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Black Figure Not A Shadow


This is my first time writing about what happened, but my mother and I would like to know what is going on and maybe you could answer a few questions for me. I have read all about shadow people and this is not a shadow person.

It started when I was in elementary school (in the 80's). I lived with my mother and my step father in Fife Washington. My step father was away for work so I decided to get his army cot out and sleep on it in the living room. I had no problem falling asleep but I was woken in the middle of the night by things being thrown around in my room. The curious person I am I went to check it out. When I got to the door of my room my closet opened up and a very black at least seven feet tall (his head was almost to the ceiling) red eyed looked like a man not see through at all (paint a human basketball player with black paint and blood red eyes) started walking towards me. I did not run or scream I just looked until he touched me. At that point I ran to my mother's room and I of course told her there was a monster in my room and she then pulled me in her room and locked the door.

The next night I decided to be strong because I wanted my step dad to be proud of me so I slept in my room. My room had a bathroom in it and I had my mom keep the light on for me so I wouldn't be so scared it turns out that light does not matter but this time it was different. What came to me that night looked like a king and stood in my door way with a sword. I was completely terrified and had no way out of my room so I very quickly learned the alphabet backwards and fell asleep.

On the very next day I was approached by about seven kids my age I have never seen before. They asked me if I could come and play I asked my mom and she said I could go with them. So we went to a woman named Mary's house and we played but while we were there she got very ill. This is where it gets strange as I was helping Mary I looked around and I was the only one there.

My mother talks to me about it and admits the reason she locked the door is because she seen the black red eyed thing also and to this day she still does. My grandmother told me that my mother carries demons with her they follow her but we are more worried because my two girls are seeing this creature now.

My oldest has seen it in my room watching me sleep. My youngest sees it in the hallway by my room.

It is as solid as a human is, Black as paint with red eyes, very tall. Is not afraid of you it will not run from you.

Please help me figure out what this is I have had so many more things happen to me but I don't want my children to suffer from this.

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avangeline (1 posts)
8 years ago (2014-05-18)
I have seen this figure in a dream. I've always wondered if it was just my imagination or if it had a relative cause. Recently I have spoken with another person with the same encounter. We both were frightened the instant we saw it. Even if it was only a dream for me it didn't feel like a normal dream. I was in a place that seemed to be dying out. Life was nearly gone from all the trees I wouldn't know if there was air or not since it was only a dream but I didn't feel like I was breathing. As if there was no air. The figure stood next to a tree that was near to its end. The other person and I had the same reaction to the figure. At first scared and tense yet not in a way that made it seem evil nor good. Almost like a balance or a relation of the idea of the god abraxas. When I saw its face I saw nothing but black and red eyes almost like a shadow but solid. I wasn't afraid. But I wasn't in the presence of divine love. I felt content and acceptence but in the stranges way. The fact that this figure led you to an ill person might have the same result of this figure that the other person and I had. I was not dying and neither was he but at the time my spirit or sense of wanting to live was and so was his. This figure changed my way of thinking it spoke to me but not through his mouth. My friend also has had a change in life. The morning after this event happened to him his way of thinking changed completely. It looks like an evil figure yes but a part of me feels that it is a balance of good and evil. It is not good but it is not evil and that is something that is hard to digest. I cannot tell you why it is there perhaps a part of you is lacking direction. Perhaps it is trying to make sure you do what you need to do. But there are many reasons of what it might want and it might be good bad or both but even if it was one or the other if it were to be good and evil maybe it is capable of doing both. If it were a balance of life. I don't have a lot of knowledge in these subjects but I know how I feel about this figure and it feels just as much of a friend as it feels to be an enemy. Pray to god to help you seek what it is you need to know and do. Perhaps there is something that's important that needs to be set straight. Good luck.
Emjay (3 posts)
11 years ago (2011-07-23)
i know you said it was not a shadow people but what you described fits with other accounts of shadow people. Has the figure ever looked like it would hurt you in anyway?
Thanks for sharing!
rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
12 years ago (2010-11-01)

Interesting, very interesting...

Some basic questions first,

You say that the first time you saw 'him' he walked out of your closet and you let him touch you before running to your Mother. What were you feeling? Was (is) this 'presence' menacing? Does it feel in any way 'unwholesome'?

