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She smiled in an all knowing way. Her green eyes sparkled in the sunlight, and her teeth were so white. It was a spectacular floor length dress she wore. The dress looked like it was made out of cobwebs, and the material, I don't know what it was... It threw off sparks?...Yes, you read it right. It looked like blue sparks-emanating from her gown, as she moved about. She seemed to be dancing?, gliding to a tune only she could hear?

I guess I need to explain this to you. It wasn't long ago, maybe a year or so, and I was driving along the Interstate. My journey was supposed to be a short one, and I was on my way to walk around Presidio park.

It's probably ten minutes away from the condo, and a quick turn off the highway. The area winds up a short hill, and an old Mission sits to the side. The area is very old, and not long ago, bones of Indians were dug up.

There seems to be much paranormal activity, but usually after dark. When the sun goes down, no one stays around for long. The brush and trees hide a history known only to them.

The girl appeared to me one late afternoon, and I wasn't sure what to make of her.

She said, " I am Tomorrow "...and then she winked at me. It isn't clear if she was making fun of me... Trying to scare me, or it was just her form of humor. I don't know for sure. She laughed as she winked, and in an instant, she was gone.

I saw her appear atop the Mission pathway, and she ran to the nearest doorway, it was closed-of course. I saw her turn to look over her shoulder, and then she walked through the wall.

The last thing I saw of her, was her sparkling dress. Now that I think about it, maybe she had tiny mirrors sewn into the material. It was beautiful!, I had never seen anything so unusual before. It clung to her slender form as though it had been made for her. She was petite... Maybe five foot one. She wasn't especially pretty, but her eyes and smile, they lit up her face, and she transformed before your eyes. It was like she radiated happiness. Her body language, her attitude, she appeared to exude " Joie de Vivre "

(Joy of life). Of course, she may not have realized she was deceased.

I tried to find her again, and I wandered around the edge of the Mission. Peeking through closed windows, trying to turn locked doorknobs... There was no way to see inside-no way to get inside.

I had given up all hope of seeing "Tomorrow", when she appeared before me again. She had this look of utter joy on her face, and she repeated what she had said to me earlier...

" I am Tomorrow! " She repeated, but this time, she threw her arms in the air, and spun around in a circle. That beautiful dress whirled with her, and she took flight. I watched her as she spun upward-higher and higher she went. Realizing my mouth was wide open, I closed it and watched as she faded from view. She looked like a dancer atop a child's jewelry box! It's what she reminded me of as she whirled round and round.

" What the?..." I whispered to myself, quickly looking around to see if anyone else had seen what I had just experienced. Of course, just my luck... No one was nearby, and I was stuck to figure it out on my own. It's so frustrating to see odd paranormal stuff, and not know where to begin.

The Paranormal is not an everyday occurrence to most, and sometimes-what I see?...It's like I stepped into the twilight zone.

I sat at the edge of the steps leading to the Mission, but she didn't come back. This experience puzzled the heck out of me, and I still don't know what to think about it.

Was the Ghost of Tomorrow just laughing at me?, was she crazy?, I don't know what to think. Does anybody have any insight to give me?. I am at a complete loss here. I really wanted to ask her about that dress! It was amazing!

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Fuchsia (5 stories) (64 posts)
3 years ago (2019-08-27)
I would love to read newer stories from you, ghostseer. Please write some more soon. I'm sure you have had more stories to share with everyone.
galleygal (3 stories) (150 posts)
13 years ago (2009-09-30)

Again, your personal correspondence is not the issue, it's still plagiarism.

I don't know what you mean when you refer to "the hunt"...could you clarify, please?

Do you really think that because I care about the theft of intellectual property and feel compelled to point it out that it is in retribution for some injustice you may have visited upon me? Wow, that's some ego you got there!

No, I simply cannot abide plagiarism. It's a crime. If I saw a crime being committed in the streets, I would attempt to stop the crime and/or call the police; this situation is no different.

Of course you are human and make mistakes. Many, many mistakes, in fact. I am merely trying to help you, as you so solicitously try to help others on this site. Plagiarism can lead to legal injunctions and monetary judgements against you, whitebuffalo; you don't want to get sued for intellectual property theft, do you?

