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An Odd Encounter With Coyotes


Me and my friends have been into ghost hunting and investigating for quite a while now. While doing this I've experienced some strange things before, taken some interesting pictures etc. But within just a few days it seemed like something odd was happening.

I will start with the night when me, my boyfriend and my friend that I'll refer to as "M" took a trip to the Munger Road Rail Road tracks in Bartlett. These tracks are about 40 minutes from where we live and we drove out there 2 nights in a row. Nothing too odd happened but this coyote decided to run out in front of the car, and stare at us which doesn't seem odd now, but may later in the story.

So a few nights later two other friends, "E" and "A" were interested in going to Munger Road, so me and my boyfriend took them out there. Again, nothing too odd happened besides a few odd noises and some odd looking shadows. Since we were taking my car, I dropped off my boyfriend, then "E" and "A" who live together and was driving home on my own. I would say it's only 5 minutes from their house to mine, and it was somewhere around 3:00am. I was driving down Route 25 in Oswego along the river and a coyote ran out in front of the car. I drove down this road almost every day, during the day and at night. I had never once seen coyotes out on this road. So it ran out in front of my car and I tried slamming on the brakes but I knew I had run it over. I looked up at the rearview mirror and the coyote was standing exactly where it was before, like my car had driven right through it. It was just staring at me. Then it just disappeared. I was extremely freaked out and started crying out of shock.

About two days after that incident. We planned on taking a trip to a cemetery in Joliet. My boyfriend, "M" and two other friends were with me. We had never been here before so we were not sure where the cemetery was, and our directions were not too accurate. We ended up getting lost, and we drove past Woodlawn Memorial Cemetery. A very close friend of mine who passed away a few months ago is buried here, so when we drove past this cemetery I did start to tear up a little bit. Since we couldn't find the place we originally were looking for, my friends asked if I was comfortable just doing an investigation at Woodlawn, since it was there. I said it was alright, and I could visit my friend while we were there.

We walked around the cemetery for a bit, and me and "M" saw a shadow person walking about 20 feet behind us, I tried to get some pictures but nothing showed up. I felt extremely uneasy being here. We split up, my boyfriend and "M" were on one side of the cemetery, and I was with the two other friends taking pictures at the opposite side. I walked up to this interesting looking grave just to look at it. As soon as I stepped on the grass in front of the grave a deep, growly voice yelled "GET OFF" I immediately ran back to where my 2 friends were and I was shaking. I had never heard anything like that before.

We called my boyfriend and "M" to come over to us and once we were all together there was silence and then the sound of a pack of coyotes howling. We left soon after that.

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ZUKISMOM (5 stories) (58 posts)
12 years ago (2009-10-23)
The coyote may have been your spirit guide following you around to protect you or warn you not to be going where you were going. That speaks for its self with the voice telling you to GET OFF the grave.
Trudy82 (5 stories) (57 posts)
12 years ago (2009-10-23)
...Woah. That is really, really, really creepy. I grew up in Illinois! There are some reeeaaalllly weird things that go on at night in rural areas of Illinois. I've had some experiences that still give me the shivers.

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