Is the atmosphere in any part of your home oppressive or unwelcome?

Or do you and your Family feel 'relaxed' in your home? Does your home feel welcoming?

The way things feel... Your 'gut' feelings often prove true when it comes to the nature of 'what' an entity is / what it's intentions are. They may be able to 'llok' like 'familiar' / pull 'thoughts' from our mind that help them to deceive but the 'feeling' that accompanies them is not something that they can change. (IMO)

The fact that it appears as a solid black form with red eyes does not make it 'evil' / a 'demon'.

You were led to a woman's home, she became ill... Does she have any Family that lives with her? Does she live alone? Would she have been 'worse off' had you not been there?

Your experience is very intriguing and I would enjoy hearing more about it, and if you wish helping you to figure out just what is happening.

Burning sage, Smudging your home with it, saying prayers... Placing protective spells on your and your loved ones are all great suggestions, and things that can be done even if you are not experiencing any type of phenomenon.

Please keep us updated.


wolf789 (10 posts)
12 years ago (2010-11-01)
it sounds like a curse has been placed on your family, I sugest looking for a banishment spell, a protections spell, or a hex to get rid of the curse, ofcorse make sure its a real spell, there are a lot of fakes on the net after all.
thescreamer (1 stories) (4 posts)
12 years ago (2010-05-03)
i don't know about the red eyes but everything you are describing is exactly like shadow men there have been many many different sightings of shadow men but I have never heard of one staying with a person now as far as religious objects and stuff of that nature I really don't think things like that would work I have had an encounter as well maybe not with the exact same thign you did but close. I was at my grandparents (they live in louisiana in the swamps so no telling what this thing is) I was maybe thirteen everyone was in for I think thanksgiving iit was about 1:30 and I was watching tv in there camper (they have a fithwheel and when the house is full I sleep in there) well I was watching tv and I heard there dogs (they ahve two great danes) start barking and chasing somthing around the back so I got up and went to the window to see what they were going after and they were chasing this thing very low to the ground and darting back and forth at first I thought it was a rabbit but it was to long so I kept watching and it was out running them which shocked me well they chased it to the fence and it jumped over and the dogs just stopped and were barking at the fence well I stopped under my grandfathers tall shop light he has right next to his repair shop and it stood up and I was immediately struck with fear it was slinder very tall taller than a normal man and all black it stood very straight up it looked right at the dogs and let out this high pitched just horriying scream that I can still hear now as I'm writing this and that was almost 7 years agoi jsut went frozen I couldn't move the dogs started cowering and yelping and ran to there dog house and right as this thing is turning to run into the woods its eyes catch mine and I felt like I was going to die in the moment like all the cold and hatred hin the world had discended on me all at once I felt like I wanted to die cause I knew that what ever that things would do to me would be so much worse I threw myself into the recliner they had in the camper and spun in a slow circle all night watching hopeing it wouldn't come back and get into the camper... I had nightmare about that thing for years and I still get the chills everytime I tell that story
Justaguy (7 posts)
12 years ago (2010-03-25)
