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Not So Dearly Departed


This happened to me personally and I will swear to it. So will the others involved, even though it happened 20 years ago.

A close friend of my husbands was looking for a nice farm in the Sheridan School District in which to raise his new family. He and his new wife had just located what they thought was the perfect place. About 2 miles down RT 669, on an off-shoot dirt road that connects back to RT 13 and within walking distance of the National Forest. Perfect old farm site. They had invited us and the other friends with young children to check-out this great farm they had found, because it just came onto the market.

My husband and I loaded up our 3 year old son, who was known for being quiet, calm, and pleasant, seriously, he never threw a temper tantrum in his life! So, we went out to meet everybody at the farm. It was perfect! Beautiful old gothic house, barns located across the dirt road, sharp corner that dissected the house from the barns and an old chicken coop/shed behind the house. But, it had been abandoned for quite a while.

As we walked up to the house, I remarked to my husband that it reminded me of my own childhood home. Once we set foot inside with our son, I felt uneasy it was like somebody was watching me, especially in the basement/laundry room/cellar. After a few hours of exploring the barns, basement, and upstairs, it got dark outside. Their children and our 3 year old son were playing through-out the house and yard playing hide-n-go-seek in the basement and closets and such. Nobody ever complained or got scared, even as it got darker.

While I was standing in what was left of an old 1950's style kitchen, talking redecorating with the perspective lady of the house, I heard my little boy screaming from the extra big room over. Before I could even run into that part of the house, he had already made it to the back door and was trying to like a rabid cat to climb the screen door and unlock it to get out. AND screaming at the top of his lungs "LET ME OUT, GET ME OUT, OUT, OUT, I WANT OUT!" I was shocked! My child had never screamed, let alone freaked out, and as I tried to pick him up... He turned on me! I picked him up and tried to walk back into the room with him and he kicked, wiggled, scratched at me and tried to climb over my shoulder to get back at the door... Screaming 'NO! NO! NOOOO! OUT Mommy! OUT!" So, I calmly turned and walked out the back screen door into the black night outside. Shushing and singing his favorite song under my breath, I kept walking until he settled down... Past the shed, past the street lighting, INTO the cornfield that surrounded the property until my little boy calmed down enough to say "Don't go back, Mommy!"

We were very far from the house, under the night sky, in the middle of nowhere and he was perfectly happy to be there! As I got him to talk, I said "**** what's wrong? Why can't we go back? Don't you like ***** (other kids)?" He said "That old lady yelled at me! She said GET OUT OF HER HOUSE! GET OUT OF HER HOUSE! GET OUT OF HER HOUSE!" So I asked, what old lady? And he said QUOTE "The old lady that's coming out of the floor. She's yelling at us to get out of her house, get out of her house, get out of her house!" So, while standing in that dark field/yard I asked my little boy, what does she look like? AND HE SAID she has dark clothes, fuzzy hair and NO LEGS and she's coming out of the floor! I said, what floor, Honey? He replied that it was the room that the other kids didn't want to play in (it's on the first floor, beside the room he was trying to escape from...) So, knowing my quiet little boy never reacted to situations in this way, I tried to dismiss it and turned to walk back towards the light/back porch. He immediately tried to crawl over my shoulder, kicking, and whimpering that he wanted out, out, out of here... So I changed my direction and went around the big farm house and down to the road/driveway where our cars were parked. My son insisted that we get into the car and leave NOW!

As I was putting him into his car seat, I explained that Daddy was still inside and we can't leave him. That's when I realized the severity of what had happened to my baby, because he said "NO! NO! Mommy let's go! NO Daddy, Let's GO NOW!" and started to cry again. He was very close to his father, but he was willing to sacrifice him to whatever fate was inside that house...WOW! So, I closed the car door, and reassured him that I would be back in a couple of minutes, and I ran back up to the house. Inside, everybody was gathered in the kitchen, talking, and they asked what was wrong with ****? Because he never acted that was before, the other children thought he had freaked out for no reason! Without saying anything about his story, I asked "what happened? Did somebody try to hurt him?" The oldest girl, about 9 years old said "No. We was just playing hide and go seek and he just started screaming and ran away! When we tried to catch him, he wouldn't let us, he just kept screaming and tried to get out the doors." I asked, "Where were you?" She said "Beside the spooky room." Anyway, I told the adults what my boy had told me outside, and that he refused to come near the house, then I went into that room and said some very rude things out loud to an unseen person that I was not afraid of for any earthly reason and told my husband that it was time to go.

Weeks later, we ran into the friend at a local hangout and he informed us that his wife and he had turned down that perfect farm. He said that after talking to the man that had it up for sale, they found out that the man had grown up there, his mom remained even after his fathers death, and a couple of years ago his mother had laid dead, on the floor of that very room, for many days, before they finally found her. She had unruly hair and didn't like trespassers...

Many years later (10-12) while out driving through the countryside, I took my son past that house (without mentioning the episode) and he got very fidgety. He insisted that we not slow down at that particular corner (its S shaped) and just GO.

Yes, somebody lives there now, fixed it up even, but I'm sure they have no idea who is in the back room...

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Naira (19 posts)
9 years ago (2013-09-07)
That is one IMPRESSIVE experience! Poor little boy, to get such a scare. Interesting how the other kids were also spooked by the room, even if they saw nothing.
moravian (1 stories) (171 posts)
11 years ago (2010-11-23)
That was one of the better stories I have read here. I believe it - have similar though less profound story. Thanks For sharing that
indig0c0gnito (1 stories) (7 posts)
13 years ago (2009-10-22)
This was his first scary "encounter" with unusual experiences. He had a couple more odd things that he'd see and repeat what was told to him. One incident spooked his Grandma into believing, lol. But the incidents happened sponaniously, and only until he was about 8 years.
He doesn't tell other people because somebody once called him a liar & like he said "I can't prove it to them, so why bother." Except when the messages were specific, he just saw 'weird stuff'.
He says that he just gets odd feelings about people, places, and such nowdays; those hair-on-the-back-of-his-neck-feelings. He's grown into a good, kind, & conciderate young man that any mommy would be proud to have spooking the crap out of her friends,;o).
And, we've since found out that "it" has been running in the family for at least 12 generations... (family tree data).
opaleone (41 posts)
13 years ago (2009-10-21)
I applaud your reaction. That is exactly how parents should act when their child has a clearly paranormal encounter. It's so very very important to believe and help them.
kfreakelena (1 stories) (13 posts)
13 years ago (2009-10-21)
Now that is creepy! I know when "somebody" has something to say or something they do not like and that is how I know when to leave. I am trying to erase those creepy memories because they depress me. Your child is amazing! Be careful in the future and God bless you!
GhostHunter7 (6 posts)
13 years ago (2009-10-21)
Hmm... At one time I heard little children can see certain things better than adults, or hear things.

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