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In 2009 my Uncle died of Lung Cancer. I attended his funeral and held back the tears and couldn't bear to go up and look at him, it was too sad.

In 2010 My Aunt (His Wife) and my cousin (his daughter) went to Europe (Spain, France etc). During their visit my Aunt (let's call her Catherine) had a dream of him. He appeared to her in bed and showed her him recovering in Hospital. His exact words were: "Look, I'm okay. Don't worry. You can relax now.". She teared up and came back to reality as my cousin (let's call her Monique) ran in to help Catherine.

When they arrived back to Sydney, Monique heard shuffling along the hallway. Thinking it was her dog Oliver she checked. The shuffling continued as if someone was walking along it, and Oliver the dog was nowhere to be seen. Catherine heard it too.

In 2011 on the day of Catherine and my Uncle's anniversary Catherine heard the doorbell ring. She went to the door and opened it to see a man claiming his name was 'Oscar' (my uncle's name) and he had flowers and a bottle of wine. He asked if the address and Catherine said no.

I'm not sure what year it was but another experience of hers was when she was sitting having dinner on her own as Monique and her sister were in their rooms and so was her son. She looked at the TV and saw my uncle's face. She screamed out "IT'S HIM! GIRLS COME HERE!" Monique and her sister ran into the lounge room to see what happened and the TV screen was just black. Oh by the way the TV was turned off.

One time they came to my house for a swim in summer '11. We were talking about my Uncle and immediately my Dog Coco walked over to Catherine and wanted a pat. Our theory is that because Young Children and animals are more connected to the other side than adults that my uncle told my dog to give Catherine a hug (or whatever you'd want to call it.).

I once had a dream of him saying he was okay as well. When he was alive, we had this sort of connection, even though I scared of him when I was little.

He was a heck of a crack-up and he is dearly missed still. We often visit Catherine's house and get a heart-warming vibe or loving feeling.

Thank you for reading my story.

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Cocoa (guest)
10 years ago (2012-05-24)
No problem crecent! I have been busy these past months and haven't been able to share any stories.

Thanks for reading!
Cocoa 😊
crecentblue03 (151 posts)
10 years ago (2012-04-22)
I think you uncle in his own way is letting you all know he loves you. Thanks for sharing!

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