Not to deter you from going to church and finding Jesus, but I don't know that you actually have a demon. There needs to be more information. For one you mention your step father, I am wondering if your biological father has passed? There are a lot of theories on Black Shadows. The one that I find most plausable is that a energy from the otherside (another dimension) needs to learn to manipulate energy in order to be seen in this one. Just like humans some are better than others at doing this task. In other words, most black shadows are just ghosts that have not learned to tune in the color yet. Considering this fact and my first question you can probably put two and two together. Ghosts are just like us fearful, angry, and longing for something more. The description of the throwing things around in your room that your not in sounds like frustration. If it was a demon, wouldn't it throw you around and not your stuff? I don't think this is an evil spirit, and I am not sure that it is the same spirit everytime either. There are a ton of questions to complete an analysis of what is actually happening, but this much I know... It does not appear it wants to do you harm, it may be a lost loved one, and you should not fear it but try to understand it. If it is demon, fear will throw gas on a fire. Faith on the otherhand will push evil away, but if it is a ghost of a loved one in will still persist. Ghosts are not all evil... Pissed off maybe... But remember that the bible talks of the Holy Ghost so there has to be the converse too, and everything in between.
Carman (1 posts)
13 years ago (2009-06-23)
Sounds like a demon has attached itself to you. If I were you, I would seek religion. Have a priest come over for a house blessing. Read the bible to you kids. You probably got use to it being around but know it is making its presence known to your kids. Good Luck! ❤
sylviessweeties (135 posts)
13 years ago (2009-06-23)
Buy a cross necklace for you and your girls, have the crosses blessed in holy water, see if you can contact a psychic, ring up psychic radio at aol, add psychics as your friend on facebook.
sylviessweeties (135 posts)
13 years ago (2009-06-23)
You need to find someone who can help with a house cleanse and qualified in ridding demons, maybe cleanse your aura through meditation. Imagine there's a bright white light around you adnn your girls and aroudn the house and land, call on Jesus in your meditation, as you pray when you meditate ask for God to assign heavens good angels to protect you and your family.
sylviessweeties (135 posts)
13 years ago (2009-06-23)
Thats not good your daughters are now seeing this red eyed entity, I wonder if this entity deals with people passing over from illness.
Candide (1 posts)
13 years ago (2009-06-23)
Your story does seem to be very concerning. One thing for sure is that wherever that figure (s) originated from, it's contagious in the sense that it will begin pestering those that are involved with, in this case, you. Aside from your family, have you had other people claim to see it in your house? Your friends or just visitor perhaps? Before you can find a solution to the situation I do believe that it would be a good idea to limit the number of people that enter your house.
If you really worry about your children, then it might be a good idea to place them in the care of someone else for the meantime... Tough as it sounds, it would be a good idea before "it" begins to attach to your children.
As strange as it seems, that's just what I feel about this figure... Unfortunately, I do not know how to get rid of it yet so this is the only advice I can give...
nichole (1 posts)
13 years ago (2009-06-22)
i have had a black figure with redish eyes stare at me while I was sleeping and it touched my face and I could tell it was a man by the way it's hand felt.
Jeffrey (1 stories) (3 posts)
13 years ago (2009-06-22)
I'm sorry to hear of your problem. As with the others I join in on telling you to go to God and ask him for his help and KNOW he will help you and only God is in charge always! I too saw a dark image about 10 years ago in a house my husband and I were living in. I thought maybe it was a dream, since I was in bed but I will tell you something, I was screaming and getting on the other side of the bed where my husband was just to get away from it because it appeared to be walking up the side of my bed and stopped at my side and reached out it's arms to me and I did no want it touching me. It was a dark figure but had a body frame to it kind of a robe looking thing. In that house we saw a lot of scary things and heard things. I was glad to move from there. But it seems I've always had something around me since I was a kid.

