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Four years ago I made the decision to return to the Billings area. I had literally left all my furniture and personal belongings, my clothing and computer at my previous residence out of state, with my former roommates, until such time that I would be able to find a new home and haul everything. I had spent months couch surfing, while trying to find a rental that would suit my needs with enough room for my belongings.

In a strange twist of fate I happened to be visiting a friend at her place of employment, when a fella came in complaining about tenants of his that had abandoned his rental property in the middle of the night with no notice or reason given. The house happened to be only a few blocks up from my friend's employment facing south on one of Billings busiest streets. I immediately made an appointment to see the house after learning the size and rental rate. (Which was a bargain)

I found the house to be very interesting and charming. What struck me most was the contrast between this house and the neighbouring homes. The houses on either side were small ranch style homes probably dating in the sixties. This house was a small Dutch colonial style house with one storey and many details adorning the facade. I got the impression that someone had put forth a lot of time and effort to personalize this home. It also seemed apparent that this house was probably one of the oldest existing homes on the block. The interior was amazingly in great shape, much of the original fixtures were in tact along with all the original doors and windows the fireplace was original and unchanged. The only real change had been to the kitchen where a very damaged and rundown carpet had been installed, the previous tenants had done an extremely sloppy job painting stencil designs on the original breakfast nook benches.

I was impressed and immediately took the rental. Sorry about the back-story but after the odd experiences that have happened in this house I feel that it's all relevant. The house consists of three bedrooms, two on the main floor and one in the basement, living room, formal dinning room, large kitchen and one bathroom.

The first months in the house were uneventful, my furniture was hauled I began repainting the interior and exterior. I decided to put a vinyl floor in the kitchen and tear up the carpeting as well as paint the breakfast nook a solid colour. When I was putting the finishing touches on the paint job and cleaning up the mess from the flooring, was the first time I smelt what I can only describe as a very floral smelling perfume. The smell was disgustingly sweet and overwhelming but not necessarily bad. This smell would occur frequently sometimes very strong sometimes only a pale scent, and always while I seem to be doing some sort of household chore such as dusting, cleaning windows, and even on a couple occasions while mowing the front lawn.

The strange scent of which I could find no explanation seemed harmless enough and never lasted more than a few seconds so I in time learned to ignore it.

I had been in the house for about four months when due to a mutually beneficial decision a friend of mine became my roommate. In the chaos that usually follows a move the living room and kitchen were filled with boxes and various items stacked until it could be organized. I had gone to bed leaving my roommate in the living room by herself. I was awakened by a knock on my bedroom door and when I answered it no one was there. I walked down the hallway and looked into the living room finding my roommate sitting on the corner of the couch looking kind of stunned. I asked her what she wanted and why she knocked on my door and she explained that she had just seen a dark shadow that seemed to leave the kitchen and go down the hallway towards our bedrooms. She then told me that not only had she not knocked on my bedroom door but she was feeling creeped out about walking down that hallway to go to her own room at the moment.

Several other guests in the house had claimed to see a shadowy figure in that hallway. Usually it was a friend staying the night and sleeping on the couch who would claim to see this after everyone else went to bed. One had reported smelling the perfume and feeling as if being watched while in the bathroom. On several occasions items that had been left sitting on tables such as car keys or wrappers would be mysteriously missing or moved. Once a full bottle of soda that had been left on the kitchen counter had been moved to the dinning room table. The dinning room seems to be a room of interest for whatever is happening in this house. It is a room that is seldom used and it is off to one side of the living room. There is really no reason to go into that room, as access to the kitchen is through an archway that leads to the hall then straight into the kitchen. I had salvaged an antique chandelier and hung it above the dinning table. The chandelier always seems to turn itself on at night. I had originally questioned if I had wired it correctly or perhaps the dimmer switch was faulty. However the wiring was checked and the switched replaced twice, still it seems the moment you leave the living room and return, the chandelier is on in the dinning room. Also anytime we have set the table to use that room, the drapes, which are generally left open, are always found closed.

