired to clean a house to be put on the market once the renters had left - seems to me they left EVERYTHING. I sat on the floor and cried, because we're talking photo albums, very personal family things, as well as toys etc. Near as I could make out, they only took their clothes and a few essentials. And folks just don't forget those things. Turned out, they had lost a small child and just couldn't bare any reminders.
Perhaps this is true of the wardrobe. Perhaps it became a painful reminder of her grandparents and was stored 'for now'.
blosomes (12 stories) (74 posts)
2 years ago (2022-08-18)
Hey! How is things?
Well, we communicated by email because I don't think they speak English at all...
He seemed calm? By just reading his messages... But maybe he is not? I don't know... All his emails were very Googlely... Always will take sometime to translate them back to Japanese than to Portuguese... I mean that is how I figure out to understand his email messages 🙄

The "closet" is not too big but I can tell that it's made of good hard woods, similar to some Chinese antique furnitures and I know it's rare in Japan have such materials as an antique, and yes I was wondering the same thing as you are but tired of asking them again because it really takes time to understand them... 🙄

I will be asking them for more information if anything else odd would happen after the closet is gone...

Oh by the way, I got some white sage already. You know, it's the Obon week this week where it is said that the spirits of the dead will be lurking around, so I might just do the smudging like on Monday, right after the closet is gone just to be safe.

Thanks and I will be updating or will be writing another story if anything else happens.

Ryujin (Roy E. Lynx)
Bibliothecarius (9 stories) (1091 posts)
2 years ago (2022-08-18)
Greetings, Ryujin, and welcome back.

It strikes me as odd that someone who is moving out of a house in the country would forget to take a wardrobe/closet with them, especially when the article of furniture was both an antique and a wedding gift.

While I have forgotten items in previous houses when I have moved (21 times, roughly), they tended to be small items like night-lights. Larger items of furniture that we did not want--or had no space to keep--were given to family, friends, or charity shops. When I moved into my house, the previous owner left me his lawnmower because he was moving into an apartment, but he first *asked* me if I wanted it.

How did the previous owners react when you asked them about the closet? Were they relieved, happy, anxious, concerned, etc.? Their reaction may indicate part of their reasoning in having left it behind in the first place.

Though Japanese homes are traditionally not cluttered with excessive furniture, it does seem odd to me that a valuable antique (which should have a place of distinction in the home to show gratitude to the grandparents who gave it as a gift) would be stuffed into the attic space.

I fully believe the events of your story, but the behavior of the previous owners does not add up.

If the movers fail to retrieve the closet, you may wish to consider having it blessed or performing a smudging ceremony to help whatever is attached to it to move on.

blosomes (12 stories) (74 posts)
2 years ago (2022-08-17)
Senhora valkricry
People here really will not use English, that is why I am forgetting some of the vocabs (excuses excuses excuses) lol

I just had permission to send that back to the pre-owner. I guess they just had forgotten about it... (really!?)

The delivery guys will be here... I think they said Monday? After the Obon period.

Hopefully whatever that is attached to the "closet" (or the wardrobe) will just move on. 🙄

Ryujin (Roy E.Lynx)
valkricry (49 stories) (3275 posts) mod
2 years ago (2022-08-17)
My own feeling is the pre-owner's wife maybe thrilled to have her grandparent's closet back. (FYI - the 'closet' you're describing we westerners call a wardrobe, usually.)
blosomes (12 stories) (74 posts)
2 years ago (2022-08-17)
[at] So my guess is... Do whatever that is needed.

I meant my thought is...

Sorry my smart phone is being dumb.
blosomes (12 stories) (74 posts)
2 years ago (2022-08-16)
A little more information on the closet.

I contacted the pre-owner of the house, he said that the closet is actually from his wife's grandparents for a wedding gift almost 30 years ago. It is an antique and it was owned by an upper class man who worked for the railway system during the time.

And some more additional researches by myself, any antique during those period in Japan will be resold after the owner's death.

So my guess is I want to send the closet back to the pre-owner of the house and let him do whatever that is needed.

Do you think is worthy doing that? 🤔

Ryujin (Roy E. Lynx)
blosomes (12 stories) (74 posts)
2 years ago (2022-08-10)
Hello Rajine and thanks for commenting!

Well, I was told that the farm house itself is built around 1950s, there is a previous owner of the farm house. He needed to move to Tokyo which is far away from where the house is. And he is rather young, around mid 40 or 50 in age.

So I don't think the house itself have a history or any background story.

The closet, which I found out like last week, I was told by an antique wholesaler that it is made around 1800s during the Meiji period. He said that it might have owned by a upper class person, but he can not really tell who really might have owned it.

My theory will be the previous owner might have bought the closet from an antique store and just left it in his attic. Really, that is all I can think of for now but it is kind of creepy for me... I got more story to share about this closet.

Rajine (14 stories) (797 posts)
2 years ago (2022-08-09)
Hi blosomes

Do you know who owned the house previously, or even the history of the house?

Do you think perhaps there's another reason as to why the door slammed shut? If not, then maybe you should seek help from someone who will be able to tell you more.

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