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My wife and I were wanting to move to a farming community in the Texas Panhandle with a population of around three hundred. We had lived in Amarillo for eight years and six months. We had heard about a widow that was seriously considering selling her house in this small community one hundred miles away. We looked at the house and it was perfect for our family of two daughters. They were both still young girls and the school close by was a good country school.

It did take awhile to get everything in order due to different problems involved but after the papers were signed on the house, we were overjoyed. We began moving our things in and then my wife began with her preferences of what color the walls should be and different changes in the house. Everything was going great for us at this time except for that first time that I noticed that the house had a certain eerie quality to it.

It was the first or second day after everything was moved and my wife needed some tools to work with so she went over to get the things she needed. I was standing in the kitchen and was leaned against the counter. My wife had been gone only around ten minutes and I heard the garage door raise. I thought that it was very odd that she had came back so soon so I opened the door to the garage from the house and the big garage door was still down. When I went back into the kitchen, I noticed the only garage door opener we had was in the kitchen. When my wife got back I explained to her that I thought we might have a spirit haunting our house. I have a gift or an ability that I have had since I was around five to interact with spirits so she accepted that with a little knowledge that I was capable of knowing whether the house was haunted or not.

Strange things began to happen quite frequently and increased in this house. About eighty five percent of the time spirits contact me in dreams so because of this I am not for sure which category this particular story belongs in. All of my normal human senses also react to the presence of spirits also. I hear their voices very plainly, I smell their perfume and tobacco smoke and I see and feel them. No one who does this has any actual proof regardless; unless there is a witness and still that is not considered proof. All I can say to anyone is what I have experienced. Even videos and photos are not proof to others. I will continue to tell you about the events that followed but I know from my experiences that no one has no need to fear death for life is eternal.

It actually started with dreams of the widow's husband who had died of cancer. They were lucid dreams. One dream has me knocking on the door and J-, the widow's husband opens the door and there is J's cowboy hat moving around the floor. J is a thin man with horn rimmed glasses and he smokes a pipe. His hair is oiled like men did back around the nineteen fifties. He laughs at my surprise at seeing the hat move across the floor. He grabs the top part of the hat and pulls it off of a live parrot underneath. The dreams would happen often. Usually J. Was relaxed and smiling and I was treated like his guest.

Supernatural things began happening. My daughters' battery operated toys began making noises and running around my daughters' bedrooms. I woke up one time around 3:00 a.m. And every toy in my daughter's bedroom went off.

Then there was the strangest phenomena I experienced. And that was when my youngest daughter had a sleepover. All the girls were asleep and I got up to get a glass of water. The house was dark and I was walking passed the bathroom where our guests and our daughters had their electric toothbrushes. At that time it was a popular thing among children to have electric toothbrushes with different colored lights on them flashing when they were turned on. That night there were five toothbrushes going off together; buzzing and flashing their lights. It took me awhile to shut them off.

At the time of renovations on this house, I was working four days on and four days off doing twelve hour shifts at night at a state prison. I was driving seventy miles one way. When I came in I would sleep during the day. I always smelled J's tobacco pipe in the master bedroom where my wife and I slept. That particular day I came in and could smell the pipe smoke. I was undressing and feeling kind of devilish so I said " J- how are you doing today? Oh never mind you are dead!" I laughed to myself. I fell asleep and had a bad dream that J- was furious at me and as I woke up I heard a man's voice very loud and clear say " Get your g - mn arm back on that bed." I looked down and my arm was actually hanging off my bed. That one bothered me because I realized how badly this was about to escalate.

The next day I waited until everyone was out of the house and I went into the Master bedroom and called out to him. " J- I want to apologize for what I said to you. I hope you accept my apologies. We know this was your house and you are welcome to stay around here as long as you don't frighten my children. I know you will understand because you were also a Daddy. I won't disrespect you again." I believe we did sage the house maybe but this haunting happened over twenty years ago and J's ghost has never made any problems since then. Since then spirits are always respected and I rarely ever have problems. I still have experiences with spirits as long as I attempt to communicate or just have a connection. I am divorced now and live with my dog. I have slowly been able to disconnect some, all out of respect for my dog. She has a lot of fear and anxiety from me accepting wandering spirits into my apartment for short visits. It's amazing to find so many that are earth bound.

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Oddityuniversal (2 stories) (2 posts)
2 years ago (2022-10-16)
Hello Rajine
Thank you for commenting. I am not sure why I have the ability to connect with spirits and also have some psychic abilities. I did have a Great Aunt that claimed she could interact with spirits. She would read tea leaves and coffee grounds and tell the future. Her deceased 11 year old son would often visit her at night she often said. She was an odd type of person that strongly believed in everything supernatural. She named her dog Ouija. My Mom could use a Ouija board by herself and receive answers to questions without the need of other hands on the planchette. It was something I never will forget. It was so mesmerizing to see her do this that I couldn't believe that she was controlling the board by herself. So I suppose that what I have is genetic. I was hearing spirit voices at the age of five. During the year of 2020 during the pandemic my spirituality increased to the point that everything was happening at once. I have others say the same that have the abilities I do.
Rajine (14 stories) (806 posts)
2 years ago (2022-10-14)
Hi again Oddityuniversal

I just wanted to find out if anyone else in your family has this ability, I find it very fascinating and what I've learned is that most of the time, having a gift like this is generational and is usually passed down much like genetics.

It's a bit amazing and scary at the same time to be able to communicate with spirits and you are absolutely right that respect is very important, apart from souls of people who have passed on, have you ever experienced anything else?
Oddityuniversal (2 stories) (2 posts)
2 years ago (2022-10-13)
Thank you for your comment Rajine. The spirits seem to be attracted by me. I have had many experiences where some come to me confused and ask me questions such as where am I? I can feel their nervousness and fear through their words they say. I first tell them that they have died and afterwards tell them to look for a light in the distance to go to. Almost all of them stop in a little while and say "I have to go now." I have always assumed that I have shown them the way. Those are the wandering ones that don't realize they have passed because they died quickly. One told me of his last moment he remembered where he had a bottle of beer in his hand before he crashed his pickup. It is very strange for me personally to have this ability of mine. I refuse to show fear of them in order to be able to communicate with them. It's best that way. Respect is an essential part of this too as long as I don't sense an evil presence. Spiritual knowledge helps me also. I receive that through different ways by reading books and even watching different videos.
Rajine (14 stories) (806 posts)
2 years ago (2022-10-13)
Hi Oddityuniversal

I firmly believe that we all to a certain level have a sixth sense or intuition, it's strong in some, much like with you, where you able to feel, sense, smell and communicate with spirits.

I also believe that spirits are earth bound because they have unfinished business or are attached to someone or something and they're lives ended before their intended time or possibly just waiting for someone to help them move on.

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