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I'm Rhiannon, and I was 4 when this experience happened.

I was in my room playing dolls, when suddenly I looked to the right side of my closet, without even wanting to see there, and saw a little boy looking quite messed up. I don't mean punched up, like his hair was messy and his clothes were with not a scratch there.

I have never seen a ghost before. Two days after, I was walking and playing with my friend when my head turned to the right side without wanting to and saw that same boy walking with us, holding my hand, although my hand was curled around a doll because me and my friend were playing dolls while walking, he was still holding it.

A year later when I turned 5, I hadn't seen him since. I heard scratching sounds on my cupboard closet throughout my last years of being 4. So technically, I forgot about it. That's when it hit me in preschool. I was in preschool, TRYING to read a book. At least I was looking at the pictures! Anyways, when it hit me, was when the 'boy' was sitting cross-legged next to me, leaning under my head to see. I thought it was one of my boyfriends (A friend that's a boy). SO, I yelled, I was in preschool so I thought it was alright to yell, 'What're you doing!' I tried to push his head as if it would roll and hurt but before I got to it, he disappeared.

Up until I was 9 I would still remember. The boy never hurt me. The boy never talked to me. But that year it changed.

I was on the computer to go onto a game called 'Miniclip' and as soon as the page loaded, something whispered into my ear, 'Johnny Carypulle' I didn't know what I was doing, but I opened another page and searched Johnny Carypulle. When the results came up, I was reading it already.

Johnny was a 6 year old boy, killed by his parents to save their fees. I thought this was a cruel thing, but I already bookmarked the page and saved it for another time. Maybe, a week later, (Just to tell you I live like in a square city roundabout and there is like a graveyard 2 blocks down from my house) I was strolling down the sidewalk to the graveyard. SO when I got there, I found Johnny's grave and said 'In memory of our Johnny. Peace. Died 1967. Born 1961.'

It's about time I posted this. I need some help on why I did that search on Johnny. It still confuses me. And also, I see some people that look like my parents at the foot of my bed staring at me. I know it isn't my parents, because my mum wouldn't have a serious face like it.

Please help me!

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whitebuffalo (guest)
13 years ago (2009-09-16)
Huh. Interesting.
I have GOT to get overseas and check out a few tombstones, apparently. I walked through one of our local ones (there is one just a few miles up the road that is rather beautiful and large. It is also listed in a few of the "Haunted Indiana" sites) here and do not recall reading one that did not carry a last name. Not that I actually stopped at each and every one to see that there WAS one, but I would think (well, with the exceptions of the ones that were "too young" to BE named) that would be an important fact to write in stone. As well as an exact date. Interesting.
Too bad there is not enough written in stone to go by, as far as research.
And yes, thank you. I really DO think I now understand what is going on, as it comes to the retelling of this story. I appreciate the time you put in to write it all down.
Thank you.
WIckedWitch2000 (1 stories) (71 posts)
13 years ago (2009-09-16)
Well, whitebuffalo, I had would of gone to the tombstone to find his last name but all it says is Johnny. I am sorry for not remembering to go to the stone, but it says perfectly: In their memory of Johnny. Peace. Must we die. Born 1961. Died 1967. For all of this, another story of what happened a week ago when I moved into another 2 story house, it's about a doll. And also whitebuffalo. I am sorry for you're misunderstanding, but I mean once Johnny had left me once, throughout his leavings I would hear it. Through the rest of my being 4. I now hope you understand?
whitebuffalo (guest)
13 years ago (2009-09-14)
Oh, I completely understood the "fees" part of this story. COMPLETELY. Having children is not only a huge responsibility, but it is also quite taxing both on the emotional/physical side of things as well as the financial side. Anyone who does not believe that has not stood in the middle of a store trying to just buy necessities as their child asks for something you KNOW does not fit into the budget.
You know, this may all be just in a translation problem but... Throughout your yearS of being four? I am still lost. I am assuming that you are meaning the whole year that you were four, and not the years that you were four.
You made up his last name?
You can go straight to the cemetery right down the road and locate his tombstone, but made up his last name...
Well then, HOW do you know that the grave site that you have visited is the correct one?
Thank you.
WIckedWitch2000 (1 stories) (71 posts)
13 years ago (2009-09-13)
New update folks:
I just tried to search it on wikipedia like you guys said it wasn't on there and I could not find it. But as I was so into remembering my story I did not remember to say at the end I had to make up his last name. The reasons are: 1. I did not hear of his last name, I did, but I couldn't make out the last name. I know it started with a C. 2. I AM sorry guys for ruining your researches, but I did not remember that one research page on Johnny was on. I AM sorry.

WIckedWitch2000 P.S The reason I have 2000 on the end of my name is because my sister that is 9 now made the account and I told her not to and so she gave it to me.
WIckedWitch2000 (1 stories) (71 posts)
13 years ago (2009-09-13)
Preeti: Thank you, I didn't really believe in ghosts when I was four because I didn't know that they existed... Some people have fascinating stories half compared to my own.