As for trying to prove that we're all searchers...I don't get it, why would that be something to be proved? Maybe that is a topic of interest to you, but it falls below my radar, personally.

For the record, I never TRY to prove anything I set out to prove, I just prove it, beyond a shadow of a doubt. While using properly cited resources, I might add.

Ghosteer: I like your description of the dress 😊. Do you think the material and design may have been that of another realm? That would certainly make identifying the fabric and craftsmanship difficult.
whitebuffalo (guest)
13 years ago (2009-09-28)
I copy and paste from the previous story of ghostseer in which this same comment was made (Crows Or Ravens In The Cemetery): "As ghostseer and I have had our own personal messages to one another, the message probably just carried over to this side. I apologise for not simply copying the entirety of those messages. As they were on a more personal level, I did not do that."
What is with the hunt, Galleygirl? Trying to prove that we are all searchers looking for answers or is this going to be a personal thing for some injustice that you imagine I have performed? I am human, I make mistakes just like the rest of humanity.
Thank you.
galleygal (3 stories) (150 posts)
13 years ago (2009-09-28)
Once again, whitebuffalo, you write words without offering any citation or reference. This is plagiarism.

"The Presidio (originally, El Presidio Real de San Francisco or Royal Presidio of San Francisco) had been a fortified location since 1776, when the Spanish made it the military center of their expansion in the area. It passed to Mexico which in turn passed it to the United States in 1847."
From Wikipedia -

"For 60 years in the missions, the Ohlone population suffered greatly from cultural shock and disease; they were vulnerable to foreign diseases to which they had little resistance, in the restricted and crowded living conditions inside the mission compounds."
From Absolute Astronomy -

For shame!
ghostseer (41 stories) (408 posts)
14 years ago (2008-12-03)
ChrisB: Thanks for writing your comment. I am at our hawaii home right now, but I plan to go back to San Diego- come April?...not sure if I will have a chance to visit the location again. I do hope I can see her again.
ChrisB (6 stories) (1515 posts)
14 years ago (2008-12-03)
Wow what an interesting experience I have to say! I realy liked reading this story. You know what ghosteer I would be confused to if the spirit kept saying I am Tommorrow! It realy was an interesting story and I liked reading it. I wonder if you go down to that places sometimes because there maybe is a chance you will meet her again. Thanks for sharring. I hope to hear from you soon and take care
ghostseer (41 stories) (408 posts)
14 years ago (2008-12-02)
Whitebuffalo: Who knows, maybe we will meet one day!...I have made many friends out there, and I have opened our Hawaii home to many!. In this day and age-it gets easier and easier to meet. The Internet is amazing, and this Site is great!, So many Bright writers are here!. What a diverse bunch!.Blessings, Ghostseer
whitebuffalo (guest)
14 years ago (2008-12-02)
Thank you Ghostseer.
I know there are often times in which the written word seems to hold an emotion, or a thread of thought that does not "go along with" what the intent was. It is one of the curses of simply writing.
Of course, if we knew each other personally...
Thank you.
ghostseer (41 stories) (408 posts)
14 years ago (2008-12-02)
Tonith & WhiteBuffalo: I agree with both of you. I am sure personality has something to do with it, but I think it is hard to truly understand without actually looking at the other person, and hearing the infinite intonation of speech.

Whitebuffalo: The intelligence comment was only meant to let you know, I get it, I understand what you are saying... I knew you were not questioning my intelligence.

No worries here!, I am a "roll with it all" Lady, but I do not hesitate to speak up...Blessings, Ghostseer
whitebuffalo (guest)
14 years ago (2008-12-02)
Excuse me, just for one more moment.

