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Heart Pounding Experience


In the summer of 2008 my family and me took a trip to Croatia to visit our other family. My family in Croatia lives near the capital, Zagreb. When our family was given our rooms my older brother and me were given the room on the first floor. Well during the first week we would hear strange noises like footsteps and things in the other rooms on the floor being moved around but we were too scared to investigate, and no one else heard these things because everyone else was sleeping on the second floor.

Anyway on the Saturday night of the second week my brother and me were sharing the room with our cousins that also were visiting, and our younger brother. It was around 11 o'clock and my younger brother and cousin kept coming in and out of the room. Then finally I told them to go to bed. So my little brother went to his spot on the floor but my cousin just stood outside of the doorway and stared into the pitch-black hallway like he saw something, but I didn't say anything.

So finally he gave up and went to his spot on the floor and at the exact time he turned around a huge figure just walked by and stopped in the doorway and faced the room. I wasn't the only one awake but I was the only one who saw this because my cousins and brother were sleeping on the floor on the other side of the room.

Then as I stared back at the figure it started walking towards me sort of as if one of its legs were injured, and it was wearing long white robes. And I knew that it was a ghost because I was able to see right through it and see the flowerpot that was positioned directly behind it.

My heart was pounding so hard it seemed to be the only thing I could hear or feel, then it came right beside my bed and it was about a ruler length away from me just staring at me for minutes. Finally it started to bend over and leaned over to me and everything seemed like slow motion and it was literally a foot from my face and yet I could only see a shadow.

I quickly turned to the side facing the wall, I closed my eyes as hard as I could and started praying and then after I finished saying the "our father" I thought it was gone but my eyes were still shut and all of a sudden I felt an unbelievably cold hand touch my shoulder. And I think I was so scared I passed out because the next thing I remember was my mother waking me up for breakfast the next morning.

During breakfast I asked my cousin if he saw anything in the hallway before he went to bed and he said,"ya, I thought I saw some old woman in white robes so I just figured it was grandma."

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kiran5070 (2 stories) (35 posts)
14 years ago (2009-01-20)
even this story is rare,...see the similar titles column
My blessings, kiranchandra 😜
kiran5070 (2 stories) (35 posts)
14 years ago (2009-01-20)
very interesting experience and iam not sure of what would I do in that situation...
Eagarly looking for your next post...
My blessings,
JessicaWishon1989 (6 stories) (57 posts)
14 years ago (2009-01-17)
I don't know if I would be able to take that expierence... I have had many expirences... But none like this! Anyways, I will be waiting for more of your stories! They seem true/real/ and phenomanal! ❤

God bless! 😉

Shiva (2 stories) (14 posts)
14 years ago (2009-01-17)
Very interesting.

The cold hand on the shoulder would have been a heart attack to you. Nothing like that ever happened again? Was the place haunted?
Jmak (6 stories) (156 posts)
14 years ago (2009-01-16)
WOW! What an experience. Have any of your family metioned any kind of activity in the house prior to or after this event? Do you know any of the history of the house/land? Please keep us updated. God bless.

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