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Sinister Smile Of A Black Ghost


This happened about 40 years ago, I'm 43 now and since I was so young, I don't remember everything that happened, so the first part I will tell you is what I do remember, the rest is what I was told by my parents.

My dad had just been stationed at Fort Huachuca, AZ, and while we were waiting for military housing we were staying in a motel. Sadly, I don't know where exactly the motel was but I assume it was very close to Fort Huachuca since that's where my dad had to work.

It all started when my mom and I were getting ready to go to the swimming pool, there at the motel, when she heard me saying in a loud voice "Stop smiling at me". I was in her bedroom looking into the open closet, and there on the self in the closet, I could see a black man's face smiling down at me. His eyes were very white as were his teeth. I remember the smile was very sinister and I didn't like it. I wasn't afraid of it, I wasn't old enough to understand fear in that way yet being only around 2 years old.

My mom thought that there was someone in the room and called to me to go to the pool with her, so I obediently followed her. She got the manager of the motel to go into the apartment and check it out, but of course no body was in there. After he left, and we finished our day at the pool, we went back inside and I went into her room again and started demanding that the man stop smiling at me. This time my mom knew there was no one in the room because they had just checked it and she came into the room to look. I pointed the man out in the closet but she didn't see anything. Later, once my dad was back, he looked and he couldn't see anything either, even though I clearly could. Thinking I was making a face out of reflections or something they had stored in the closet, they tried moving things around but I still saw that sinister smile on the black man's face. Even my grandparents that came to visit us couldn't see it. But I could see him every time I went into that room.

We moved into our new house on base (thankfully I didn't see the face there) From this point on, it's only what my parents told me I saw and spoke to them about.

One day we had driven to pick my dad up at his office building, it was late but as I sat in the car, I pointed out a black man standing by the office. My mom looked and couldn't see anyone, but it was obvious she was concerned about it and tried hurrying my dad up so we could go home.

The last time I saw him, at least that I'm told, was at a cemetery. My mom and I were walking around this old cemetery in the middle of the day looking at I presume old civil war graves and I told my mom, "Look, that black man just fell down." My mom tried looking around but we were the only two there.

I was between 3 - 6 for the stories after the initial motel, though at the motel I could've been close to 3 as we lived there only 3 years. My mom found it strange how I always described him as a black man because as far as she knew, I had never met a real black man at that point in time. It's also noteworthy that the base my dad worked at was an old buffalo soldiers barracks during the civil war. I never saw anything else like that after we moved, and though I don't remember most of it, I can remember seeing him in the closet, just his head, staring down at me with that sinister smile that haunts my memory still.

I'm curious if anyone else has had or seen an experience like this down in AZ around that area? I would love to visit the area again, just to see if I can see anything again, though I'm sure I wouldn't.

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Rajine (14 stories) (827 posts)
5 months ago (2024-02-16)
That definitely is strange, when you say black do you mean the color or the race?
From what I've read, you've only seen him at specific places, I wonder if there's a connection, especially since you hadn't seen him at the house on base.

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