Thank you, Tonith. Thinking on it, after reading your answer to my question, I would have to say that makes absolute sense. It is kind of like if you are strong in (alright, I am going to make us look like craftiers here, sorry) decorative design, and I am strong in woodwork. We might compliment each others abilities, but with different approaches. To bring together a beautiful piece of furniture.
Thank you. Perfect sense.
whitebuffalo (guest)
14 years ago (2008-12-02)
I am sorry, I am NOT trying to argue with you, or to make you "go over it again". I was asking an honest question, and answering your comment to me.
I believe my comment may have been taken in the wrong tone. I was not trying to "start something", or to get your hackles up. Once I "talk" with people, they usually can seem to tell the difference. That is why I used words like "personally" and "I", "I had...". I was ASKING, as I was genuinely curious. I think perhaps Tonith actually answered the question for me. It is in personality.
I was not trying to imply that you were not intelligent. I tend to try to "help others out" by explaining what happened on the land, if I know. It is in order to lessen the confusion. To let others "see" the places.
Again, I was NOT trying to argue with you. I was trying to understand how you could live through an experience, and not "need" to know what the being is there for.
But, Tonith did that (personality), and you did in a round about sort of way. ("I have been at this over forty years, but I wish I could shut it down-even for one hour.")
I do not wish to get rid of the "gift", I wished to understand how to just "live in the moment of the experience, and not analyze and over analyze it. But, I see I must look elsewhere for THAT answer, as anything I comment may, at this point be misconstrued as argumentative.
Not everyone who posts longer comments, gives supporting facts (YOU, yourself wrote the place was rich in history, I only supplied PART of the history), or asks questions is on your pages to call you out, dear. SOME actually MAY come for guidance.
Thanks anyway.
Tonith (1136 posts)
14 years ago (2008-12-02)
Interesting comments by both of you. I wonder if personality has something to do with how one perceives paranormal events. Some go with the flow and can take what was given and be joyful. Others need to research and find answers because it's in their personality to know all they can possibly know about what they witnessed. I thank both of you, for the beautiful description by ghostseer and the history lesson by Whitebuffalo. You two would make a great investigation team.
ghostseer (41 stories) (408 posts)
14 years ago (2008-12-01)
Whitebuffalo: Perception: misconstrued at times, I was specific in referring to your "fiercely defending " statement. Don't need to go over this with you... AGAIN...

As far as the trees and the brush?...There was a time BEFORE the invasion and intrusion of disease, christianity, etc. There was a feeling of safety and reverence in those trees/brush at one time. I saw images of it, I felt it...

I also saw the ugliness of humanity upon itself. I choose not to debate this on this website. I agree with you on many levels, but you need to understand something, I NEVER turn this gift off. Your gift is just different from mine, and that's o.k...

There has always been injustice in this's called "sin". I am a Christian woman with great faith, I am also married to a man who is part Indian. I know about the Indians... I know the history, and it makes me just as sick and angry. I understand your feelings, please try and understand, we are not that different, but I am not your enemy, and I am a very intelligent woman, I get it...

I am not here to argue about education of topics for our youth, I am not here to discuss civilized society (History has proven time and time again, we are far from civilized) to barbarians.

You are certainly not expected to apologize for feeling as strongly as you do. I applaud your compassionate nature.

The way I go about coping with this gift... Is MY way. It is neither right nor wrong, just different from yours.

As far as the curiosity statement I made... Research is not my forte as I am given the information at each experience that I am to know. Sometimes it is in pictures, other times it is in movie format, but I get what I am to know about the area, and the entities, me their needs (if they want to). You need to understand, for me, this never sleeps.

Why do you think I moved to Kauai?. This has affected me physically. I have heart and lung problems, and I don't smoke or drink. I feel... What they felt... I see... What they saw...

Example: If someone was murdered by knife, I feel the knife going in. I don't just see it, I feel it. It is not fun, and it takes a while to revert back to my physical state.

I live in odors, colors, their pain...
It may have seemed like part of the story to you, but to me, I came here (to this site) to share MY STORY... Not debate who uses their gifts to the best advantage. I am about as far from an observer as you can get.

Every place I walk to,sit,drive,fly... I am inundated with paranormal information. Research?. I do, when need be, and don't need to MOST of the time. I am given what I need to know, and understand when to help lost Souls. I have been at this over forty years, but I wish I could shut it down-even for one hour.