The closet doors in my roommate's room are always found open even after closing them minutes before. The drapes in my bedroom are also found open on occasion. The basement bedroom is usually used as storage. Twice I have allowed friends who needed a place to stay utilize the room. Both friends one male, one female, have told me they have not slept well in that room and both experienced various medical problems during their stay at my house.

Some people who have been to my house say they feel strange here while others think it's homey and comfortable. My dogs never go into the dinning room or down the basement stairs. I have never felt afraid here. I have been unable to find out much about the history of the house.

I just rationalize it myself by assuming that someone who lived here once loved this house and did put forth a lot of effort into making it a home. I refer to her as our housekeeper, we only get bothered if things are out of place or she is curious. Giving the formal nature of the house perhaps she leaves the dinning room light on in the evenings because she thinks we should eat our dinners in there. I have decided that I won't use the storage room as a bedroom anymore. I don't feel afraid of whatever is going on here, and I often half expect to see our housekeeper one of these days.

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Clinto (1 stories) (2 posts)
11 years ago (2010-10-27)
Its been very quiet here for the longest time until recently. WE still have the Chandelier in the dinning room turning itself on and occasionally objects seem to relocate themselves. I even have a couple that have been staying in the basement bedroom for some months now without incident. About a month or two ago, a ten dollar bill came up missing from a bill fold that was left on the kitchen table, of course I assumed that I had dropped it, or maybe the kids next door who had been in the house stole it. I wrote it off fairly quickly and didn't think anything of it. That is until about two weeks ago I was painting the baseboards in the kitchen (I find that easier than washing them) I was working my way around the room and came to the kitchen door and stood up. At that moment I found a very neatly folded ten dollar bill sitting on the banister going to the basement. It was placed there very nicely, folded perfectly in half and soaking wet. There was no one else in the house and it was not there earlier, I actually had wiped down the painted wooden stair banister before I began to pain the base boards. There is no explanation for this that I can come up with. I have tried to rationalize it but can not come up with anything that would explain why it was soaked with water. I guess its just the housekeeper letting me know she's still around and paying attention.
flamewithin (57 posts)
13 years ago (2009-04-25)
clinto, we moved out of this home after 3 years the ghost their did frighten us at times but you get used to it. Like I said it love to cut our tv up full blast exspecialy if we had company, and we were talking about the ghost. Our company would freak out when he did it and my husband loved it he always did it on cue too. If we didn't talk about him for a while he would bang on the wall it always made me jump. Most of the time all you had to do was tell him to stop and he would. We couldn't have pets thow they would run away they didn't like being inside I will post the story the whole story when I can a lot happened there some of it scary most of that happened when we first moved in and he was lettig us know he lived there too.
templer_knight (1 stories) (14 posts)
13 years ago (2009-04-20)
That was a fascinating and pleasant account. So often there are tales of people finding that there are characters associated with there they live and automatically painting them in a negative light. I appreciated that you're willing to live and let live (uh... Sorta) with whatever, or whoever is there.

Tonith (1136 posts)
13 years ago (2009-04-18)
You may not get many over night guests or room mates but sounds like you are in love with the place. If there is no rational explanation for what goes on you may have a resident ghost who doesn't like when people don't have the respect you do for the place. I hope you get to buy it. It sounds like your cup of tea. I also live in a very old house (not haunted to my knowledge) and we love it here. It took lots of work to bring it back but well worth it. My adult son who would never consider himself sensitive didn't like living here by himself when we first bought it and hadn't started the refurbishing. He was dog sitting and the dog went up the attic steps and then freaked and wouldn't come down so my son had to carry her down. He always claimed to hear people talking upstairs and refused to sleep up there but instead slept in the livingroom. We didn't end up moving in until all the work was done but wanted him to stay there for fire insurance reasons but after 3 months, free rent, heat and lights or not, he didn't want to live here. So my daughter moved in and she never complained about any strange occurrences. We have lived here just about 5 years and there has been next to no oddities. So was it just him? More than likely. Or else he could sense what we could not. He lives next door now in my other house that he grew up in, with his own family and never has anything strange happen. While we lived there I had many odd experiences in that house but not in this one in comparison. Go figure? This house is from 1886 and the one next door was built in 1910 so guess both have the possibility of residing spirits but I think he has it mixed up as to which is haunted lol. Good luck with your new home and whatever is there seems to approve of you.
Kecoughtan (1 stories) (211 posts)
13 years ago (2009-04-18)
Thanks, Clinto, for sharing your experience. It is such a pleasure to read well-composed accounts, particularly those with ample architectural details. I greatly ejoyed reading about your experiences and hope you will continue to share developments with us. I am pleased that you continue to feel comfortable in your home and can sense the approval of the house and those who preceded you in time and that space. As far as I am concerned, one of life's great pleasures is the tranquility and affirmation that comes with knowing that those who loved it before you find you a good caretaker. Thanks.
Clinto (1 stories) (2 posts)
13 years ago (2009-04-17)
Angelfeathers, Odd that you would mention getting a carbon monoxide detector. I actually had two installed this past monday. And oddly enough only because the smoke detector that was in the bedroom had fallen down and broken so I thought I would upgrade when I went to home depot. No problems so far.

