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Levitating Spoon


This is a strange experience from my fiance's point-of-view. I did get to somewhat experience it too as I was in the same room but I only heard it; I didn't get to see it with my own eyes which is a shame because I'd love to get to see something so odd happening like this.

The experience goes like this: We were discussing something, I can't remember exactly what. I was sat on the floor by the fireplace while my partner was stood up in front of me, facing me so we were facing each other but he could see into the kitchen and I couldn't.

So after finishing the conversation we were having, my partner asks me if I would like a drink while looking into the kitchen at something. As he was speaking I heard a clang of a spoon being dropped on the counter top and my fiance freaks out a little and says that as he asked if I wanted a drink, the spoon that was lying on the counter by the two cups we left out for a drink, lifted slightly and then dropped back down making a noise, and that's what I heard.

There is absolutely no explanation for why the spoon suddenly levitated. There was only me and him in the house at the time so no one was pulling a prank and he saw it happen with his own eyes as he was speaking to me. He says he doesn't know why he was drawn to look into the kitchen but he felt he needed to because something was happening or going to happen. Weird, right?

Nothing has happened like this since. Although, we do get quite a lot of our belongings disappearing and turning up in random places we know for a fact we didn't put them. Poltergeist?

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Dennis191 (32 posts)
1 week ago (2019-06-10)
Sounds interesting. I can relate to things turning up in weird places. By no means am I an expert on the matter, but I did quiet a lot of research (as my own situation required it) so... Does it do anything else? Like knock on things, leave scratches, do you feel uneasy sometimes? Does it talk or whisper, or leave some sort of messages? Or was that the only thing that happened? Is the activity consistent? Does it move things around every day? Do you see figures of something or someone in the house when there's no one else around?

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