I told what ever was in there in the name of Jesus Christ to leave and in Gods Name to flee. There have been some happeings in this house I'm in now, but no where as bad as that other house. If it's bad it knows to stay away and God is in control and if it is bad it has no business around anyone! Keep your faith!

sher2164 (3 stories) (31 posts)
13 years ago (2009-06-21)
I think it's just trying to scare you. Best thing to do is do some research online and try to figure what it is or try a church even. In your story you mention your kids see it watching you sleep, but not doing anything to you. Whatever, it is it's not good. This is a little far fetched, but try putting salt around the doors and windows to see if it helps.
zzVaNeSsAzz (2 posts)
13 years ago (2009-06-20)
I'm sorry but I can't offer much advice but what you're seeing could possibly be a demon. If it is then try rebuking it in the name of Jesus Christ. Just simply say in the name of Jesus Christ, get out of my house & leave us alone. Try that the next time you see it. If you truley believe in God, he'll take care of it. Or try to pray it out. But if it isn't a demon which it might not be, just try to ignore it. If you see it, close your eyes and look away. That might not be a lot of advice but hopefuly it helps. I hope it don't hurt you or your family. Have a great day & God bless you & your family. 😊
Randcan (62 posts)
13 years ago (2009-06-19)
One other thing, your children have seen him close to you, and though they don't see him around them, he is. He just wants you all to think that he's only concentrating on you. Appearances are everything, and planned. When as a kid, you "thought" he looked like a "king," that was exactly the thought he wanted you to have. To make you think, by his stature and regal image, that you couldn't possibly ever challenge him. To instill courage in your children, place open (blessed) bibles in their rooms, and yours, opened to the story of the Ressurection. If you find he's tossed them, don't react, keep putting them back. Are you ready to get angry? But don't battle him. Transfer that anger into self-confidence. Bless yourselves each morning and night with holy water. Pray, together. Don't let this become the biggest thing in your life, in your minds. He doesn't deserve such attention. Enjoy your day and your night. He's a little mouse, that God will stomp on. I don't care what he looks like. He could be 50 feet tall, and he can kiss my as*. That should be your attitude. Don't hand over to him more energy, with the energy you transmit with fear. Sleep with a light on, play uplifting music, laugh, and think with confidence, that his time is up. Like I said, God's pissed right now. And God is in your house also. He is always near children. But God's not going to stomp this intruder underfoot, unless you ask Him. Stop, and be still, and "Know" that He is the maker of ALL things, and that He can stop any spirit. You think there's a spirit world, and no boss in charge? Who made the spirits? (Nothing and no one is above Him, or can come against You, whom He loves above Every last thing in the universe). It's said that, "God can create (new) life on this planet, with just a sideways glance." You think He can't obliterate, what He Himself created? As easy as pie. How easily can you break a dish?
Randcan (62 posts)
13 years ago (2009-06-19)
None of this is "religious." Just good vs. Bad. You state that 7 kids were with you and then gone. You mean they vanished? Meaning they were entities? (Demons love to appear as children). And also, Mary getting ill was the only "attack" of any kind, you mention. Is there more? Your mother is the one who must be exorcised. Since it began with her I assume, and not her mother. She could just be an innocent target, which is probably the case, or she is concealiing some kind of guilt, like once dabbling in witchcraft, or being molested. You've described an infestation (of demons). And though the solid dark figures I saw when I was young, did not have red eyes, all such entities are not good (just because they seem benign/haven't attacked you physically). The fact any one of them approached you as a child, knowing they would scare the hell out of you, is not a friendly action, and is, a conscious deliberate attack on your sense of security. Find a devout priest, e.g. Greek Orthodox. The whole family and residence should be blessed, but again, they've attached to your mother who in time, became complacent/accepting = permissive. Permission must be revoked and it/them cast back. I can't believe, with her knowing of him, that she let you go back to your bedroom the next night. You think I'd let my child? That's what I mean by "accepting." If encountered again in the meanwhile, You needn't challenge the entity, but stand in the Will of the Creator, and you by that power, can bind him. I don't care if he laughs or anything. He tried to touch you, you resist. Learn a scripture like, "Be still, and Know that I am God." That's easy to remember. Recite the Lord's Prayer. Don't run from him either. Pray and walk away. He may be of a higher hierachy that tall, and flashing that sword, and it will take all of you, and the priest, combined to remove him. He's looking to be accepted by additional family members. Even if longterm, he's got plans. He's not wasting his energy involved in your lives for nothing. Your mother made no great or successful effort to remove him, and he awaits your response/reaction re: your kids/household. She locked the door when you came to her. He rules over your family with fear. Doesn't he? The prick. Believe in something in this life; best the Creator. If you believe all you are is flesh, then he has the upper hand, since he then holds dominance in a spirit world, and your world. Screw that. God gave You the Earth. And God hates entites that frighten you, and 10 times more, those that frighten children. The Priest has no power, rather, with his free will, he chooses God, and wields God's Will against all entities. P.s. People who write that such entities may be harmless, are so off the mark.
Hellen777 (1 posts)
13 years ago (2009-06-18)
Forget all about religious stuffs they won't help you. You need to talk to a visionary, a true one that can actually see the thing and it's story so he will know what kind of exorcism needs. This is a serious problem!
lemonlime675 (5 posts)
13 years ago (2009-06-18)
i might want to think about blessing not your house but you urself or however it oringinated
AuroraRosa (2 stories) (55 posts)
13 years ago (2009-06-18)
I'm sorry I can't offer much advice except maybe you should all wear crosses, and maybe nail one to every door. Red eyes doesn't always mean something is bad, and neither does black. But if it is refusing to go away then yeah, I don't think it's very nice.
You said it had a sword? Was it trying to hurt you or anything, or just standing there holding it? It might just be trying to scare you.

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