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Ghosts Waking Me Up


A couple of years ago I mentioned there was a girl's voice I would sometimes hear in my bedroom and if you've been following my stories this would probably make this a continuation. Over the years I've kind of developed a sixth sense and been able to see the beyond.

As stated in my previous stories I heard a little girl speak to me but never really saw or fully speak to her until this event.

One early morning as I was slowly waking up but still a bit sleepy, I noticed my alarm clock didn't go off. Normally I always wake up to the sound of the alarm to get ready for work but sometimes I naturally wake up and lay down for a bit until it goes off. That morning I decided to close my eyes and rest a little. As I was resting I felt a presence on my bed as if some one was resting on the side. In my mind's eye I could see a little girl with blonde hair tied back smiling at me. She was on the floor by the bedside and her arms were folded, placed upon the bed side and her head was resting on her arms, looking at my face with adoration.

She spoke in the same voice I recognized those years ago. "I think... You really should get up now."

I mumbled "No, let me sleep..."

She responded with a cheeky smile "No, I think you really, really, reaaaally should get up now" speaking with confidence that she knew something was going to happen. In my head I thought, why on earth would I be having such a conversation? Was this a dream? It felt like it was a warning of some sort. Still half a sleep, I slowly opened my eyes and quickly got up to see if she was there but she had gone.

I got a bit weirded out but felt happy--Suddenly the alarm goes off! Just seconds after that dreamlike conversation, perfect timing. That morning I kept thinking if that was just my imagination or a day dream but I really did appreciate her for waking me up just seconds before the alarm would go off. As I write this I just noticed the side of my bed is a bit lopsided as if something has left an impression, like someone has been resting on the side of the bed for a very long time on a regular basis...

A couple of months later on another morning around early spring, I had woken up to the sound of someone in my household turning the shower on in the bathroom. I didn't take much notice as this was a regular occurrence and so I slowly went back to sleep. I had a dream and in the dream I was an archaeologist digging up something, in the dream I seen little bits of paper with writing on it and noticed my name materialize on the paper. Then I heard my name being called out to me. The voice kept repeating my name over and over again. Realizing I've had such an experience before meant that someone was trying to wake me up.

Much to my annoyance I willed myself awake and looked at my surroundings. No one was there in my room but I could still hear the shower turned on as water was sporadically hitting the floor. I thought it was bizarre for my mind the conjure up such a scenario as I've had this happen to me twice only for someone to be there waking me up so to see no body was there was bizarre. I rested my head as a laid down.

"Jack!" suddenly I heard a man say my name loud and clearly in my right ear. It startled to me! My heart began to race and I got scared and then the fear turned to angry. I called out one of the names of the people I live with but I got no answer, I looked at my bedroom door still hearing the shower from the bathroom, this gave me comfort. I guess they didn't hear me. I slowly rested my head, this time wide awake. The fact that a disembodied man's voice kept saying my name to wake me up really freaked me out. I really don't want to experience that again. If there's ways to stop that, I really hope readers can comment and let me know. I much rather have the little girl wake me up because that voice and the way it was trying to wake me up disturbed me. Sometimes I think maybe it's just an over-active imagination but then again I've experienced real things with others that didn't make sense before, I hope it's not something too bad...

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Rajine (14 stories) (833 posts)
4 weeks ago (2024-06-19)
Yes I've been ignoring it and so far everything is going well, I don't think it's a bad thing though.
Gh0st_Knight (6 stories) (12 posts)
4 weeks ago (2024-06-19)
[at] Rajine I've been told hearing voices as you're about to sleep or in between sleep and waking up is called "Exploding head syndrome" where you hear your name being said mainly in the voice of love ones. I read that stress, anxiety and lack of sleep can cause this. So I feel my experiences could be exploding head syndrome but at the same time with the other instances of hearing things while wide awake could be something else. It's incredibly rare for my subconscious to wake myself up and manifests as different voices. As you mentioned, it's not just voices. Hope it's not too bad and I been told its best to ignore it.
Rajine (14 stories) (833 posts)
1 month ago (2024-06-18)
The same thing happened to me the other day, I've had these voices in my ear over the years, but the most recent one happened last week, but it always happens as I'm drifting of to sleep, that moment where you not awake but not quite asleep either, and still are aware of everything happening around you, I've learned to ignore it by now and roll on my side and fall asleep 😅 couple of times I felt a hand brush against my face as well but I don't let it get to me or at least try not to.

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