I came here to share an experience. A very strange and unusual experience. Sometimes I get just a small part of the story, and it's good to have a site like this... One where we can say,
" Hey... What do you see here?...can you help? "

We don't need to berate or argue with each other, or correct, and or overwhelm with information. Sometimes, a simple answer is the best... We need to stick to the experience, and's an INDIVIDUAL journey the person is sharing... Nothing more needs to be added... Or taken away.
Blessings, Ghostseer
whitebuffalo (guest)
14 years ago (2008-12-01)
"Perception: misconstrued at times, eh?..."
I should say. I personally mentioned the trees and bushes because you stated that they kept the Indians safe, until the pioneers came along. They MAY have, but when trying to FLEE the mission. The trees and bushes held NO "protection" for these peoples. It only served to remind them of their Great Spirits love in the midst of such discrimination from those who were to "educate", and "Christianize" them.
When I visited the Mission, I had no carefree, peaceful, joyous visit. I was fuming at the irrational thought patterns of those who would come and "save the world from themselves". I was bombarded with the cries and mournful wails of those forced to endure such conditions, and I STILL find it hard to sit in mixed company and discuss the "great" things the fore fathers of this great country of ours did in preservation of "all people".
Education is the ONLY way to show people the err of our ways. In giving half a story, or half a truth, it only serves to keep those who DO NOT know, from KNOWING the truths. To what end?
To save the memory, or the "perfectness" of such a plan.
I guess that would also fall under the "perception" thought there. Two people who share the same experience can take out of it two separate experiences.
Perhaps "fiercely defending" was the incorrect phrase to use. In connection with you. Perhaps I was the one fiercely defending. For that I can not apologize. In a mission that size, the overwhelming feeling of anxiousness, loss, love, hate, joy, confusion, desperation, and desire assaulted me from the first footfall. I guess I just thought with all of these other documented stories that seem so incredible, that you could feel their plight as well.
I did look up the dates. The history, I know well. It was such a sad time in the history of The People, and one that MOST people seem to forget about. MOST will only remember the travesty of The Trail of Tears. But there was SOOO MUCH MORE injustice done, in the name of bringing civility to the barbarians.

A particular phrase you wrote is blinking bright as a neon sign, and I find I have to ask (please do not read more into this than I am writing 😊).
"Curiosity?...I have little to no interest in doing much research these days..." Why?
Sure, I read where you are busy, and all, but how can you keep yourself from BEING curious about these lost souls that you seem to encounter at just about every turn? How can you turn that part of your humanity off?
I can not. If my children, or myself witness something, I can not let it go. I HAVE to try to find out who that person was, if they truly remain (or are mere visitors), what caused their separation from life, and if I am there to assist or just witness.
I want to be an usher, NOT merely an observer. I do not wish to notch my "runes" at every visit, nor do I wish to win the contest for seeing more lost ghosts and souls as the next guy. I want to be used in the manner that my gift was given to me TO BE used.
How do you turn that off?
Thank you.
ghostseer (41 stories) (408 posts)
14 years ago (2008-12-01)
Whitebuffalo: Thank you for the interesting facts. I didn't realize I was so "fiercely defending" any people in my comments to Surya. Needless to say, but I wasn't defending anyone. Perception: misconstrued at times, eh?...

I simply wrote to clarify. As far as the importance of brush and trees? (why the fascination with brush and trees?, it was included in story as the area is overgrown with brush and trees. There is a strength and energy to the area that is rife with history (locations do carry energy) Anyway, the experience focuses on a young girl from another time!)...This was from the dossier on one of the Mission pathways.

I have never been on a tour, have always been far too busy to take one. I do appreciate you looking it up and educating all of us. It's a small Mission-not much bigger than an average sized house.

Curiosity?...I have little to no interest in doing much research these days. Depends on where I am, and what I am experiencing. It has to really special to peak my curiosity. I have enough just trying to keep up with the paces of everyday life, and the paranormal world
(nipping at my heels with every turn)

