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Timothy's Story


Ever since I was about four years old, I have believed that there is a little boy named Timothy that lives in my house. At first it was just an excuse I used whenever things went missing, but as I got older, I realized it was much more than that. I started to become more and more interested in the paranormal and wanted to summon demons and spirits in my bedroom. Just recently, my parents gave me my own room. It was very hard for me to fall asleep the first night and, despite the three fans I had on at the highest/coldest setting, it was very warm. The next night it was easier to fall asleep, but in the midst of my slumber, I was awakened by the sensation that someone was watching me. I convince myself it's just my imagination and use the restroom before going back to bed.

When I washed my hands, however, I realize that my bathroom mirror is facing the mirror that is by my bed. In case you don't know, you should never put two mirrors across from each other, as it creates a portal for demons, spirits, and other entities to enter in and out of. I was bored recently and decided to use a Spirit Box to try and communicate with Timothy, as I believe he is the spirit that is causing me all this suspicion.

How the conversation went:

Me: Hello, Timothy? I want to share your story to help you be remembered.

Spirit Box:

Me: You see me? Where are you?


[I have earrings by my bathroom mirror, which is directly across from my bed, so I assume that's where he is]

Me: Oh, you like my earrings? Thank you.

Spirit Box:...It will be okay...

Me: I know. I know it'll be okay. I want to help you be remembered, so do you mind sharing the story of how you passed away?

Spirit accident...

Me: I'm so sorry. That's horrible.

Spirit Box:...I found nana... Pat...

Me: You found your nana Pat? Was she the one driving? Who else was in the car?

Spirit Box:...List...

Me: You're going to list them? Okay.

Spirit Box:...Blue...Flow...spirit...

Me: Blue, flow... You mentioned a river earlier, did your car sink into a river?

Spirit Box:...Sally... Emma... Flying... Dark...

Me: Was it night when the car flew into the river? Were Sally and Emma in the car with you and Nana?

Spirit Box: Kayleigh... Possibly... Matt...

Me: Kayleigh and Matt were possibly with you too? Okay... So you, Sally, Emma, Kayleigh, Matt, and Nana were all in the car?

Spirit Box:...That was us...

Me: I'm so sorry that you guys' life had to end that way.

Spirit Box: it's...fine...I'm...okay...

Me: That's good. Thank you for talking with me today. Maybe I'll come back later to talk some more. Would you like that?

Spirit Box:...please...

[I ended the investigation after that]

Now, from what I have put together, Timothy is a little boy around the age of 10. His father left a few days after his mom got pregnant, and his mother passed away shortly after Timothy was born. His grandmother took custody of him. He grew up and became relatively close with his cousins Emma, Sally, Kayleigh, and Matt who also lived in the house with his grandmother. One day, they are on a night drive and the grandmother falls asleep behind the wheel. Timothy is the one that realized that she was asleep, and shouts at Sally, who was in the passengers seat, to take the wheel. Sally freaks out, and freezes. The car swerves off of the road and flies into the river. His grandma wakes up and they all start to panic, trying to get out of the sinking car, but it's too late. The car starts to sink, and they all drown to death. That's what I drew out from the investigation. I will be keeping you guys updated if I find out any other details about his past life.

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fineandmellow (3 stories) (11 posts)
4 weeks ago (2024-06-22)
Interesting story! What's bothering me is, I feel like there is a significant chunck of this narrative that is missing - how did OP get from playing with the spirit box/getting some vague details about the case to reconstructing in detail what had supposedly gone down? Were there more conversations with the spirit that are skipped in the story? Or is this supposed to be a dramatic reconstruction for us, similar to the paranormal shows on Discovery? And don't get me wrong, I usually quite enjoy those, for various reasons 😇
lady-glow (16 stories) (3163 posts)
4 weeks ago (2024-06-20)
Welcome to YGS.

I have some questions about your story and will appreciate any additional information you can provide.

"I started to become more and more interested in the paranormal and wanted to summon demons and spirits in my bedroom."

Did you ever try to summon any paranormal entity? If so, did you succeed on this task?

Don't take me wrong, it is well known that children tend to be more sensitive to the paranormal than grown ups, but what could start like a game could easily result in an unwanted situation if done without knowledge and without the due care and protection... Play stupid games, win stupid prices.

What brand and model is the spirit box you used? Does it have a recording function? If so, would you mind to share the recording with the members of this forum?

"from what I have put together"

Oh, my! How and where did you manage to find all this information? Did you find it in Google, perhaps you read it in old news papers? Or did a person tell you all these facts?

I'm a bit skeptical about the detailed description of the accident if, after all, all the occupants of the car died and there was no one left to tell what exactly happened.

I'm sure there must be a recorded history of such a tragic accident, sadly I can't find anything in google... I may have not looked in the right place though.

Thanks for sharing.
Rajine (14 stories) (833 posts)
4 weeks ago (2024-06-19)
That's such a tragic and sad story, however using spirit/ouija boards are dicey because one really does not know what they are letting in, have you conversed with Timothy before?

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