Whitebuffalo: Throughout my years of being 4 years old, I would heard scratching sounds on my closet door... And I may check in tomorrow at the grave yard and see what exactly it says. If I have the time that is. I do hope you understand the tax/fees/bills part. No one seems to be well done cooperating...

Tori: Ahh. Why I remember so well is because I would have that same yucky thought in my head. Also because whenever my friend Cleo and I were talking, she'd always bring up how I'd always get a heart attack whenever I saw the boy.
vicuttie8 (7 stories) (92 posts)
13 years ago (2009-09-12)
Very interseting story. Its amazing how you remember all that stuff. Do you still see him?

Tori ❤
whitebuffalo (guest)
13 years ago (2009-09-12)
I have got to ask a question here. I got to the fourth paragraph where you wrote "...throughout my last years of being 4." Would you care to explain that?
I am astounded at your memory. To have such vivid memories of when you were four, 12 years later, right down to the pushing of his head out of your way while you were checking out the book. Incredible.
As this cemetery that his stone is in is right down the street from where you live, would you mind please walking down there and writing out exactly what is written on his stone? It will give us researchers (Hi Liberty!) a bit more to go on, such as an exact date and the correct spelling of his name.
Also, you mention two adults standing at the foot of your bed. IF I am reading this right, these two beings are there, even after Johnnie has left. Am I right? If so, a connection WITH Johnnie is NOT a given. It may be two totally unconnected beings.

Just my two cents here. IF financially things got SO tight that I would have to make the choice between killing off one of my children or eating... I would either have to lose some weight, or I would have to take my OWN life, and pray that someone else could feed them to health. It is not childrens "fault" that there are financial difficulties, and should not be the solution to the problem.
Johnnie, provided all of this is as accurate as it would appear with the responses to the questions posted, COULD have been guilt ridden as his parents MAY HAVE allowed him to think that HE was the cause of what they were about to do.
I will reserve my actual thoughts until I can do a bit of research. I will be waiting for what is written in stone.
Thank you.
Preeti (100 posts)
13 years ago (2009-09-12)
Wicked witch be carefull it can harm you... That boy johnny... Is killed as you said and their parents did... No wonder they can harm you too... A small advice tie a cross around your neck to be safe...

God Bless You ❤
WIckedWitch2000 (1 stories) (71 posts)
13 years ago (2009-09-11)
libertybelle: Yes, it probably wasn't on wiki but I was sure it was... It isn't but I am not sure.

ChildOfTheLotus: Yes. EXACTLY what I mean't, but I can't just explain it right...
And you're probably the first poster to understand my story. ^.^

❤ WIckedWitch2000
ChildOfTheLotus (10 stories) (133 posts)
13 years ago (2009-09-11)
Perhaps WickedWitch meant fees as in bills. Such as, maybe the family was getting down on their luck and couldn't afford to feed and clothe all of them, so they cruelly decided to murder their child. Sick, sick people.

I agree with the other posters. Johnny probably was just lonely and wanted you to be his friend.
libertybelle (14 stories) (207 posts)
13 years ago (2009-09-11)
WickedWitch2000, I just checked Wiki and looked up murders in Australia, and there was nothing in their timeline of the 1960's that indicated anything concerning the name Johnny Carypulle.

I still can't understand about the 'fees' you referred to either. I've never heard of any country that assesses fees for merely having children; on the contrary, children usually mean additional deductions come tax time.

Could you possibly give us more details, and explain what you're getting at a little more clearly?

WIckedWitch2000 (1 stories) (71 posts)
13 years ago (2009-09-11)
Ok so:
TigerLily: Oh, I now would be 16 now... And No, since johnny's leaving me, I haven't seen them since... I don't really remember what site it was but I think it was like on that wikipedia thingy... Don't really remember on that one but I'm pretty sure it's on wikipedia... If not then... I don't really remember when I was 9... ^.^ Sorry.

Mystia: His parents like killed him... When you have children you like get fees. If you know what I mean... Lol...

Mystia: (again): Ugh I mean when you had kids in those days... It's hard to explain the meaning...
mystia (17 posts)
13 years ago (2009-09-10)
Last I checked there is No fee charged
For having 6 year olds! Or any kids for
That matter. Thats why I wonder What fees?
mystia (17 posts)
13 years ago (2009-09-10)
What do you mean by
"killed by his parents to save their fees"?
What Fees? 😕
TigerLily (3 stories) (145 posts)
13 years ago (2009-09-10)
I agree with book_luver123. Ghosts can see into your mind and out thoughts in there. This may have been how he controlled you. 😐
Johnny probably just wanted a friend seeing as he didn't have his full childhood. He must have felt rejected when you yelled at him about the book, which caused him to tell you his past.
I think the people at the end of your bed may have been his parents? They may have felt bad about killing their son and want him to have some form of friendship. I'm not quite sure on that though. 😕
If you don't mind my asking, how old are you now? Have you seen Johnny or the people by the bed since then? Do you have a link to the site where you found information on Johnny?

God Bless.
book_luver123 (227 posts)
13 years ago (2009-09-10)
I think ghost can temporally control us, so he might have wanted you to hear about his story.

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