Blessings, Ghostseer
whitebuffalo (guest)
14 years ago (2008-12-01)
The Presidio (originally, El Presidio Real de San Francisco or Royal Presidio of San Francisco) had been a fortified location since 1776, when the Spanish made it the military center of their expansion in the area. It passed to Mexico which in turn passed it to the United States in 1847.
In October 1994 (some state it was actually 1995), the U.S. Army lowered its flag for the last time, and the Presidio (meaning "A place of defense; a fortress; a garrison; a fortress; a garrison or guardhouse") was transferred to the National Park Service as part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, prior to that it had been solely a Military Post.
Before the arrival of the Europeans, the northwestern corner of San Francisco was Ohlone territory for more than a thousand years. The Ohlone living today include members of the Muwekma Ohlone Tribe of the San Francisco Bay Area, as well as Rumsen and Mutsun Tribes, currently petitioning the federal government for tribal recognition.
For 60 years in the missions, the Ohlone population suffered greatly from cultural shock and disease; they were vulnerable to foreign diseases to which they had little resistance, in the restricted and crowded living conditions inside the mission compounds. Almost all, that were rounded up were forced to move to the missions. When they decided to flee as there were food shortages, and unfathomable deceases spreading through their ranks (they could not identify them. The Natives had never been in contact with deceases such as syphilis and measles before the outsiders came in) they were round back up, and brought back to the mission. By the early 1880s, the northern Ohlone were virtually extinct, and the southern Ohlone people severely impacted and largely displaced from their communal land.
THEIR communal land.
The brush and trees did not keep the "Indians" safe until the pioneers came along. The Ohlone were FORCED to remain at the missions once they were tricked into thinking that this would help their race survive.
The Oblone tribes used Shell mounds, where ancestors were traditionally reverently buried under huge mounds of molluscan seashells. The burial mounds date back 5,000 years ago. Archaeologists have located a shell mound in the Crissy Field area that dates back to A.D. 740 [I would think that to be the "old burial ground-NW of the Mission, and a few yards away (down the hill) from the actual Mission."]
I just thought you may like to know a little bit about the people whose existence on that land you seem to defend so fiercely in your comment.
I would THINK that with this place being at a Mission, there were MANY community affairs going on there. Dinners, dances, hunting adventures, and the like. With this mission having been used for such a long time, this little girl could have been from any number of years. This little girl may have come from a neighboring home.
It was customary, when traveling to reach the Missions before traveling on further into the wilderness. MANY families stayed within the protective walls of the Missions in their travels.
This is not so confusing. She is simply a visitor that still dances in a lovely ball gown.
What language did she speak to you? I ask as you have quoted the French phrase "Joie de vivre", but said that was just the feeling emanating from her. In knowing what language she spoke, you may be curious enough to check the time line of the Presidio, to see when it was inhabited by those of that tongue.
Thank you.
ghostseer (41 stories) (408 posts)
14 years ago (2008-12-01)
Oh Surya!, You are a just a big question mark waiting to happen, aren't you?! Anyway, you keep me on my toes... 😲 Sooo, I was at the site in the late-late afternoon, the sun was at a setting point, and I believe this is why everything was so bright.

I was there until just after dark, hoping for more. Mostly to get some answers. You want to know why no one sticks arounds after dark?...Crime for one, the area is dense in brush, and you can fall in the dark-down the sharp drops into canyons. The street is lit, but the area around/behind the mission-is not.

Note:) I should never write late at night, and when I am exhausted. I realize NOW, Her name was "TAMARA", but it sounded like she said, "TOMORROW". I didn't add that in the experience either. Sorry bout that. (I noticed this in my manuscript notes)

No, this girl was not an Indian. That is why it was so confusing to me. An old Mission, next to an Indian Burial, No Indian Guides or Spirits around... Just this crazy girl in a beautiful gown... Made absolutely no sense to me.

Presidio Mission is a hilltop covered in trees and brush. The brush fills the spaces between the trees and canyons. The area was cleared for the Mission. It is an area where there was a Indian emcampment, from the long ago past. RICH in history.

A Statue (of an Indian) to the Indians... Is resting near an old burial ground-NW of the Mission, and a few yards away (down the hill) from the actual Mission. No, I don't know what Indian Tribe.

Lastly, the brush and trees hid the Indians, kept them safe in the night... Until the pioneers came along.

Blessings, Ghostseer
Surya (39 stories) (867 posts)
14 years ago (2008-12-01)
Nice story.

"She smiled in an all knowing way. Her green eyes sparkled in the sunlight, and her teeth were so white. It was a spectacular floor length dress she wore"

I was not aware that Indian girls wore spectacular floor length dress.

"The area is very old, and not long ago, bones of Indians were dug up"

How do you know they were Indian bones, please do not tell me you found a feathered piece of head wear or a piece of jewellery or the tee-pee.

There seems to be much paranormal activity, but usually after dark. When the sun goes down, no one stays around for long.

You saw the girl in the afternoon.

"The brush and trees hide a history known only to them".

What has a brush got to do with the tree and history, sorry tell me more about the brush.

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