Falmewithin, I would be very interested to hear the rest of your experiences. The homeowner's only response when I questioned him about previous owners was simply, " I can't say the name right now" and he avoided the conversation... I wasn't sure if he meant that he didn't know it, couldn't remember it or simply would not. I was told it was built by an old couple as their retirement home. Its odd here, whatever is going on here doesn't seem to bother me in the least. I have no intentions of moving and am considering buying the place... I imagine I'd get a great deal on it. I studied architecture and have a reverence for it, I have in my time here refinished the floors done repairs as necessary and I think have taken great care of the house. (the landlord thinks so) and perhaps the ghost does as well. Most any unpleasant experiences have been had by my roommate. Now I hope she doesn't read this someday but I will say she is a less than tidy person and her bedroom looks like a thrift store blew up. Just an observation of mine and the thought in my head as I chuckle whenever she tells me of her hair being moved and one occasion told of feeling as if she was held down on her bed. (she is prone to embellishment of details at times). But perhaps there is something to it. Couldn't be anything too frightening she has no intentions of moving either.

Thanks for reading this, There are a lot of events I omitted, I felt it was long enough already. So I appreciate the interest.
flamewithin (57 posts)
13 years ago (2009-04-17)
i too moved into a place that the previus tenenent moved out she paid her deposit first months rent and they began to move in that day but stoped and never returned. We moved in and I was in the bathroom putting thing away and I heared the cohangers in the closet moveing what wasstrange was I hadnt put anything in the closet yet I felt like someone was there I didn't tell my husband what I was fealing until two nights latter he was putting up my daughters bed and I was talking to my mom who had stoped by and I told her I felt like something was in the house my husband herd me and came into the livingroom and said he felt that way too but didn't say anythig because he thought it would scare me. That's when things started happening the tv going up down shutting off at a certian times every night etc... There is lot more to the story but I won't go into it it is to long. But I do know how it feels and now if I move anywhere I allways ask about how long the people lived there before if they move out quick I won't rent the place you were lucky it was nice ours wasn't it scared the heck out of us at times. Have you asked the landlord who lived there before he had it. He may tell you who your ghost is. You don't have to tell him it is haunted just ask him if he knows any history about the place, he may know more than you think
angelfeathers (106 posts)
13 years ago (2009-04-16)
Clinto, thanks for sharing your story. As I read it, I didn't get the prickly-cold "danger-Will-Robinson" sensation that I sometimes get when I read these types of stories. I have more of a curious-"hmmm" feeling, which is odd for me because I tend to be an alarmist. ("Minimize paranormal weirdness and live a less chaotic life" is a motto that tends to work for me.)

Anyway, what was particularly striking about this story was that three words unexpectedly popped into my head -- CARBON MONOXIDE DETECTOR. Do you have one? If not, I hope that you will consider installing two in your home -- one in your furnace room and one in your bedroom. They're available at home improvement stores. I only mention it because it's kind of weird for the words "carbon monoxide detector" to pop into my already addled brain, and I felt compelled to tell you.

Hope you'll keep us updated on things.


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