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A Levitating Lady


Though I haven't faced any supernatural experiences myself I do believe in ghosts, afterlife etc.

This incident happened to my hubby (X) and his 2 friends during their trip to Kerala.

It was in the year 2008/9 during the summer season they reached Kasaragod around noon. After having lunch and sightseeing they checked into a dilapidated hotel at old bus stand late evening and took a rest. After getting up, they freshened up and left to have dinner. They decided to take parcel and ordered biryani, some boiled eggs, cool drinks and went to the room which was in the 2nd floor.

After dinner they fell asleep. X was sleeping at the right corner of the bed & other 2 slept beside him. Around midnight X felt someone wrapping their arms on his stomach from left side. It was cold. It couldn't have been his friends as they were on his right side. He ignored it and went to sleep again. He heard some noise again and when he opened his eyes, there appeared a figure in a white gown, long hair covering its face; levitating and staring at them.

He immediately called his 2 friends and they froze for few seconds. They ran helter-skelter; 2 of them took the right side stairs and X took the left. The right stair grill was closed and there appeared the figure in front of his 2 friends once again near the grill. They took a U-turn and the 3 immediately ran out of the hotel and decided to spend their remaining night at bus stop. Next morning they took their belongings and checked out.

1 of his friends had fever for 1 week and his relatives say, since they had taken nonveg parcel with them, some ghost might have followed them...

Whatever it was, it definitely was a spooky experience.

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Rajine (14 stories) (565 posts)
7 months ago (2022-08-29)
Hi nav_27

I'm assuming you follow Hinduism, like me, here in South Africa among the community of people who have Indian ancestry we also believe that carrying non veg (meat, cooked or uncooked) especially at night attracts spirits, usually if we have to carry it at night we put green or dry chillies, or even a few burnt matchsticks on top of the container the non veg stuff is in. I believe in it since apart from hearing about lots incidents from my parents and other family members, I've also had my own experience with my brother coming late from a friend's house one night with fish they caught.

Perhaps whatever is haunting that hotel was attracted to the meat your husband and his friends had.
lady-glow (13 stories) (2984 posts)
7 months ago (2022-08-29)
Welcome to YGS.

I'm inclined to think that the ghost's presence is more likely linked to the history of the house/hotel than to the guys having nonveg food. I would like to know more about this theory, though.

Scary encounter, at least X wasn't alone and there're more witnesses to confirm that what he saw was really there.

Reading your story made me crave for biryani!

Thanks for sharing.

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